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08/28/19,APR192021,215 INK,Immortal Volume 4 TP,$9.99
08/28/19,JUN191311,AARDVARK VANAHEIM,Tales Of Sophistication #1 (One Shot),$4.00
08/28/19,JUN198566,ABRAMS,Avatar The Last Airbender The Rise Of Kyoshi Novel HC,$18.99
08/28/19,MAY199157,AFTERSHOCK COMICS,Knights Temporal #1 (Nat Jones 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191354,AFTERSHOCK COMICS,Knights Temporal #2,$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191359,AFTERSHOCK COMICS,Mary Shelley Monster Hunter #5,$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191361,AFTERSHOCK COMICS,Oberon Volume 1 TP,$14.99
08/28/19,JUN191367,AHOY COMICS,Planet Of The Nerds #5,$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191394,AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS,Casper's Capers #6 (Cover A Jeff Scherer),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191395,AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS,Casper's Capers #6 (Cover B Retro Animation Classic Variant),$9.99
08/28/19,MAR191436,AMIGO COMICS,Nasty Pills #2 (Of 2),$4.99
08/28/19,JUN191429,AMULET BOOKS,Earth Before Us Volume 1 Dinosaur Empire GN,$9.99
08/28/19,FEB191419,ANTARCTIC PRESS,Barack Panther Barack In Black #1,$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191443,ANTARCTIC PRESS,Cookie And The Kid #2 (Of 6),$3.99
08/28/19,DEC181579,ANTARCTIC PRESS,Devils #3,$3.99
08/28/19,MAY191403,ANTARCTIC PRESS,Exciting Comics Extravaganza #1 (One Shot),$5.99
08/28/19,MAY191394,ANTARCTIC PRESS,Strong Box The Big Bad Book Of Boon #2 (Of 8),$3.99
08/28/19,MAY191402,ANTARCTIC PRESS,William The Last Shadows Of The Crown #1,$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191469,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,Betty And Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #276,$7.99
08/28/19,JUN191456,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,Jughead The Hunger Vs Vampironica #4 (Cover A Pat Kennedy & Tim Kennedy),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191457,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,Jughead The Hunger Vs Vampironica #4 (Cover B Dan Panosian),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191458,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,Jughead The Hunger Vs Vampironica #4 (Cover C Matt Taylor),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191463,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,Katy Keene TP,$10.99
08/28/19,JUN191482,ASPEN COMICS,Idolized Volume 1 TP (Direct Market Edition),$17.99
08/28/19,JUN191476,ASPEN COMICS,Soulfire Volume 8 #3 (Cover A Raffaele Forte),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191477,ASPEN COMICS,Soulfire Volume 8 #3 (Cover B Michael Sta. Maria),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191478,ASPEN COMICS,Soulfire Volume 8 #3 (Cover C Michael Turner),AR
08/28/19,JUN191507,AVATAR PRESS,Crimson Nun #1 (Commemorative Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191531,AVATAR PRESS,Crossed Badlands #100 (Christian Zanier Costume Change Cover A),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191532,AVATAR PRESS,Crossed Badlands #100 (Christian Zanier Costume Change Cover B),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191533,AVATAR PRESS,Crossed Badlands #100 (Christian Zanier Costume Change Cover C),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191534,AVATAR PRESS,Crossed Badlands #100 (Christian Zanier Costume Change Cover D),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191535,AVATAR PRESS,Crossed Badlands #100 (Christian Zanier Costume Change Cover E),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191536,AVATAR PRESS,Crossed Badlands #100 (Christian Zanier Costume Change Cover F),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191528,AVATAR PRESS,Crossed Badlands #100 (Emilio Laiso Century Fairy Tale Cover A),$24.99
08/28/19,JUN191529,AVATAR PRESS,Crossed Badlands #100 (Emilio Laiso Century Fairy Tale Cover B),$24.99
08/28/19,JUN191530,AVATAR PRESS,Crossed Badlands #100 (Emilio Laiso Century Fairy Tale Cover C),$24.99
08/28/19,JUN191508,AVATAR PRESS,Lillith #1 (Commemorative Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191520,AVATAR PRESS,Razor #1 (Warrior Nun Commemorative Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191521,AVATAR PRESS,Razor #1 (Warrior Nun Commemorative Cover)(Jude Millien Signed Edition),$9.99
08/28/19,JUN191511,AVATAR PRESS,Shotgun Mary #1 (Bloodlore Commemorative Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191524,AVATAR PRESS,Shotgun Mary #1 (Commemorative Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191525,AVATAR PRESS,Shotgun Mary #1 (Commemorative Cover)(Joe Wight Signed Edition),$9.99
08/28/19,JUN191526,AVATAR PRESS,Shotgun Mary #1 (Deviltown Commemorative Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191527,AVATAR PRESS,Shotgun Mary #1 (Deviltown Commemorative Cover)(Pete Woods & Herb Mallette Signed Edition),$9.99
08/28/19,JUN191516,AVATAR PRESS,Shotgun Mary #1 (Shooting Gallery Commemorative Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191517,AVATAR PRESS,Shotgun Mary #1 (Shooting Gallery Commemorative Cover)(Signed Edition),$9.99
08/28/19,APR191461,AVATAR PRESS,Stitched Terror #1 (Renato Camilo Fifty Shades Intense Cover),$89.99
08/28/19,APR191460,AVATAR PRESS,Stitched Terror #1 (Renato Camilo Fifty Shades Torture Cover),$89.99
08/28/19,APR191469,AVATAR PRESS,Stitched Terror #2 (Renato Camilo Fifty Shades Intense Cover),$89.99
08/28/19,APR191468,AVATAR PRESS,Stitched Terror #2 (Renato Camilo Fifty Shades Torture Cover),$89.99
08/28/19,APR191481,AVATAR PRESS,Stitched Terror #3 (Renato Camilo Fifty Shades Intense Cover),$89.99
08/28/19,APR191480,AVATAR PRESS,Stitched Terror #3 (Renato Camilo Fifty Shades Torture Cover),$89.99
08/28/19,JUN191509,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun #1 (1997 Commemorative Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191514,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun #1 (Avengelyne Commemorative Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191504,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun #1 (Bolt Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191512,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun #1 (Bolt Premium Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191513,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun #1 (Frenzy Commemorative Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191515,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun #1 (Glory Commemorative Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191505,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun #1 (Portraits Commemorative Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191506,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun #1 (Portraits Commemorative Cover)(Ben Dunn Signed Edition),$9.99
08/28/19,JUN191522,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun #1 (Razor Commemorative Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191523,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun #1 (Razor Commemorative Cover)(Ben Dunn Signed Edition),$9.99
08/28/19,JUN191518,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun #1 (Scorpio Rose Commemorative Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191519,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun #1 (Scorpio Rose Commemorative Cover)(Steve Englehart Signed Edition),$9.99
08/28/19,JUN191510,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun #2 (1997 Commemorative Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191568,BLACKBOX COMICS,Militia #3,$3.99
08/28/19,FEB199066,BOOM! STUDIOS,Angel #3 (Ignacio Valicenti 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191258,BOOM! STUDIOS,Angel #4 (Cover A Dan Panosian),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191259,BOOM! STUDIOS,Angel #4 (Cover B Scott Buoncristiano),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191260,BOOM! STUDIOS,Angel #4 (Cover C Gleb Melnikov),AR
08/28/19,JUN191261,BOOM! STUDIOS,Angel #4 (Cover D Gabriel Hernandez Walta One Per Store Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN191303,BOOM! STUDIOS,Avant-Guards Volume 1 TP,$14.99
08/28/19,JUN191289,BOOM! STUDIOS,Bone Parish #12 (Of 12)(Cover A Jonas Scharf),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191264,BOOM! STUDIOS,Buffy The Vampire Slayer Chosen Ones #1 (Cover A Evan Cagle),$7.99
08/28/19,JUN191265,BOOM! STUDIOS,Buffy The Vampire Slayer Chosen Ones #1 (Cover B Helen Yoon),$7.99
08/28/19,JUN191266,BOOM! STUDIOS,Buffy The Vampire Slayer Chosen Ones #1 (Cover C Alexa Sharpe),AR
08/28/19,APR191228,BOOM! STUDIOS,Clive Barker's Next Testament Omnibus TP,$29.99
08/28/19,APR191206,BOOM! STUDIOS,Grease Bats GN,$19.99
08/28/19,APR191236,BOOM! STUDIOS,Jim Henson's Beneath The Dark Crystal Volume 2 HC,$24.99
08/28/19,MAY191214,BOOM! STUDIOS,Just Beyond The Scare School GN,$9.99
08/28/19,JUN191299,BOOM! STUDIOS,Lumberjanes #65 (Cover A Kat Leyh),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191300,BOOM! STUDIOS,Lumberjanes #65 (Cover B Sas Milledge),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191280,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #42 (Cover A Jim Campbell),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191282,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #42 (Cover B Goni Montes Foil Variant),$4.99
08/28/19,JUN191281,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #42 (Cover C Kris Anka Trading Card Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN198646,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #42 (Cover D Dan Mora Story Variant),AR
08/28/19,JAN199486,BOOM! STUDIOS,Once And Future #1 (Of 6)(Dan Mora 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191309,BOOM! STUDIOS,Steven Universe #31 (Cover A Jamie Loughran),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191310,BOOM! STUDIOS,Steven Universe #31 (Cover B Monarobot),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191607,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Belladonna #0 (Kickstarter Century Stunning Cover),$19.99
08/28/19,JUN191616,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Belladonna #1 (Christian Zanier Century Bikini Cover A),$15.99
08/28/19,JUN191617,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Belladonna #1 (Christian Zanier Century Bikini Cover B),$15.99
08/28/19,JUN191618,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Belladonna #1 (Christian Zanier Century Bikini Cover C),$15.99
08/28/19,MAR191609,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Belladonna Fire And Fury #12 (Matt Martin Shield Maiden Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,MAR191618,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Belladonna Fire And Fury #12 (Nahuel Lopez Furies Wrath Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,MAR191605,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Belladonna Fire And Fury #12 (Nahuel Lopez Regular Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,MAR191622,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Belladonna Fire And Fury #12 (Nahuel Lopez War Cry Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,MAR191607,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Belladonna Fire And Fury #12 (Raulo Caceres Wraparound Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,MAR191612,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Belladonna Fire And Fury #12 (Renato Camilo Bondage Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,MAR191626,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Belladonna Fire And Fury #12 (Renato Camilo Killer Body Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,MAR191620,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Belladonna Fire And Fury #12 (Renato Camilo Stunning Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,MAR191614,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Belladonna Fire And Fury #12 (Renato Camilo Viking Vixen Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191609,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Ember #0 (Christian Zanier Platinum Leather Cover),$29.99
08/28/19,JUN191622,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Hellina Scythe #1 (Christian Zanier Fetish Fashion Cover A),$8.99
08/28/19,JUN191623,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Hellina Scythe #1 (Christian Zanier Fetish Fashion Cover B),$8.99
08/28/19,JUN191624,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Hellina Scythe #1 (Christian Zanier Fetish Fashion Cover C),$8.99
08/28/19,JUN191628,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Hellina Scythe #3 (Christian Zanier Fetish Fashion Cover A),$8.99
08/28/19,JUN191629,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Hellina Scythe #3 (Christian Zanier Fetish Fashion Cover B),$8.99
08/28/19,JUN191630,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Hellina Scythe #3 (Christian Zanier Fetish Fashion Cover C),$8.99
08/28/19,JUN191634,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Hellina Scythe #4 (Christian Zanier Fetish Fashion Cover A),$8.99
08/28/19,JUN191635,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Hellina Scythe #4 (Christian Zanier Fetish Fashion Cover B),$8.99
08/28/19,JUN191636,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Hellina Scythe #4 (Christian Zanier Fetish Fashion Cover C),$8.99
08/28/19,JUN191581,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Jungle Fantasy Ivory #1 (Christian Zanier Bikini Century Cover A),$15.99
08/28/19,JUN191582,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Jungle Fantasy Ivory #1 (Christian Zanier Bikini Century Cover B),$15.99
08/28/19,JUN191583,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Jungle Fantasy Ivory #1 (Christian Zanier Bikini Century Cover C),$15.99
08/28/19,JUN191584,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Jungle Fantasy Ivory #1 (Christian Zanier Bikini Century Cover D),$15.99
08/28/19,JUN191585,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Jungle Fantasy Ivory #1 (Christian Zanier Bikini Century Cover E),$15.99
08/28/19,JUN191589,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Jungle Fantasy Secrets #0 (Juan Jose Ryp Red Hot Leather Cover),$24.99
08/28/19,JUN191575,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Jungle Fantasy Vixens #1 (Of 2)(Christian Zanier Kickstarter Costume Change Cover A),$8.99
08/28/19,JUN191576,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Jungle Fantasy Vixens #1 (Of 2)(Christian Zanier Kickstarter Costume Change Cover B),$8.99
08/28/19,JUN191577,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Jungle Fantasy Vixens #1 (Of 2)(Christian Zanier Kickstarter Costume Change Cover C),$8.99
08/28/19,JUN191578,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Jungle Fantasy Vixens #1 (Of 2)(Christian Zanier Kickstarter Costume Change Cover D),$8.99
08/28/19,JUN191588,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Jungle Fantasy Vixens #1 (Renato Camilo Ultra Stretch Cover),$9.99
08/28/19,JUN191590,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Threshold Allure #0 (Ron Adrian Fierce Cover),$7.99
08/28/19,JUN191592,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Threshold Allure #1 (Christian Zanier Greek Goddess Pandora Cover),$7.99
08/28/19,JUN191595,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Threshold Allure #3 (Nahuel Lopez Brutal Cover),$7.99
08/28/19,JUN191597,BOUNDLESS COMICS,War Goddess #0 (Clint Hilinski Baltimore Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191598,BOUNDLESS COMICS,War Goddess #0 (Clint Hilinski Detroit Fanfare Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191600,BOUNDLESS COMICS,War Goddess #1 (Clint Hilinski New York VIP Cover),$9.99
08/28/19,JUN191599,BOUNDLESS COMICS,War Goddess #1 (Clint Hilinski Tucson Cover),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191601,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Webwitch #1 (Of 5)(Christian Zanier Costume Change Cover A),$8.99
08/28/19,JUN191602,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Webwitch #1 (Of 5)(Christian Zanier Costume Change Cover B),$8.99
08/28/19,JUN191603,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Webwitch #1 (Of 5)(Christian Zanier Costume Change Cover C),$8.99
08/28/19,JUN191604,BOUNDLESS COMICS,Webwitch #1 (Of 5)(Christian Zanier Costume Change Cover D),$8.99
08/28/19,JUL192202,CAPSTONE PUBLISHING,Beauty And The Dreaded Sea Beast GN,$5.95
08/28/19,JUL192203,CAPSTONE PUBLISHING,Private Eye Princess And The Emerald Pea GN,$5.95
08/28/19,JUL192204,CAPSTONE PUBLISHING,Rapunzel Vs Frankenstein GN,$5.95
08/28/19,JUL192205,CAPSTONE PUBLISHING,Thumbelina Wrestling Champ GN,$5.95
08/28/19,JUL191796,COFFIN COMICS,La Muerta Ascension #1 (One Shot)(Cover A Richard Ortiz),$7.99
08/28/19,JUL191797,COFFIN COMICS,La Muerta Ascension #1 (One Shot)(Cover B Elias Chatzoudis Pistola Variant),$7.99
08/28/19,JUL191798,COFFIN COMICS,La Muerta Ascension #1 (One Shot)(Cover C Paolo Pantalena Raw Variant),$25.00
08/28/19,JUL191799,COFFIN COMICS,La Muerta Ascension #1 (One Shot)(Cover D Jamie Tyndall),$7.99
08/28/19,JUN191659,COFFIN COMICS,Lady Death Masterpieces The Art Of Lady Death HC,$79.99
08/28/19,JUN191662,COMIC SHOP NEWS,Comic Shop News #1680,AR
08/28/19,APR190299,DARK HORSE COMICS,Art Of Bravest Warriors HC,$39.99
08/28/19,JUN190338,DARK HORSE COMICS,Fight Club 3 #8 (Cover A David Mack),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190339,DARK HORSE COMICS,Fight Club 3 #8 (Cover B Duncan Fegredo),$3.99
08/28/19,APR190278,DARK HORSE COMICS,Girl In The Bay TP,$17.99
08/28/19,JUN190371,DARK HORSE COMICS,Manor Black #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Tyler Crook),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190372,DARK HORSE COMICS,Manor Black #2 (Of 4)(Cover B Jill Thompson),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190285,DARK HORSE COMICS,Stranger Things SIX #4 (Of 4)(Cover A Aleksi Briclot,$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190286,DARK HORSE COMICS,Stranger Things SIX #4 (Of 4)(Cover B Christian Ward),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190287,DARK HORSE COMICS,Stranger Things SIX #4 (Of 4)(Cover C Jenn Ravenna),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190288,DARK HORSE COMICS,Stranger Things SIX #4 (Of 4)(Cover D Patrick Satterfield Photo Variant),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190307,DARK HORSE COMICS,Tommy Gun Wizards #1 (Of 4)(Cover A Christian Ward),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190308,DARK HORSE COMICS,Tommy Gun Wizards #1 (Of 4)(Cover B Declan Shalvey),$3.99
08/28/19,APR190332,DARK HORSE COMICS,Vampire Hunter D Volume 28 The Tiger In Winter TP,$11.99
08/28/19,JUN190469,DC COMICS,Action Comics #1014 (Cover A Brandon Peterson),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190470,DC COMICS,Action Comics #1014 (Cover B Ben Oliver),AR
08/28/19,JUN190473,DC COMICS,Batgirl #38 (Cover A Carmine Di Giandomenico),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190474,DC COMICS,Batgirl #38 (Cover B Joshua Middleton Card Stock Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190475,DC COMICS,Batman Beyond #35 (Cover A Chris Samnee),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190476,DC COMICS,Batman Beyond #35 (Cover B Chris Stevens),AR
08/28/19,JUN190457,DC COMICS,Batman Curse Of The White Knight #2 (Of 8)(Cover A Sean Murphy),$4.99
08/28/19,JUN190458,DC COMICS,Batman Curse Of The White Knight #2 (Of 8)(Cover B Sean Murphy),AR
08/28/19,JUN190450,DC COMICS,Batman Superman #1 (Cover A David Marquez Batman Variant),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190451,DC COMICS,Batman Superman #1 (Cover B David Marquez Superman Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190452,DC COMICS,Batman Superman #1 (Cover C Leinil Francis Yu),AR
08/28/19,JUN190453,DC COMICS,Batman Superman #1 (Cover D Blank Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190568,DC COMICS,Batman Who Laughs HC,$29.99
08/28/19,JUN190485,DC COMICS,Books Of Magic #11,$3.99
08/28/19,JUL190069,DC COMICS,DC Previews #17 (September 2019),$1.25
08/28/19,JUN190497,DC COMICS,Detective Comics #1010 (Cover A Jae Lee),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190498,DC COMICS,Detective Comics #1010 (Cover B Bryan Hitch),AR
08/28/19,JUN190494,DC COMICS,Dial H For Hero #6 (Of 12),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190507,DC COMICS,Flash #77 (Cover A Rafa Sandoval & Jordi Tarragona),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190508,DC COMICS,Flash #77 (Cover B Yasmine Putri Card Stock Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190504,DC COMICS,Freedom Fighters #8 (Of 12),$3.99
08/28/19,MAY190488,DC COMICS,Harley And Ivy Meet Betty And Veronica TP,$16.99
08/28/19,APR190434,DC COMICS,Harley Quinn Breaking Glass TP (DC Ink),$16.99
08/28/19,JUN190467,DC COMICS,House Of Secrets #92 (Facsimile Edition),$3.99
08/28/19,APR190550,DC COMICS,Injustice 2 Volume 5 TP,$16.99
08/28/19,JUN190518,DC COMICS,Justice League #30 (Cover A Francis Manapul),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190519,DC COMICS,Justice League #30 (Cover B Jay Anacleto Card Stock Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190520,DC COMICS,Justice League Dark #14 (Cover A Guillem March),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190521,DC COMICS,Justice League Dark #14 (Cover B Clayton Crain),AR
08/28/19,JUN190527,DC COMICS,Martian Manhunter #8 (Of 12)(Cover A Riley Rossmo),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190528,DC COMICS,Martian Manhunter #8 (Of 12)(Cover B Joshua Middleton),AR
08/28/19,MAY190495,DC COMICS,Orion By Walter Simonson Volume 2 TP,$34.99
08/28/19,MAY190497,DC COMICS,Powers Volume 6 TP (New Edition),$39.99
08/28/19,JUN190533,DC COMICS,Red Hood Outlaw #37 (Cover A Kenneth Rocafort),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190534,DC COMICS,Red Hood Outlaw #37 (Cover B Philip Tan),AR
08/28/19,JUN190540,DC COMICS,Superman #14 (Cover A Ivan Reis & Joe Prado Replacement Copy Variant),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190541,DC COMICS,Superman #14 (Cover B Adam Hughes Replacement Copy Variant),AR
08/28/19,APR190435,DC COMICS,Superman Of Smallville TP (DC Zoom),$9.99
08/28/19,MAY190515,DC COMICS,Tales Of The Batman Gerry Conway Volume 3 HC,$49.99
08/28/19,JUN190550,DC COMICS,Terrifics #19 (Cover A Dan Mora),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190551,DC COMICS,Terrifics #19 (Cover B Arist Deyn),AR
08/28/19,JUN190614,DC COMICS,Watchmen TP (New Edition),$24.99
08/28/19,JUN190548,DC COMICS,Wonder Woman #77 (Cover A Jesus Merino),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190549,DC COMICS,Wonder Woman #77 (Cover B Jenny Frison),AR
08/28/19,JUL190067,DIAMOND PUBLICATIONS,Previews #372 (September 2019),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191671,DISNEY - HYPERION,Percy Jackson And The Olympians Volume 5 The Last Olympian HC,$21.99
08/28/19,MAR191686,DRAWN AND QUARTERLY,Grass GN,$29.95
08/28/19,JUN191208,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Barbarella Dejah Thoris TP,$17.99
08/28/19,JUN191166,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica #4 (Of 12)(Cover A Fay Dalton),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191167,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica #4 (Of 12)(Cover B Robert Hack),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191168,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica #4 (Of 12)(Cover C Laura Braga),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191169,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica #4 (Of 12)(Cover D Dan Parent),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191170,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica #4 (Of 12)(Cover E Cat Staggs),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191171,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica #4 (Of 12)(Cover F Dan Parent Black & White Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN198653,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica #4 (Of 12)(Cover G Fay Dalton Black & White Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN191172,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica #4 (Of 12)(Cover H Laura Braga Black & White Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN191173,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica #4 (Of 12)(Cover I Laura Braga Virgin Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN191174,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica #4 (Of 12)(Cover J Dan Parent Virgin Variant),AR
08/28/19,APR190993,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja Birth Of The She-Devil #1 (Of 4)(Luke Lieberman Atlas Comics Signature Edition),AR
08/28/19,JUL191891,E-COMIX,Pussycats Eat Death Or Get Naked #1 (Of 4)(Cover A Cathy/Suzie Photo),$3.99
08/28/19,JUL191892,E-COMIX,Pussycats Eat Death Or Get Naked #1 (Of 4)(Cover B Pam Photo),$3.99
08/28/19,APR191709,FANTACO ENTERPRISES,Deep Red Volume 4 #1 Limited Edition HC,$55.00
08/28/19,JUN191754,FIRST SECOND,Pumpkinheads GN,$17.99
08/28/19,JUN191755,FIRST SECOND,Pumpkinheads HC,$24.99
08/28/19,JUN191756,FIRST SECOND,Pumpkinheads HC (Signed Edition),AR
08/28/19,JUN191762,GEMSTONE PUBLISHING,Overstreet Price Guide To Star Wars Collectibles SC (Signed Edition),$40.00
08/28/19,JUN191765,GRAPHIC AUDIO/THE CUTTING CORPORATION,Captain Marvel Liberation Run Audio CD,$19.99
08/28/19,JUN191766,GRAPHIC AUDIO/THE CUTTING CORPORATION,Fantastic Four Warzone Audio CD,$19.99
08/28/19,JUN191767,GRAPHIC AUDIO/THE CUTTING CORPORATION,Venom Lethal Protector Audio CD,$19.99
08/28/19,JUN191789,HUMANOIDS,Fourth Power HC (New Edition),$29.95
08/28/19,JUN190661,IDW PUBLISHING,Disney Afternoon Giant #6 (Cover A Leonel Castellani),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN190670,IDW PUBLISHING,DuckTales Silence And Science #1 (Of 3)(Cover A Marco Ghiglione),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190671,IDW PUBLISHING,DuckTales Silence And Science #1 (Of 3)(Cover B Marco Ghiglione),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190672,IDW PUBLISHING,DuckTales Silence And Science #1 (Of 3)(Cover C DuckTales Creative Team),AR
08/28/19,MAY190586,IDW PUBLISHING,G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #266 (Cover A Robert Atkins),$3.99
08/28/19,MAY190587,IDW PUBLISHING,G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #266 (Cover B Jamie Sullivan),$3.99
08/28/19,MAY190588,IDW PUBLISHING,G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #266 (Cover C John Royal & Jagdish Kumar),AR
08/28/19,MAY190589,IDW PUBLISHING,G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #266 (Cover D Netho Diaz),AR
08/28/19,MAY190585,IDW PUBLISHING,G.I. Joe A Real American Hero Sierra Muerte TP,$15.99
08/28/19,JUN190728,IDW PUBLISHING,Mountainhead #1 (Of 5)(Cover A Ryan Lee),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190729,IDW PUBLISHING,Mountainhead #1 (Of 5)(Cover B Ryan Stegman & Ryan Lee),AR
08/28/19,JUN190639,IDW PUBLISHING,My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #81 (Cover A Nicoletta Baldari),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190640,IDW PUBLISHING,My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #81 (Cover B Sara Richard),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190641,IDW PUBLISHING,My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #81 (Cover C Thom Zahler),AR
08/28/19,MAY190559,IDW PUBLISHING,Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 2 The Big Reveal TP,$9.99
08/28/19,JUN190654,IDW PUBLISHING,Sonic The Hedgehog #20 (Cover A Tracy Yardley),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190655,IDW PUBLISHING,Sonic The Hedgehog #20 (Cover B Jack Lawrence),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190656,IDW PUBLISHING,Sonic The Hedgehog #20 (Cover C Nathalie Fourdraine),AR
08/28/19,JUN190695,IDW PUBLISHING,Star Pig #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Sara Richard),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190696,IDW PUBLISHING,Star Pig #2 (Of 4)(Cover B Francesco Gaston),AR
08/28/19,JUN190734,IDW PUBLISHING,Star Trek Year Five #5 (Cover A Stephen Thompson),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190735,IDW PUBLISHING,Star Trek Year Five #5 (Cover B J.J. Lendl),AR
08/28/19,JUN190665,IDW PUBLISHING,Tangled The Series Hair It Is #1 (Cover A Eduard Petrovich & Rosa La Barbera),$4.99
08/28/19,JUN190666,IDW PUBLISHING,Tangled The Series Hair It Is #1 (Cover B Eduard Petrovich & Rosa La Barbera),AR
08/28/19,JUN198405,IDW PUBLISHING,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #96 (Dave Watcher 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190677,IDW PUBLISHING,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #97 (Cover A Dave Wachter),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190678,IDW PUBLISHING,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #97 (Cover B Kevin Eastman),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190679,IDW PUBLISHING,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #97 (Cover C Cory Smith),AR
08/28/19,MAR190695,IDW PUBLISHING,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder In Hell #4 (Cover A Mateus Santolouco),$3.99
08/28/19,MAR190696,IDW PUBLISHING,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder In Hell #4 (Cover B Kevin Eastman),$3.99
08/28/19,MAR190697,IDW PUBLISHING,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder In Hell #4 (Cover C Marcello Costa),AR
08/28/19,JUN190691,IDW PUBLISHING,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Urban Legends #16 (Cover A Frank Fosco),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190692,IDW PUBLISHING,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Urban Legends #16 (Cover B Frank Fosco & Erik Larsen),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190693,IDW PUBLISHING,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Urban Legends #16 (Cover C Kevin Eastman),AR
08/28/19,JUN190698,IDW PUBLISHING,Transformers #11 (Cover A James Raiz),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190699,IDW PUBLISHING,Transformers #11 (Cover B George Caltsoudas),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190700,IDW PUBLISHING,Transformers #11 (Cover C Guido Guidi),AR
08/28/19,JUN190668,IDW PUBLISHING,Uncle Scrooge #48 (Cover A Marco Mazzarello),$4.99
08/28/19,JUN190669,IDW PUBLISHING,Uncle Scrooge #48 (Cover B Stefano Intini),AR
08/28/19,JUN190049,IMAGE COMICS,Ascender #5,$3.99
08/28/19,JAN190284,IMAGE COMICS,Black Science #42 (Cover A Matteo Scalera),$3.99
08/28/19,JAN190285,IMAGE COMICS,Black Science #42 (Cover B Andrew Robinson),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN198336,IMAGE COMICS,Coffin Bound #1 (Dani 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN198682,IMAGE COMICS,Die #6 (Stephanie Hans 2nd Printing Variant Cover)(not verified by Diamond),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN198683,IMAGE COMICS,Excellence #1 (Khary Randolph 3rd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN198684,IMAGE COMICS,Excellence #2 (Khary Randolph 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN198685,IMAGE COMICS,Excellence #3 (Khary Randolph 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190072,IMAGE COMICS,Ice Cream Man #14 (Cover A Martin Morazzo & Chris O'Halloran),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190073,IMAGE COMICS,Ice Cream Man #14 (Cover B Paul Rentler Black & White Variant),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190043,IMAGE COMICS,Skyward Volume 3 Fix The World TP,$16.99
08/28/19,JUN198708,IMAGE COMICS,Spawn #299 (Todd McFarlane 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$2.99
08/28/19,JUN191792,IT'S ALIVE,Red Range Pirates Of Fireworld #1 (Cover A Jok),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191793,IT'S ALIVE,Red Range Pirates Of Fireworld #1 (Cover B Russell Mark Olson),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191794,IT'S ALIVE,Red Range Pirates Of Fireworld #1 (Cover C N. Steven Harris),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191795,IT'S ALIVE,Red Range Pirates Of Fireworld #1 (Cover D Ramon K. Perez),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191796,IT'S ALIVE,Red Range Pirates Of Fireworld #1 (Cover E Christopher Schenck),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191797,IT'S ALIVE,Red Range Pirates Of Fireworld #1 (Cover F Aleksandar Bozic),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191798,IT'S ALIVE,Red Range Pirates Of Fireworld #1 (Cover G Dalibor Talajic),$5.99
08/28/19,JUN191809,KEVIN EASTMAN STUDIOS,Drawing Blood Spilled Ink #4 (Of 4)(Cover A Ben Bishop),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191810,KEVIN EASTMAN STUDIOS,Drawing Blood Spilled Ink #4 (Of 4)(Cover B Kevin Eastman),$3.99
08/28/19,JUL192504,KODANSHA COMICS,Attack On Titan Before The Fall Volume 17 GN,$10.99
08/28/19,JUN192225,KODANSHA COMICS,Witch Hat Atelier Volume 3 GN,$12.99
08/28/19,JUN191821,LION FORGE,At The End Of Your Tether #3 (Of 3),$4.99
08/28/19,MAY191795,LION FORGE,Collected Toppi Volume 2 North America HC,$24.99
08/28/19,JUN191822,LION FORGE,Rolled And Told #12,$7.99
08/28/19,JUN191828,MAD CAVE STUDIOS,Battlecats Volume 2 #4,$3.99
08/28/19,JUL192054,MARRS MEDIA,Rue Morgue Magazine #190,$9.95
08/28/19,JUN198796,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage #1 (Of 5)(Kyle Hotz New Art 3rd Printing Variant Cover),$7.99
08/28/19,JUN190775,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage #2 (Of 5)(Cover A Ryan Stegman),$4.99
08/28/19,JUN190776,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage #2 (Of 5)(Cover B John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190777,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage #2 (Of 5)(Cover C Ron Lim),AR
08/28/19,JUN190778,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage #2 (Of 5)(Cover D Marcos Martin Codex Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190779,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage #2 (Of 5)(Cover E Kyle Hotz Connecting Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190780,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage #2 (Of 5)(Cover F Kris Anka Cult Of Carnage Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190781,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage #2 (Of 5)(Cover G Marco Checchetto Young Guns Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190792,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage Lethal Protectors #1 (Of 3)(Cover A Bengal),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190793,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage Lethal Protectors #1 (Of 3)(Cover B Yasmin Putri Codex Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190794,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage Lethal Protectors #1 (Of 3)(Cover C Greg Smallwood Connecting Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190795,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage Lethal Protectors #1 (Of 3)(Cover D Dale Keown),AR
08/28/19,JUN190796,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage Lethal Protectors #1 (Of 3)(Cover E Dale Keown Virgin Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190797,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage Miles Morales #1 (Of 3)(Cover A Clayton Crain),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190798,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage Miles Morales #1 (Of 3)(Cover B Emanuela Lupacchino Codex Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190799,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage Miles Morales #1 (Of 3)(Cover C David Nakayama Connecting Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190800,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage Miles Morales #1 (Of 3)(Cover D Iban Coello),AR
08/28/19,JUN190801,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage Miles Morales #1 (Of 3)(Cover E Iban Coello Virgin Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190802,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage Miles Morales #1 (Of 3)(Cover F Javi Garron Young Guns Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN191062,MARVEL COMICS,Age Of X-Man The Amazing Nightcrawler TP,$15.99
08/28/19,JUN191060,MARVEL COMICS,Age Of X-Man X-Tremists TP,$15.99
08/28/19,JUN198385,MARVEL COMICS,Amazing Spider-Man #26 (Kev Walker 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190917,MARVEL COMICS,Amazing Spider-Man #28 (Cover A Ryan Ottley),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190918,MARVEL COMICS,Amazing Spider-Man #28 (Cover B Bengal Bring On The Bad Guys Variant),AR
08/28/19,MAY198873,MARVEL COMICS,Amazing Spider-Man #28 (Cover C Humberto Ramos Marvel 80th Frame Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190931,MARVEL COMICS,Amazing Spider-Man Venom 3D #1 (Polybagged),$7.99
08/28/19,JUN190905,MARVEL COMICS,Avengers #23 (Cover A Stefano Caselli),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190906,MARVEL COMICS,Avengers #23 (Cover B Alex Ross Marvels 25th Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190907,MARVEL COMICS,Avengers #23 (Cover C Mike McKone Bring On The Bad Guys Variant),AR
08/28/19,MAY198874,MARVEL COMICS,Avengers #23 (Cover D Russell Dauterman Marvel 80th Frame Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190967,MARVEL COMICS,Black Panther #15 (Cover A Daniel Acuna),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190968,MARVEL COMICS,Black Panther #15 (Cover B Ryan Benjamin Bring On The Bad Guys Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190912,MARVEL COMICS,Captain America #13 (Cover A Alex Ross),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190913,MARVEL COMICS,Captain America #13 (Cover B Patrick Zircher Bring On The Bad Guys Variant),AR
08/28/19,MAY198875,MARVEL COMICS,Captain America #13 (Cover C Ema Lupacchino Marvel 80th Frame Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN191043,MARVEL COMICS,Captain Marvel Volume 1 Re-Entry TP,$15.99
08/28/19,JUN198431,MARVEL COMICS,Daredevil #8 (Chip Zdarsky 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190990,MARVEL COMICS,Doctor Strange #18 (Cover A Jesus Saiz),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190991,MARVEL COMICS,Doctor Strange #18 (Cover B Marcos Martin Bring On The Bad Guys Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190992,MARVEL COMICS,Doctor Strange #18 (Cover C Alan Davis Marvels 25th Tribute Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190864,MARVEL COMICS,Fantastic Four 4 Yancy Street #1 (Cover A Greg Smallwood),$4.99
08/28/19,JUN190865,MARVEL COMICS,Fantastic Four 4 Yancy Street #1 (Cover B Stonehouse),AR
08/28/19,JUN190866,MARVEL COMICS,Fantastic Four 4 Yancy Street #1 (Cover C Jack Kirby Hidden Gem Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190867,MARVEL COMICS,Fantastic Four 4 Yancy Street #1 (Cover D Tom Raney),AR
08/28/19,JUN191069,MARVEL COMICS,Fantastic Four By Jonathan Hickman The Complete Collection Volume 2 TP,$39.99
08/28/19,JUN198432,MARVEL COMICS,Fearless #1 (Of 4)(Carmen Nunez Carnero 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$4.99
08/28/19,JUN190938,MARVEL COMICS,Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11 (Cover A Andrew C. Robinson),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190939,MARVEL COMICS,Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11 (Cover B Greg Hildebrandt Bring On The Bad Guys Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN198387,MARVEL COMICS,Guardians Of The Galaxy #7 (Cory Smith 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN198388,MARVEL COMICS,History Of The Marvel Universe #1 (Of 6)(Javier Rodriguez 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$4.99
08/28/19,JUN190821,MARVEL COMICS,House Of X #3 (Of 6)(Cover A Pepe Larraz),$4.99
08/28/19,JUN190822,MARVEL COMICS,House Of X #3 (Of 6)(Cover B Pepe Larraz Virgin Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190823,MARVEL COMICS,House Of X #3 (Of 6)(Cover C Sara Pichelli Flower Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190824,MARVEL COMICS,House Of X #3 (Of 6)(Cover D Jeff Dekal Character Decades Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190825,MARVEL COMICS,House Of X #3 (Of 6)(Cover E Mahmud Asrar Connecting Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190826,MARVEL COMICS,House Of X #3 (Of 6)(Cover F Skottie Young),AR
08/28/19,JUN190827,MARVEL COMICS,House Of X #3 (Of 6)(Cover G John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Variant),AR
08/28/19,APR198617,MARVEL COMICS,House Of X #3 (Of 6)(Cover H Mike Huddleston),AR
08/28/19,JUN190909,MARVEL COMICS,Immortal Hulk Director's Cut #2 (Of 6),$4.99
08/28/19,JUN198390,MARVEL COMICS,Loki #1 (Oscar Bazaldua 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190842,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover A Various),AR
08/28/19,JUN190843,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover B Joe Quesada Wraparound Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190844,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover C Joe Quesada Black & White Wraparound Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190845,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover D Gabriele Dell'Otto),AR
08/28/19,JUN190846,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover E In-Hyuk Lee),AR
08/28/19,JUN190847,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover F J. Scott Campbell),AR
08/28/19,JUN190848,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover G Ed McGuinness),AR
08/28/19,JUN190849,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover H Mr. Garcin Collage Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190850,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover I Mark Brooks 40s Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190851,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover J Mike Allred 60s Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190852,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover K Greg Smallwood 70s Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190853,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover L Julian Totino Tedesco 80s Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190854,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover M Ron Lim 90s Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190855,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover N Mark Bagley 00s Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190856,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover O Kaare Andrews Decade Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190857,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover P Clayton Crain),AR
08/28/19,JUN190858,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover Q Jen Bartel),AR
08/28/19,JUN190859,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover R Skottie Young),AR
08/28/19,JUN190860,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover S Greg Hildebrandt),AR
08/28/19,JUN190861,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover T George Perez Hidden Gem Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190862,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover U Steve Ditko Hidden Gem Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190863,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover V Blank Variant),AR
08/28/19,MAY198761,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover W Gabriele Dell'Otto Virgin Variant),AR
08/28/19,MAY198819,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics #1000 (Cover X J. Scott Campbell Virgin Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN198433,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Comics Presents #6 (Paulo Siqueira 3rd Printing Variant Cover),$4.99
08/28/19,MAY190952,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Monograph Volume 1 The Art Of Adi Granov TP,$19.99
08/28/19,JUN190879,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Monsters #1 (Cover A Nick Bradshaw),$4.99
08/28/19,JUN190880,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Monsters #1 (Cover B Superlog),AR
08/28/19,JUL190068,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Previews Volume 4 #26 (September 2019),$1.25
08/28/19,JUN190986,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Team-Up #5,$3.99
08/28/19,MAY198760,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Universe Fall 2019 Magazine,AR
08/28/19,JUN191040,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Visionaries John Buscema TP,$34.99
08/28/19,MAR190996,MARVEL COMICS,Marvels Postcard Book HC,$19.99
08/28/19,JUN190919,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel's Spider-Man Velocity #1 (Of 5)(Cover A Skan),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190920,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel's Spider-Man Velocity #1 (Of 5)(Cover B Adi Granov),AR
08/28/19,JUN190921,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel's Spider-Man Velocity #1 (Of 5)(Cover C Gabriele Dell'Otto),AR
08/28/19,JUN190922,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel's Spider-Man Velocity #1 (Of 5)(Cover D Matthew Waite Retro Game Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN198434,MARVEL COMICS,Miles Morales Spider-Man #1 (Javi Garron 4th Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN198435,MARVEL COMICS,Miles Morales Spider-Man #2 (Javi Garron 3rd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190996,MARVEL COMICS,Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #46,$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190898,MARVEL COMICS,Power Pack Grow Up #1 (Cover A June Brigman),$4.99
08/28/19,JUN190899,MARVEL COMICS,Power Pack Grow Up #1 (Cover B Elsa Charretier),AR
08/28/19,JUN190900,MARVEL COMICS,Power Pack Grow Up #1 (Cover C Logan Lubera),AR
08/28/19,JUN198403,MARVEL COMICS,Powers Of X #2 (Of 6)(R. B. Silva 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$4.99
08/28/19,JUN190995,MARVEL COMICS,Runaways #24,$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190943,MARVEL COMICS,She-Hulk Annual #1 (Cover A Mirka Andolfo),$4.99
08/28/19,JUN190944,MARVEL COMICS,She-Hulk Annual #1 (Cover B John Tyler Christopher Connecting Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN198391,MARVEL COMICS,Silver Surfer Black #1 (Of 5)(Tradd Moore 4th Prining Variant Cover),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN198392,MARVEL COMICS,Silver Surfer Black #2 (Of 5)(Tradd Moore 2nd Printing Spoiler Variant Cover),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN198393,MARVEL COMICS,Spider-Man Life Story #5 (Of 6)(Chip Zdarsky 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$4.99
08/28/19,JUN190934,MARVEL COMICS,Spider-Man Life Story #6 (Of 6)(Cover A Chip Zdarsky),$4.99
08/28/19,JUN190935,MARVEL COMICS,Spider-Man Life Story #6 (Of 6)(Cover B Paul Pope),AR
08/28/19,JUN191014,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars Age Of Resistance General Hux #1 (Cover A Phil Noto),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191015,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars Age Of Resistance General Hux #1 (Cover B Mike McKone Puzzle Piece Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN191016,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars Age Of Resistance General Hux #1 (Cover C Concept Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN191017,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars Age Of Resistance General Hux #1 (Cover D Movie Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN191018,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars Age Of Resistance Poe Dameron #1 (Cover A Phil Noto),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191019,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars Age Of Resistance Poe Dameron #1 (Cover B Mike McKone Puzzle Piece Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN191020,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars Age Of Resistance Poe Dameron #1 (Cover C Concept Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN191021,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars Age Of Resistance Poe Dameron #1 (Cover D Chris Samnee Greatest Moments Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN191022,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars Age Of Resistance Poe Dameron #1 (Cover E Movie Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN191026,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars Galaxy's Edge #5 (Of 5)(Cover A Tommy Lee Edwards),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191027,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars Galaxy's Edge #5 (Of 5)(Cover B Luke Ross),AR
08/28/19,MAY190975,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars Vader Dark Visions TP,$15.99
08/28/19,JUN198436,MARVEL COMICS,Sword Master #1 (Valentina Remenar 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190941,MARVEL COMICS,Thanos #5 (Of 6)(Cover A Jeff Dekal),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190942,MARVEL COMICS,Thanos #5 (Of 6)(Cover B Jung-Geun Yoon Bring On The Bad Guys Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190903,MARVEL COMICS,Thor #16 (Cover A Michael Del Mundo),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190904,MARVEL COMICS,Thor #16 (Cover B Will Sliney Bring On The Bad Guys Variant),AR
08/28/19,MAY198880,MARVEL COMICS,Thor #16 (Cover C Mike McKone Marvel 80th Frame Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN191065,MARVEL COMICS,Thor Epic Collection Volume 18 The Black Galaxy TP,$39.99
08/28/19,JUN198394,MARVEL COMICS,Valkyrie Jane Foster #1 (Russell Dauterman 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190783,MARVEL COMICS,Venom #17 (Cover A Kyle Hotz),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN190784,MARVEL COMICS,Venom #17 (Cover B Sunghan Yune Bring On The Bad Guys Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN190785,MARVEL COMICS,Venom #17 (Cover C Dave Johnson Codex Variant),AR
08/28/19,MAY198882,MARVEL COMICS,Venom #17 (Cover D Lee Garbett Marvel 80th Frame Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN191045,MARVEL COMICS,War Of The Realms Journey Into Mystery TP,$15.99
08/28/19,JUN198395,MARVEL COMICS,Web Of Venom Funeral Pyre #1 (Declan Shalvey 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$4.99
08/28/19,JUN191056,MARVEL COMICS,Wolverine Infinity Watch TP,$15.99
08/28/19,JUN191068,MARVEL COMICS,X-Men Milestones Inferno TP,$34.99
08/28/19,JUL191819,NAVAL INSTITUTE PRESS,Stalingrad Letters From The Volga GN,$19.95
08/28/19,MAY191836,NON-SPORT UPDATE,Non-Sport Update Volume 30 #4,$5.99
08/28/19,JUL192524,ONE PEACE BOOKS,Hat Boyz GN,$16.95
08/28/19,JUN191848,ONI PRESS,Invader Zim #46 (Cover A Maddie C. & Fred Stresing,$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191849,ONI PRESS,Invader Zim #46 (Cover B Simon Troussellier),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191851,ONI PRESS,Rick And Morty #53 (Cover A Marc Ellerby),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191852,ONI PRESS,Rick And Morty #53 (Cover B Savanna Ganucheau & Kyle Smart),$3.99
08/28/19,APR191857,ONI PRESS,Super Fun Sexy Times Volume 1 GN,$19.99
08/28/19,MAR191931,PANINI UK,Doctor Who The Clockwise War TP,$19.99
08/28/19,JUN191901,SCOUT COMICS,Crucified #3,$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191906,SCOUT COMICS,Red Winter #2,$3.99
08/28/19,JUL192177,SELFMADEHERO,Nao Of Brown GN,$34.99
08/28/19,JUN192229,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Akashic Records Of Bastard Magical Instructor Volume 7 GN,$12.99
08/28/19,JUN192249,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Arifureta From Commonplace To World's Strongest Zero Light Novel Volume 1 SC,$14.99
08/28/19,JUN192234,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Centaur's Life Volume 17 GN,$13.99
08/28/19,JUN192244,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Nirvana Volume 4 GN,$12.99
08/28/19,JUN192245,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Non Non Biyori Volume 12 GN,$12.99
08/28/19,JUL192185,SKYMAP COMICS,Star Power Volume 2 And The Search For Black Hole Bill GN,$19.95
08/28/19,JUL192210,STRANGER COMICS,Erathune TP,$19.99
08/28/19,JUN192091,SUBLIME,Fourth Generation Head Tatsuyuki Oyamato Volume 1 GN,$12.99
08/28/19,JUN192092,SUBLIME,Love In Limbo Volume 2 GN,$12.99
08/28/19,APR191952,T PUB,Disposable Legends #2 (Of 6),$3.99
08/28/19,APR191955,T PUB,Traveller #1,$3.99
08/28/19,APR191967,TITAN COMICS,Doctor Who The Thirteenth Doctor Volume 2 Hidden Human History TP,$16.99
08/28/19,JUN191941,TITAN COMICS,Tank Girl #6 (Cover A Brett Parson),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191942,TITAN COMICS,Tank Girl #6 (Cover B The Black Frog),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN191943,TITAN COMICS,Tank Girl #6 (Cover C Shaky Kane),$3.99
08/28/19,APR192014,TOHAN CORPORATION,Hobby Japan July 2019,$20.00
08/28/19,MAR192049,TOHAN CORPORATION,Hobby Japan June 2019,$20.00
08/28/19,FEB192019,TOHAN CORPORATION,Megami May 2019,$20.00
08/28/19,FEB192020,TOHAN CORPORATION,Newtype May 2019,$20.00
08/28/19,MAY192000,TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING,Alter Ego #160,$9.95
08/28/19,MAY192001,TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING,Back Issue #115,$8.95
08/28/19,JAN192162,TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING,Comic Book Creator #20,$9.95
08/28/19,APR192024,TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING,Jack Kirby Collector #77,$10.95
08/28/19,JUN192002,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Doctor Mirage #1 (Of 5)(Cover A Philip Tan),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN192003,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Doctor Mirage #1 (Of 5)(Cover B Roberta Ingranata,$3.99
08/28/19,JUN192004,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Doctor Mirage #1 (Of 5)(Cover C Nick Robles),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN192005,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Doctor Mirage #1 (Of 5)(Cover D MJ Kim Haunted Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN192006,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Doctor Mirage #1 (Of 5)(Cover E Blank Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN192007,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Doctor Mirage #1 (Of 5)(Cover F Jeff Dekal Pre-Order Edition Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN192011,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Killers #2 (Of 5)(Cover A Jonboy Meyers),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN192012,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Killers #2 (Of 5)(Cover B Sanford Greene),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN192013,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Killers #2 (Of 5)(Cover C Fernando Dagnino),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN192014,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Killers #2 (Of 5)(Cover D John K. Snyder III),$3.99
08/28/19,MAY192012,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Killers #2 (Of 5)(Cover E Whilce Portacio Pre-Order Edition Variant),AR
08/28/19,JUN192042,VAULT COMICS,Cult Classic Return To Whisper #2 And #3 Double Feature,$3.99
08/28/19,APR181874,VAULT COMICS,Heathen Volume 2 TP,$14.99
08/28/19,JUN192038,VAULT COMICS,Mall #1 (Cover A Zak Hartong),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN192039,VAULT COMICS,Mall #1 (Cover B Nathan Gooden & Tim Daniel),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN192040,VAULT COMICS,Necromancers Map #1 (Cover A Sam Beck),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN192041,VAULT COMICS,Necromancers Map #1 (Cover B Nathan Gooden & Tim Daniel),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN198650,VAULT COMICS,Resonant #1 (Alejandro Aragon 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN192043,VAULT COMICS,Resonant #2,$3.99
08/28/19,JUN198649,VAULT COMICS,Sera And The Royal Stars #1 (Audrey Mok 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
08/28/19,JUN192044,VAULT COMICS,Sera And The Royal Stars #2,$3.99
08/28/19,JUN192045,VAULT COMICS,She Said Destroy #4,$3.99
08/28/19,JUN192046,VAULT COMICS,Test #3,$3.99
08/28/19,JUN192254,VERTICAL COMICS,To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Volume 9 SC,$10.95
08/28/19,JUN192145,VIZ MEDIA,Ao Haru Ride Volume 6 GN,$9.99
08/28/19,JUN192148,VIZ MEDIA,Automatic Eve Novel SC,$16.99
08/28/19,JUN192150,VIZ MEDIA,Behind The Scenes Volume 7 GN,$9.99
08/28/19,JUN192151,VIZ MEDIA,Black Torch Volume 5 GN,$9.99
08/28/19,JUN192131,VIZ MEDIA,Fullmetal Alchemist Fullmetal Edition Volume 5 HC,$19.99
08/28/19,JUN192143,VIZ MEDIA,Golden Kamuy Volume 11 GN,$12.99
08/28/19,JUN192146,VIZ MEDIA,Idol Dreams Volume 6 GN,$9.99
08/28/19,JUN192127,VIZ MEDIA,JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4 Diamond Is Unbreakable Volume 2 HC,$19.99
08/28/19,JUN192130,VIZ MEDIA,Komi Can't Communicate Volume 2 GN,$9.99
08/28/19,JUN192153,VIZ MEDIA,Magi The Labyrinth Of Magic Volume 37 GN,$9.99
08/28/19,JUN192142,VIZ MEDIA,Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt Volume 12 GN,$14.99
08/28/19,JUN192119,VIZ MEDIA,My Hero Academia Smash Volume 1 GN,$9.99
08/28/19,JUN192124,VIZ MEDIA,My Hero Academia Volume 20 GN,$9.99
08/28/19,JUN192126,VIZ MEDIA,One Piece Volume 91 GN,$9.99
08/28/19,JUN192125,VIZ MEDIA,One-Punch Man Volume 17 GN,$9.99
08/28/19,JUN192120,VIZ MEDIA,Promised Neverland Volume 11 GN,$9.99
08/28/19,JUN192156,VIZ MEDIA,Ran And The Gray World Volume 4 GN,$14.99
08/28/19,JUN192149,VIZ MEDIA,Record Of Grancrest War Volume 4 GN,$9.99
08/28/19,JUN192154,VIZ MEDIA,Shortcake Cake Volume 5 GN,$9.99
08/28/19,JUN192155,VIZ MEDIA,Sleepy Princess In The Demon Castle Volume 8 GN,$9.99
08/28/19,JUN192123,VIZ MEDIA,Tokyo Ghoul:re Volume 12 GN,$12.99
08/28/19,JUN192129,VIZ MEDIA,Urusei Yatsura Volume 3 GN,$19.99
08/28/19,JUN192047,WARRANT PUBLISHING COMPANY,Creeps Annual 2020 Spooktacular,$9.95
08/28/19,APR192352,WW NORTON,Manga The Citi Exhibition HC,$39.95
08/28/19,JUN192162,YEN ON,Baccano Light Novel Volume 11 HC,$20.00
08/28/19,JUN192157,YEN ON,Combatants Will Be Dispatched Light Novel Volume 1 SC,$15.00
08/28/19,JUN192163,YEN ON,Devil Is Part-Timer Light Novel Volume 14 SC,$14.00
08/28/19,JUN192158,YEN ON,Genius Prince's Guide To Raising A Nation Out Of Debt Hey How About Treason Light Novel Volume 1 SC,$15.00
08/28/19,JUN192165,YEN ON,I've Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years And Maxed Out My Level Light Novel Volume 5 SC,$14.00
08/28/19,JUN192169,YEN PRESS,Do You Love Your Mom And Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks Volume 1 GN,$13.00
08/28/19,JUN192177,YEN PRESS,Final Fantasy Lost Stranger Volume 3 GN,$13.00
08/28/19,JUN192178,YEN PRESS,Happy Sugar Life Volume 2 GN,$13.00
08/28/19,JUN192180,YEN PRESS,Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon Familia Chronicle Episode Lyu Volume 4 GN,$13.00
08/28/19,JUN192181,YEN PRESS,Kakegurui Twin Volume 3 GN,$15.00
08/28/19,JUN192171,YEN PRESS,Phantom Tales Of The Night Volume 1 GN,$15.00
08/28/19,JUN192182,YEN PRESS,Plunderer Volume 2 GN,$22.00
08/28/19,JUN192172,YEN PRESS,Reborn As A Polar Bear The Legend Of How I Became A Forest Guardian Volume 1 GN,$15.00
08/28/19,MAY192203,YEN PRESS,Sekirei Volume 9 GN,$24.00
08/28/19,JUN192188,YEN PRESS,Spirits And Cat Ears Volume 8 GN,$13.00
08/28/19,JUN192189,YEN PRESS,Star Wars Lost Stars Volume 2 GN,$13.00
08/28/19,JUN192194,YEN PRESS,Yowamushi Pedal Volume 12 GN,$24.00
08/28/19,JUN192048,Z2 COMICS,Eden A Skillet Graphic Novel GN,$19.99
08/28/19,JUN192062,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Grimm Universe Presents Fall 2019 (Cover A Igor Vitorino),$7.99
08/28/19,JUN192063,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Grimm Universe Presents Fall 2019 (Cover B Richard Ortiz),$7.99
08/28/19,JUN192064,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Grimm Universe Presents Fall 2019 (Cover C Alfredo Reyes),$7.99
08/28/19,JUN192065,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Grimm Universe Presents Fall 2019 (Cover D Michael DiPascale),$7.99
08/28/19,JUN192066,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Grimm Universe Presents Fall 2019 (Cover E Derlis Santa Cruz),$7.99
08/28/19,JAN199287,Cards - TOPPS COMPANY,Bowman 2019 Sterling Baseball Trading Card Box,AR
08/28/19,FEB198195,Cards - TOPPS COMPANY,Topps 2019 Heritage High Number Baseball Trading Card Box,AR
08/28/19,MAY190125,Games - IMAGE COMICS,Walking Dead Something To Fear Card Game,AR
08/28/19,APR193004,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Baldurs Gate Decent Avernus Miniatures Brick Set 8 Count,AR
08/28/19,MAY193283,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Icons Realm Decent Vernus War Machine Premium Figure,AR
08/28/19,DEC188866,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Marvel HeroClix Wolverine Vs Cyclops Story Organized Play Kit 3,AR
08/28/19,APR193010,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Sovereigns Chain Card Game,AR
08/28/19,JAN198571,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Warhammer 40000 Relic Premium Edition Boardgame,AR
08/28/19,JAN198572,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Warhammer 40000 Relic Standard Edition Boardgame,AR
08/28/19,JUN193103,Games - USAOPOLY,Blank Slate Board Game,AR
08/28/19,JUL193281,Games - USAOPOLY,Dungeon Academy Board Game,AR
08/28/19,JUN193104,Games - USAOPOLY,Furry Foodies Board Game,AR
08/28/19,JUL193282,Games - USAOPOLY,Nightmare Before Christmas Yahtzee Board Game,AR
08/28/19,JUL193283,Games - USAOPOLY,Ren And Stimpy Yahtzee Board Game,AR
08/28/19,JUL193284,Games - USAOPOLY,Rick And Morty Meeseeks Edition Yahtzee Board Game,AR
08/28/19,JAN199119,Merchandise,300 General Themistocles 1/6 Scale Action Figure (Limited Edition Version),AR
08/28/19,JAN199120,Merchandise,300 Queen Gorgo 1/6 Scale Action Figure (Limited Edition Version),AR
08/28/19,MAY199060,Merchandise,4D Harry Potter 3 Inch Snitch Puzzle,AR
08/28/19,MAY199061,Merchandise,4D Harry Potter 6 Inch Snitch Puzzle,AR
08/28/19,MAY199062,Merchandise,4D Harry Potter Mini Hogwarts Puzzle,AR
08/28/19,MAY199063,Merchandise,4D Harry Potter Wizarding World Puzzle,AR
08/28/19,JUL193165,Merchandise,Aggretsuko Rock Out Button Pin,AR
08/28/19,JAN198603,Merchandise,Aliens Alien Resurrection Newborn Deluxe 7 Inch Action Figure,AR
08/28/19,FEB198538,Merchandise,Animal Life Baby Yoga Cat 6 Piece Blind Mystery Box,AR
08/28/19,JUL192613,Merchandise,Aquaman Trident Necklace,AR
08/28/19,NOV188576,Merchandise,Ban Bunny Girl Erica Izayoi 1/5 Scale PVC Figure,AR
08/28/19,APR192379,Merchandise,Batman 80th Anniversary Collectors Edition 2020 Calendar,AR
08/28/19,FEB198133,Merchandise,Batman Animated Series 12 Piece Bendable Figure 2 Pack Assortment,AR
08/28/19,JUN192265,Merchandise,Batman Bats T-Shirt LG,AR
08/28/19,JUN192264,Merchandise,Batman Bats T-Shirt MED,AR
08/28/19,JUN192263,Merchandise,Batman Bats T-Shirt SM,AR
08/28/19,JUN192266,Merchandise,Batman Bats T-Shirt XL,AR
08/28/19,JUN192267,Merchandise,Batman Bats T-Shirt XXL,AR
08/28/19,JUL190679,Merchandise,Batman Black And White Mini PVC Figure Blind Bag Wave 3,AR
08/28/19,JUN192260,Merchandise,Batman Detective #1000 T-Shirt LG,AR
08/28/19,JUN192259,Merchandise,Batman Detective #1000 T-Shirt MED,AR
08/28/19,JUN192258,Merchandise,Batman Detective #1000 T-Shirt SM,AR
08/28/19,JUN192261,Merchandise,Batman Detective #1000 T-Shirt XL,AR
08/28/19,JUN192262,Merchandise,Batman Detective #1000 T-Shirt XXL,AR
08/28/19,MAY189301,Merchandise,Batman Ninja 1/6 Scale PVC Figure (Takashi Okazaki Version),AR
08/28/19,JUN192295,Merchandise,Batman Raw II T-Shirt LG,AR
08/28/19,JUN192294,Merchandise,Batman Raw II T-Shirt MED,AR
08/28/19,JUN192293,Merchandise,Batman Raw II T-Shirt SM,AR
08/28/19,JUN192296,Merchandise,Batman Raw II T-Shirt XL,AR
08/28/19,JUN192297,Merchandise,Batman Raw II T-Shirt XXL,AR
08/28/19,FEB190622,Merchandise,Batman Vs Killer Croc Mini Battle Statue,AR
08/28/19,APR192399,Merchandise,Boruto Naruto Next Generation 2020 Wall Calendar,AR
08/28/19,MAR192442,Merchandise,Bruce Lee Select Yellow Jumpsuit Action Figure,AR
08/28/19,JUL192614,Merchandise,Captain America Silver Shield Star 18 Inch Necklace,AR
08/28/19,JUL192637,Merchandise,Captain Marvel 3 Pack Ankle Socks,AR
08/28/19,JUL193202,Merchandise,Captain Marvel 4 Piece Lapel Pin Set,AR
08/28/19,JUN192310,Merchandise,Captain Marvel Jr Symbol T-Shirt LG,AR
08/28/19,JUN192309,Merchandise,Captain Marvel Jr Symbol T-Shirt MED,AR
08/28/19,JUN192308,Merchandise,Captain Marvel Jr Symbol T-Shirt SM,AR
08/28/19,JUN192311,Merchandise,Captain Marvel Jr Symbol T-Shirt XL,AR
08/28/19,JUN192312,Merchandise,Captain Marvel Jr Symbol T-Shirt XXL,AR
08/28/19,JUL192615,Merchandise,Captain Marvel Tier Star Necklace,AR
08/28/19,JUL192652,Merchandise,Cat Food 5 Pack Ankle Socks,AR
08/28/19,JUL188937,Merchandise,Character Vocal Series 1 Hatsune Miku 1/7 Scale PVC Figure (Wedding Version),AR
08/28/19,JAN198238,Merchandise,Character Vocal Series 1 Pop Up Parade Hatsune Miku PVC Figure,AR
08/28/19,JUL193181,Merchandise,DC Comics Wonder Woman Stars Tote Backpack,AR
08/28/19,MAR192440,Merchandise,DC CW Gallery Batwoman PVC Figure,AR
08/28/19,JUL193182,Merchandise,DC Flash Magnetic ID Clip Card Holder,AR
08/28/19,APR192526,Merchandise,DC Gallery Green Arrow Comic PVC Figure,AR
08/28/19,FEB192438,Merchandise,DC Gallery Shazam Movie PVC Figure,AR
08/28/19,JAN188312,Merchandise,DC Super Powers Collection Donna Troy 13 Inch Maquette,AR
08/28/19,APR192375,Merchandise,DC Superhero Girls 2020 Wall Calendar,AR
08/28/19,JAN198937,Merchandise,DC Superman And Wonder Woman Salt And Pepper Shaker,AR
08/28/19,JUL192619,Merchandise,DC Wonder Woman Anklet 2 Piece Set,AR
08/28/19,MAY198645,Merchandise,Destiny Mini Ghost Generalist Vinyl Figure,AR
08/28/19,MAY198646,Merchandise,Destiny Mini Ghost Hunter Vinyl Figure,AR
08/28/19,MAY198647,Merchandise,Destiny Mini Ghost Kill Tracker Vinyl Figure,AR
08/28/19,JAN198555,Merchandise,Deus Machina Demonbane Hagane Works Demonbane Action Figure,AR
08/28/19,NOV188180,Merchandise,Disney Aladdin Genie Nendoroid Action Figure,AR
08/28/19,JUL193185,Merchandise,Disney Chef Mickey Mouse Ceramic Cookie Jar,AR
08/28/19,JUL193186,Merchandise,Disney Cheshire Cat Ceramic Cookie Jar,AR
08/28/19,JAN198182,Merchandise,Disney Showcase Lilo And Stitch Laying Down Mini 2.5 Inch Figure,AR
08/28/19,JUL193247,Merchandise,Division 2 On The Move Rubber Keychain,AR
08/28/19,JUL193248,Merchandise,Division 2 Phoenix On Board Window Decal,AR
08/28/19,MAY198498,Merchandise,Donutella And Her Sweet Friends Series 2 16 Piece Blind Mystery Box,AR
08/28/19,JAN199134,Merchandise,Doraemon Capsule Toys 30 Piece Assortment,AR
08/28/19,APR192400,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Super 2020 Wall Calendar,AR
08/28/19,JAN199445,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Super 5 Inch Action Figure Assortment A,AR
08/28/19,JAN199021,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Super Limit Breaker 13 Inch Action Figure Assortment A,AR
08/28/19,APR192402,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Z 30th Anniversary 2020 Wall Calendar,AR
08/28/19,JUN192333,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Z Goku And Vegeta T-Shirt LG,AR
08/28/19,JUN192332,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Z Goku And Vegeta T-Shirt MED,AR
08/28/19,JUN192331,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Z Goku And Vegeta T-Shirt SM,AR
08/28/19,JUN192334,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Z Goku And Vegeta T-Shirt XL,AR
08/28/19,JUN192335,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Z Goku And Vegeta T-Shirt XXL,AR
08/28/19,JAN199116,Merchandise,Evangelion Assemble Heroines Asuka Langley Shikinami PVC Figure,AR
08/28/19,NOV188504,Merchandise,Fate Grand Order Archer Arjuna Nendoroid Action Figure,AR
08/28/19,SEP188762,Merchandise,Fate Grand Order Learning With Manga Volume 3 6 Piece Blind Mystery Box,AR
08/28/19,SEP188769,Merchandise,Fate Grand Order Saber Altria Pendragon Figma Action Figure (Shinjuku Version),AR
08/28/19,JUN188363,Merchandise,Fate Grand Order Saber Nero Claudius 1/7 Scale PVC Figure (1st Ascension Version),AR
08/28/19,OCT188309,Merchandise,Fate Grand Order Saber Pendragon Nendoroid (Shinjuku Version),AR
08/28/19,JUN192934,Merchandise,FiGPiN Mini Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Kid Broly Pin,AR
08/28/19,JUN192935,Merchandise,FiGPiN Mini Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Kid Goku Pin,AR
08/28/19,JUN192936,Merchandise,FiGPiN Mini Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Kid Vegeta Pin,AR
08/28/19,JAN198584,Merchandise,Five Nights At Freddy's Office Desk/Right Dresser Door Small Constructon Set Assortment,AR
08/28/19,JAN198585,Merchandise,Five Nights At Freddy's Plushtrap/Left Hall/Temple Micro Constructon Set Assortment,AR
08/28/19,JAN198583,Merchandise,Five Nights At Freddy's Toy Stage Large Constructon Set,AR
08/28/19,JUN192280,Merchandise,Flash Year One Symbol T-Shirt LG,AR
08/28/19,JUN192279,Merchandise,Flash Year One Symbol T-Shirt MED,AR
08/28/19,JUN192278,Merchandise,Flash Year One Symbol T-Shirt SM,AR
08/28/19,JUN192281,Merchandise,Flash Year One Symbol T-Shirt XL,AR
08/28/19,JUN192282,Merchandise,Flash Year One Symbol T-Shirt XXL,AR
08/28/19,NOV188383,Merchandise,Friday The 13th Jason Defo Real Soft Vinyl Statue,AR
08/28/19,NOV188384,Merchandise,Friday The 13th Jason Defo Real Soft Vinyl Statue (Deluxe Version),AR
08/28/19,AUG188841,Merchandise,Fullmetal Alchemist Envy Nendoroid Action Figure,AR
08/28/19,MAR190381,Merchandise,Game Of Thrones Iron Throne Business Card Holder,AR
08/28/19,APR188861,Merchandise,Girls Frontline Springfield Queen Under The Glim 1/8 Scale PVC Figure,AR
08/28/19,MAR192452,Merchandise,Godzilla 1999 Godzilla Vinimate,AR
08/28/19,AUG188764,Merchandise,Grand Action Bigsize Model Albegas 1/6 Scale PVC Figure,AR
08/28/19,DEC188246,Merchandise,Gurren Lagann Yoko PVC Figure,AR
08/28/19,APR192380,Merchandise,Harley Quinn 2020 Wall Calendar,AR
08/28/19,SEP188236,Merchandise,Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Dobby 1/8 Scale Collectors Action Figure,AR
08/28/19,FEB198880,Merchandise,Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part II 7 Inch Action Figure Assortement,AR
08/28/19,FEB198881,Merchandise,Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part II Harry 7 Inch Action Figure,AR
08/28/19,FEB198883,Merchandise,Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part II Ron 7 Inch Action Figure,AR
08/28/19,FEB198884,Merchandise,Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part II Voldemort 7 Inch Action Figure,AR
08/28/19,OCT188232,Merchandise,Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Harry With Dobby 1/8 Scale Collectors Action Figure Set,AR
08/28/19,APR198605,Merchandise,Harry Potter Buckbeak Hippogriff Deluxe Figure,AR
08/28/19,OCT188312,Merchandise,Harry Potter Hermione Granger Nendoroid Action Figure,AR
08/28/19,APR192403,Merchandise,Hatsune Miku 2020 Wall Calendar,AR
08/28/19,AUG188580,Merchandise,Hime Sama To Kaeru San Prinzessin Und Der Frosch 1/6 Scale PVC Figure,AR
08/28/19,JAN199183,Merchandise,It 1990 Pennywise Version 2 Ultimate 7 Inch Action Figure,AR
08/28/19,APR192524,Merchandise,It Movie Pennywise Vinimate,AR
08/28/19,MAR192443,Merchandise,John Wick Gallery Running PVC Figure,AR
08/28/19,OCT188566,Merchandise,JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Bruno Bucciarati Super Action Statue,AR
08/28/19,APR192381,Merchandise,Justice League Classic 2020 Wall Calendar,AR
08/28/19,JUN192377,Merchandise,Kingdom Hearts Character Circles T-Shirt LG,AR
08/28/19,JUN192376,Merchandise,Kingdom Hearts Character Circles T-Shirt MED,AR
08/28/19,JUN192375,Merchandise,Kingdom Hearts Character Circles T-Shirt SM,AR
08/28/19,JUN192378,Merchandise,Kingdom Hearts Character Circles T-Shirt XL,AR
08/28/19,JUN192379,Merchandise,Kingdom Hearts Character Circles T-Shirt XXL,AR
08/28/19,NOV188838,Merchandise,Kuroko's Basketball Shintaro Midorima Nendoroid Action Figure,AR
08/28/19,JUL192616,Merchandise,Legend Of Zelda Anklet 2 Piece Set,AR
08/28/19,FEB192444,Merchandise,Legends In 3D Marvel Comic Iron Man 1/2 Scale Bust,AR
08/28/19,APR192530,Merchandise,Lost In Space B9 Retro Electronic Robot,AR
08/28/19,JUL192638,Merchandise,Marvel Avengers Endgame 5 Pack Ankle Socks,AR
08/28/19,JUN192348,Merchandise,Marvel Captain Marvel Poster T-Shirt SM,AR
08/28/19,JUN192352,Merchandise,Marvel Captain Marvel Poster T-Shirt XXL,AR
08/28/19,FEB192447,Merchandise,Marvel Gallery Black Panther Movie Okoye PVC Figure,AR
08/28/19,MAR192447,Merchandise,Marvel Gallery Mr Sinister Comic PVC Figure,AR
08/28/19,JUN191077,Merchandise,Marvel Graphic Comic Box Absolute Carnage,AR
08/28/19,JUN192357,Merchandise,Marvel Heroes Venom City Takeover T-Shirt LG,AR
08/28/19,JUN192356,Merchandise,Marvel Heroes Venom City Takeover T-Shirt MED,AR
08/28/19,JUN192355,Merchandise,Marvel Heroes Venom City Takeover T-Shirt SM,AR
08/28/19,JUN192358,Merchandise,Marvel Heroes Venom City Takeover T-Shirt XL,AR
08/28/19,JUN192359,Merchandise,Marvel Heroes Venom City Takeover T-Shirt XXL,AR
08/28/19,MAY199141,Merchandise,Marvel Legends 6 Inch Ultimate Captain America Action Figure,AR
08/28/19,JUN192315,Merchandise,Mary Marvel Symbol T-Shirt LG,AR
08/28/19,JUN192314,Merchandise,Mary Marvel Symbol T-Shirt MED,AR
08/28/19,JUN192313,Merchandise,Mary Marvel Symbol T-Shirt SM,AR
08/28/19,JUN192316,Merchandise,Mary Marvel Symbol T-Shirt XL,AR
08/28/19,JUN192317,Merchandise,Mary Marvel Symbol T-Shirt XXL,AR
08/28/19,JAN198244,Merchandise,Mazinkaiser Moderoid Armed Mazinkaiser Go-Valiant Model Kit,AR
08/28/19,JAN198245,Merchandise,Mazinkaiser Moderoid Armed Unit Valiant Dagger Model Kit,AR
08/28/19,SEP188530,Merchandise,Mega Man X Rabbit Ride Nendoroid More Armor,AR
08/28/19,JUL192653,Merchandise,Minecraft Bobble Mobs Backpack,AR
08/28/19,MAY198014,Merchandise,Minecraft Bobble Mobs Backpack Clip Series 2 18 Piece Blind Mystery Box,AR
08/28/19,MAY198015,Merchandise,Minecraft Bobble Mobs Backpack Clip Series 3 18 Piece Blind Mystery Box,AR
08/28/19,JUL192655,Merchandise,Minecraft Bobble Mobs Lunch Box,AR
08/28/19,JUL192656,Merchandise,Minecraft Creepy Creeper Lunch Box,AR
08/28/19,JUL192657,Merchandise,Minecraft Miners Society Snap Back Hat,AR
08/28/19,JUL192654,Merchandise,Minecraft Survival Badges Backpack,AR
08/28/19,MAR192449,Merchandise,Nightmare Before Christmas Jack In Chair Coffin Deluxe Doll,AR
08/28/19,MAR192450,Merchandise,Nightmare Before Christmas Jack In Sleigh Deluxe PVC Set,AR
08/28/19,JUN192367,Merchandise,Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington T-Shirt LG,AR
08/28/19,JUN192366,Merchandise,Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington T-Shirt MED,AR
08/28/19,JUN192365,Merchandise,Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington T-Shirt SM,AR
08/28/19,JUN192368,Merchandise,Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington T-Shirt XL,AR
08/28/19,JUN192369,Merchandise,Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington T-Shirt XXL,AR
08/28/19,JUN192372,Merchandise,Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Character T-Shirt LG,AR
08/28/19,JUN192371,Merchandise,Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Character T-Shirt MED,AR
08/28/19,JUN192370,Merchandise,Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Character T-Shirt SM,AR
08/28/19,JUN192373,Merchandise,Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Character T-Shirt XL,AR
08/28/19,JUN192374,Merchandise,Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Character T-Shirt XXL,AR
08/28/19,JUL193220,Merchandise,Nightmare Before Christmas Square Backpack,AR
08/28/19,MAY199142,Merchandise,Nintendo 2-1/2 Inch Figure Wave 20 Assortment,AR
08/28/19,JUL193244,Merchandise,Nintendo Legend Of Zelda Square Backpack,AR
08/28/19,JUL192828,Merchandise,Nomwhal Blue Moon 15 Inch Plush,AR
08/28/19,JUL192829,Merchandise,Nomwhal Vanilla Berry 15 Inch Plush,AR
08/28/19,OCT188230,Merchandise,Overwatch McCree Nendoroid Action Figure (Classic Skin Version),AR
08/28/19,AUG188577,Merchandise,Overwatch Zenyatta Figma Action Figure,AR
08/28/19,FEB198994,Merchandise,Persona 5 Makoto Niijima 1/8 Scale PVC Figure,AR
08/28/19,JUL193245,Merchandise,PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Logo Ceramic Mug,AR
08/28/19,JUL193246,Merchandise,PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Morning Looter Ceramic Mug,AR
08/28/19,JUL192650,Merchandise,Pokemon Gengar 3D Plus Laplander Hat,AR
08/28/19,JUL192651,Merchandise,Pokemon Pokeball Colorblock Snapback Cap,AR
08/28/19,NOV188721,Merchandise,Polynian Dreamy Action Figure,AR
08/28/19,JUN192362,Merchandise,Radiohead Bear Logo T-Shirt LG,AR
08/28/19,JUN192361,Merchandise,Radiohead Bear Logo T-Shirt MED,AR
08/28/19,JUN192363,Merchandise,Radiohead Bear Logo T-Shirt XL,AR
08/28/19,JUN192364,Merchandise,Radiohead Bear Logo T-Shirt XXL,AR
08/28/19,APR192373,Merchandise,Rick And Morty 2020 Wall Calendar,AR
08/28/19,JUN192305,Merchandise,Shazam Legend T-Shirt LG,AR
08/28/19,JUN192304,Merchandise,Shazam Legend T-Shirt MED,AR
08/28/19,JUN192306,Merchandise,Shazam Legend T-Shirt XL,AR
08/28/19,JUN192307,Merchandise,Shazam Legend T-Shirt XXL,AR
08/28/19,DEC188861,Merchandise,Sofubi Toy Box 020 Gigantor Tetsujin 28 Go Figure,AR
08/28/19,JUL192639,Merchandise,Spider-Man Far From Home Stealth Suit Snapback Cap,AR
08/28/19,JUL193230,Merchandise,Star Wars Death Star Toaster,AR
08/28/19,APR192417,Merchandise,Star Wars Galaxy Of Adventures 2020 Wall Calendar,AR
08/28/19,APR192418,Merchandise,Star Wars Resistance 2020 Wall Calendar,AR
08/28/19,OCT188558,Merchandise,Tabi Kaeru Collectible Figure 6 Piece Display,AR
08/28/19,OCT188314,Merchandise,Touken Ranbu The Musical Nendoroid Petite 6 Piece Blind Mystery Box,AR
08/28/19,APR192392,Merchandise,Wonder Woman 2020 Wall Calendar,AR
08/28/19,JUL192620,Merchandise,Wonder Woman Armband,AR
08/28/19,JUN192300,Merchandise,Wonder Woman Raw T-Shirt LG,AR
08/28/19,JUN192299,Merchandise,Wonder Woman Raw T-Shirt MED,AR
08/28/19,JUN192298,Merchandise,Wonder Woman Raw T-Shirt SM,AR
08/28/19,JUN192301,Merchandise,Wonder Woman Raw T-Shirt XL,AR
08/28/19,JUN192302,Merchandise,Wonder Woman Raw T-Shirt XXL,AR
08/28/19,JUN192320,Merchandise,Wonder Woman Rope Trick T-Shirt LG,AR
08/28/19,JUN192319,Merchandise,Wonder Woman Rope Trick T-Shirt MED,AR
08/28/19,JUN192318,Merchandise,Wonder Woman Rope Trick T-Shirt SM,AR
08/28/19,JUN192321,Merchandise,Wonder Woman Rope Trick T-Shirt XL,AR
08/28/19,JUN192322,Merchandise,Wonder Woman Rope Trick T-Shirt XXL,AR
08/28/19,JUL192621,Merchandise,Wonder Woman Tiara Headband,AR

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