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01/15/20,JUL191842,007 MAGAZINE AND ARCHIVE,007 Magazine #59,$16.99
01/15/20,NOV191325,ABSTRACT STUDIOS,Five Years #7,$3.99
01/15/20,SEP191342,AC COMICS,21st Centurions #1,$5.95
01/15/20,AUG191464,ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT,Adventures Of Mickey And Maj Volume 1 Time Space Magic GN,$8.99
01/15/20,JUL191388,ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT,Miranda Fantasyland Tour Guide GN,$11.99
01/15/20,SEP191354,ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT,Nutmeg Volume 5 Spring The Good Dine Young TP,$11.99
01/15/20,AUG191467,ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT,Princeless Volume 9 Love Yourself TP,$14.99
01/15/20,NOV191376,AFTERSHOCK COMICS,Descendent Volume 1 TP,$16.99
01/15/20,NOV191378,AFTERSHOCK COMICS,Killer Groove Volume 1 TP,$16.99
01/15/20,NOV191375,AFTERSHOCK COMICS,Midnight Vista #5,$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191377,AFTERSHOCK COMICS,Orphan Age Volume 1 TP,$16.99
01/15/20,NOV191379,AHOY COMICS,Second Coming #6 (Of 6),$3.99
01/15/20,SEP191419,ALTERNA COMICS,Adventures Of Mr. Crypt And Baron Rat #3 (Of 3),$1.50
01/15/20,OCT191518,ALTERNA COMICS,Alterna Giants Blood Realm Volume 1 Dark Covenant,$4.99
01/15/20,NOV191383,ALTERNA COMICS,Alterna Giants Blood Realm Volume 2 Shadowed Kingdom,$4.99
01/15/20,SEP191420,ALTERNA COMICS,Alterna Giants The Mighty Mascots Volume 1,$4.99
01/15/20,OCT191519,ALTERNA COMICS,Cyko KO Volume 2 #3 (Of 3),$1.50
01/15/20,SEP191422,ALTERNA COMICS,Gods And Gears #2 (Of 4),$1.50
01/15/20,SEP191423,ALTERNA COMICS,ICYMI #11,$0.99
01/15/20,OCT191520,ALTERNA COMICS,ICYMI #12,$0.99
01/15/20,OCT191521,ALTERNA COMICS,It Came Out On A Wednesday #10,$1.99
01/15/20,OCT191522,ALTERNA COMICS,Midnight Mystery Volume 2 City Of Ghosts #4,$1.50
01/15/20,OCT191523,ALTERNA COMICS,Void Walker #2 (Of 4),$1.50
01/15/20,AUG191522,ALTERNA COMICS,Wicked Righteous Volume 2 #4 (Of 6),$1.50
01/15/20,AUG191533,AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS,Rocky And Bullwinkle Seen On TV #2 (Cover A S. L. Gallant),$3.99
01/15/20,AUG191534,AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS,Rocky And Bullwinkle Seen On TV #2 (Cover B Retro Animation Variant),$9.99
01/15/20,SEP191449,AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS,Underdog And Pals #3 (Cover A Matt Hansel Hero Variant),$3.99
01/15/20,SEP191450,AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS,Underdog And Pals #3 (Cover B Retro Animation Variant),$9.99
01/15/20,NOV191442,ANDREWS MCMEEL,Baby A Soppy Story GN,$14.99
01/15/20,NOV191465,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,Archie #710 (Archie And Katy Keene Part 1)(Cover A Laura Braga),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191466,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,Archie #710 (Archie And Katy Keene Part 1)(Cover B Francesco Francavilla),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191467,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,Archie #710 (Archie And Katy Keene Part 1)(Cover C Emanuela Lupacchino),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191468,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,Archie #710 (Archie And Katy Keene Part 1)(Cover D Paul Renaud),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191469,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,Archie #710 (Archie And Katy Keene Part 1)(Cover E Billy Tucci),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191498,ASPEN COMICS,Michael Turner Art Edition The Best Of Michael Turner Featuring Fathom Soulfire Ekos (Cover A Michael Turner),$5.99
01/15/20,NOV191499,ASPEN COMICS,Michael Turner Art Edition The Best Of Michael Turner Featuring Fathom Soulfire Ekos (Cover B Michael Turner),AR
01/15/20,NOV191463,ATHENEUM BOOKS,Fred's Big Feelings The Life And Legacy Of Mister Rogers HC,$17.99
01/15/20,SEP191528,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun Dora #3 (Cover A Daniel Gete),$5.99
01/15/20,SEP191529,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun Dora #3 (Cover B Daniel Gete Wraparound Variant),$5.99
01/15/20,SEP191530,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun Dora #3 (Cover C Matt Martin World War II Variant),$5.99
01/15/20,SEP191531,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun Dora #3 (Cover D Daniel Gete Unleashed Variant),$5.99
01/15/20,SEP191532,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun Dora #3 (Cover E Gabriel Andrade Feudal Japan Variant),$5.99
01/15/20,SEP191533,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun Dora #3 (Cover F Christian Zanier Viking Age Variant),$5.99
01/15/20,SEP191534,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun Dora #3 (Cover G Daniel Gete Timeless Variant),$5.99
01/15/20,SEP191535,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun Dora #3 (Cover H Gabriel Andrade Napoleonic Era Variant),$5.99
01/15/20,SEP191536,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun Dora #3 (Cover I Renato Camilo Middle Ages Variant),$5.99
01/15/20,SEP191537,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun Dora #3 (Cover J Christian Zanier Victorian Era Variant),$5.99
01/15/20,SEP191538,AVATAR PRESS,Warrior Nun Dora #3 (Cover K Renato Camilo Battle Ready Variant),$5.99
01/15/20,SEP191570,BIG FINISH,Doctor Who Rose Tyler The Dimension Cannon Audio CD,$63.99
01/15/20,SEP191569,BIG FINISH,Doctor Who The Eighth Doctor Ravenous 4 Audio CD,$63.99
01/15/20,SEP191568,BIG FINISH,Doctor Who The Monthly Adventures Volume 257 Interstitial Feast Of Fear Audio CD,$24.99
01/15/20,SEP191573,BIG FINISH,Torchwood Torchwood One Latter Days Audio CD,$41.99
01/15/20,SEP191572,BIG FINISH,Torchwood Volume 31 Vigil Audio CD,$16.99
01/15/20,SEP191577,BOOK PALACE,Illustrators Magazine #28,$24.99
01/15/20,SEP191575,BOOK PALACE,Illustrators Special #5 (The Art Of Commando Comics),$34.99
01/15/20,SEP191576,BOOK PALACE,Illustrators Special #6 (The Art Of Brian Bolland),$34.99
01/15/20,OCT199125,BOOM! STUDIOS,Folklords #2 (Of 5)(Matt Kindt 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191297,BOOM! STUDIOS,Ghosted In L.A. #7 (Cover A Siobhan Keenan),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191298,BOOM! STUDIOS,Ghosted In L.A. #7 (Cover B Sina Grace),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191239,BOOM! STUDIOS,Hellmouth #4 (Cover A Jenny Frison),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191240,BOOM! STUDIOS,Hellmouth #4 (Cover B Steve Morris Hellmouth Connecting Variant),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191291,BOOM! STUDIOS,Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance #5 (Cover A Mona Finden),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191292,BOOM! STUDIOS,Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance #5 (Cover B Kelly Matthews & Nichole Matthews),$3.99
01/15/20,OCT199119,BOOM! STUDIOS,Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance #5 (Cover C Christian Ward),AR
01/15/20,OCT198904,BOOM! STUDIOS,Red Mother #1 (Danny Luckert 3rd Printing Variant Cover)(not verified by Diamond),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191262,BOOM! STUDIOS,Red Mother #2 (Cover A Jeremy Haun),$3.99
01/15/20,,BOOM! STUDIOS,Red Mother #2 (Cover B Jeremy Haun Red Variant),AR
01/15/20,OCT199120,BOOM! STUDIOS,Red Mother #2 (Cover C Toni Infante),AR
01/15/20,NOV191256,BOOM! STUDIOS,Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #27 (Cover A Eleonora Carlini),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191257,BOOM! STUDIOS,Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #27 (Cover B Amelia Vidal Album Variant),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191258,BOOM! STUDIOS,Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #27 (Cover C Miguel Mercado),$3.99
01/15/20,OCT199131,BOOM! STUDIOS,Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #27 (Cover D Johanna The Mad Social Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV191625,CAPSTONE PUBLISHING,Stan Lee Get To Know The Comics Creator SC,$7.95
01/15/20,NOV191629,CHAPTERHOUSE PUBLISHING,Pitiful Human-Lizard Volume 3 Almost Getting There TP,$19.99
01/15/20,SEP191924,CHARMZ,Amy's Diary Volume 3 Moving On GN,$9.99
01/15/20,OCT191780,CINEBOOK,Route 66 List Volume 2 Missouri GN,$11.95
01/15/20,OCT191781,CINEBOOK,Thorgal Volume 0 The Betrayed Sorceress And Almost Paradise GN,$19.95
01/15/20,OCT191782,CINEBOOK,Valerian Volume 23 The Future Is Waiting GN,$13.95
01/15/20,NOV191638,COMIC SHOP NEWS,Comic Shop News #1700,AR
01/15/20,OCT191801,COMICMIX,Ha.i.ley GN,$19.99
01/15/20,OCT191802,COMICMIX,His Name Is Savage Volume 1 GN,$19.99
01/15/20,OCT191809,DAIKAIJU,G-Fan #126,$6.95
01/15/20,NOV190273,DARK HORSE COMICS,Aliens Vs Predator Thicker Than Blood #2 (Of 4),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190293,DARK HORSE COMICS,Disney Frozen True Treasure #3 (Of 3)(Cover A Eduard Petrovich),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190294,DARK HORSE COMICS,Disney Frozen True Treasure #3 (Of 3)(Cover B Tommaso Renieri),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190184,DARK HORSE COMICS,Dragon Age Blue Wraith #1 (Of 3),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190204,DARK HORSE COMICS,Hellboy Winter Special 2019,$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190214,DARK HORSE COMICS,Skulldigger And Skeleton Boy #2 (Of 6)(Cover A Tonci Zonjic),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190215,DARK HORSE COMICS,Skulldigger And Skeleton Boy #2 (Of 6)(Cover B James Harren),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190243,DARK HORSE COMICS,Steeple #5 (Of 5)(Cover A John Allison),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190244,DARK HORSE COMICS,Steeple #5 (Of 5)(Cover B Robert Ball),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190218,DARK HORSE COMICS,Tales From Harrow County Death's Choir #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Naomi Franquiz),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190219,DARK HORSE COMICS,Tales From Harrow County Death's Choir #2 (Of 4)(Cover B Tyler Crook),$3.99
01/15/20,SEP190293,DARK HORSE COMICS,Trout Volume 2 The Hollowest Knock HC,$19.99
01/15/20,NOV190427,DC COMICS,Aquaman #56 (Cover A Brad Walker & Andrew Hennessy),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190428,DC COMICS,Aquaman #56 (Cover B Skan),AR
01/15/20,OCT190639,DC COMICS,Batman The Golden Age Volume 6 TP,$39.99
01/15/20,NOV190435,DC COMICS,Batman's Grave #4 (Of 12)(Cover A Bryan Hitch),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190436,DC COMICS,Batman's Grave #4 (Of 12)(Cover B Jee-Hyung Lee),AR
01/15/20,OCT190650,DC COMICS,Birds Of Prey Black Canary TP,$19.99
01/15/20,SEP190451,DC COMICS,Crisis On Infinite Earths Giant #1,$4.99
01/15/20,NOV190420,DC COMICS,Detective Comics #359 (Facsimile Edition),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190518,DC COMICS,Dollar Comics Batman Adventures #12,$1.00
01/15/20,NOV190449,DC COMICS,Flash #86 (Cover A Rafael Sandoval & Jordi Tarragona),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190450,DC COMICS,Flash #86 (Cover B Dustin Nguyen Card Stock Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV190447,DC COMICS,Flash Forward #5 (Of 6)(Cover A Evan Doc Shaner),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190448,DC COMICS,Flash Forward #5 (Of 6)(Cover B In-Hyuk Lee),AR
01/15/20,NOV190453,DC COMICS,Freedom Fighters #12 (Of 12),$3.99
01/15/20,SEP190471,DC COMICS,Green Lantern Legacy GN,$9.99
01/15/20,OCT190667,DC COMICS,Hellblazer Volume 22 Regeneration TP,$29.99
01/15/20,NOV190463,DC COMICS,He-Man And The Masters Of The Multiverse #3 (Of 6),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190468,DC COMICS,Justice League Odyssey #17 (Cover A Jose Ladronn),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190469,DC COMICS,Justice League Odyssey #17 (Cover B Ken Lashley),AR
01/15/20,NOV190470,DC COMICS,Legion Of Super-Heroes #3 (Cover A Ryan Sook),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190471,DC COMICS,Legion Of Super-Heroes #3 (Cover B Jim Cheung Card Stock Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV190504,DC COMICS,Low Low Woods #2 (Of 6)(Cover A Sam Wolfe Connelly),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190505,DC COMICS,Low Low Woods #2 (Of 6)(Cover B Jenny Frison),AR
01/15/20,NOV190510,DC COMICS,Lucifer #16,$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190474,DC COMICS,Nightwing #68 (Cover A Travis Moore),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190475,DC COMICS,Nightwing #68 (Cover B Alan Quah),AR
01/15/20,OCT190686,DC COMICS,Nightwing By Peter J. Tomasi TP,$29.99
01/15/20,NOV190476,DC COMICS,Question The Deaths Of Vic Sage #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Denys Cowan & Bill Sienkiewicz),$6.99
01/15/20,NOV190477,DC COMICS,Question The Deaths Of Vic Sage #2 (Of 4)(Cover B Eduardo Risso),AR
01/15/20,NOV190480,DC COMICS,RWBY #4 (Of 7)(Cover A Sarah Stone),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190481,DC COMICS,RWBY #4 (Of 7)(Cover B Stanley Artgerm Lau),AR
01/15/20,OCT190689,DC COMICS,Scooby Apocalypse Volume 6 TP,$16.99
01/15/20,NOV190490,DC COMICS,Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #7 (Of 12)(Cover A Steve Lieber),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190491,DC COMICS,Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #7 (Of 12)(Cover B Ben Oliver),AR
01/15/20,NOV190492,DC COMICS,Teen Titans #38 (Cover A Bernard Chang),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190493,DC COMICS,Teen Titans #38 (Cover B Khary Randolph),AR
01/15/20,NOV190011,DIAMOND PUBLICATIONS,Diamond Bookshelf #31,AR
01/15/20,OCT191826,DRAWN AND QUARTERLY,Kitaro Volume 7 The Trial Of Kitaro GN,$15.95
01/15/20,SEP191713,DYNAMIC FORCES,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #100 (Kevin Eastman Variant Cover),AR
01/15/20,SEP191727,DYNAMIC FORCES,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Secret History Of The Foot Clan #1 (Of 4)(Kevin Eastman Variant Cover),AR
01/15/20,OCT191233,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #9 (Cover A John Royle),$3.99
01/15/20,OCT191234,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #9 (Cover B Scott Chantler),$3.99
01/15/20,OCT191235,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #9 (Cover C Jerome K. Moore),$3.99
01/15/20,OCT191236,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #9 (Cover D Matt Gaudio),$3.99
01/15/20,OCT191237,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #9 (Cover E Photo),$3.99
01/15/20,OCT191238,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #9 (Cover F Photo Virgin Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV198059,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #9 (Cover G Matt Gaudio Black & White Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV198060,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #9 (Cover H John Royle Black & White Variant),AR
01/15/20,OCT191239,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #9 (Cover I Jerome K. Moore Virgin Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV198061,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #9 (Cover J John Royle Virgin Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV198062,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #9 (Cover K John Royle Black & White Virgin Variant),AR
01/15/20,OCT191240,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Bettie Page Unbound #9 (Cover L Scott Chantler Virgin Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV191114,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,James Bond #2 (Cover A Jim Cheung),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191115,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,James Bond #2 (Cover B Jim Cheung Black & White Variant),AR
01/15/20,OCT199106,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,James Bond #2 (Cover D Jim Cheung Black & White Tint Virgin Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV191116,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,James Bond #2 (Cover E Jim Cheung Pencil Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV191117,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,James Bond #2 (Cover F Jim Cheung Vintage Paperback Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV191183,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Nancy Drew The Palace Of Wisdom HC,$17.99
01/15/20,NOV191194,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #5 (Cover A Julian Totino Tedesco),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191195,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #5 (Cover B Babs Tarr),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191196,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #5 (Cover C Ben Oliver),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191197,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #5 (Cover D Leonardo Romero & Jordie Bellaire),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191198,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #5 (Cover E Shannon Kingston Cosplay Variant),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191199,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #5 (Cover F Drew Moss Then And Now Variant),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV198068,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #5 (Cover G Roberto Castro Bonus Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV198069,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #5 (Cover H Sergio Davila Black & White Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV191200,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #5 (Cover I Drew Moss Black & White Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV198070,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #5 (Cover J Drew Moss Black & White Virgin Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV198071,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #5 (Cover K Drew Moss Blood Tint Virgin Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV191201,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #5 (Cover L Leonardo Romero & Jordie Bellaire Virgin Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV198072,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #5 (Cover M Leonardo Romero Tint Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV198073,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #5 (Cover N Leonardo Romero Black & White Virgin Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV191202,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #5 (Cover O Drew Moss Virgin Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV191203,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vampirella Red Sonja #5 (Cover P Leonardo Romero & Jordie Bellaire Black & White Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV191736,FULL MOON FEATURES,Deadly Ten Presents Femalien Cosmic Crush #1 (Cover A Daniel Pascual),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191737,FULL MOON FEATURES,Deadly Ten Presents Femalien Cosmic Crush #1 (Cover B Dan Fowler),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191738,GALLERY 13,Strange Ones GN,$19.99
01/15/20,OCT192236,GHOST SHIP,Saki The Succubus Hungers Tonight Volume 1 GN,$13.99
01/15/20,OCT192238,GHOST SHIP,Yokai Girls Volume 9 GN,$12.99
01/15/20,OCT192239,GHOST SHIP,Yuuna And The Haunted Hot Springs Volume 8 GN,$12.99
01/15/20,NOV191745,GOLDEN BOOKS,Disney Frozen I Am Anna Little Golden Book HC,$4.99
01/15/20,NOV191746,GOLDEN BOOKS,Disney Frozen I Am Elsa Little Golden Book HC,$4.99
01/15/20,NOV191774,HUMANOIDS,Strangelands #5,$3.99
01/15/20,JUL190730,IDW PUBLISHING,Complete Chester Gould's Dick Tracy Volume 27 HC,$44.99
01/15/20,NOV190700,IDW PUBLISHING,Disney Comics And Stories #9 (Cover A Marco Mazzarello),$5.99
01/15/20,NOV190701,IDW PUBLISHING,DuckTales Faires And Scares #2 (Of 3)(Cover A Marco Ghiglione),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190702,IDW PUBLISHING,DuckTales Faires And Scares #2 (Of 3)(Cover B Marco Ghiglione),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190703,IDW PUBLISHING,DuckTales Faires And Scares #2 (Of 3)(Cover C DuckTales Creative Team),AR
01/15/20,APR190603,IDW PUBLISHING,Dungeons And Dragons A Darkened Wish #4 (Of 5)(Cover A Tess Fowler),$3.99
01/15/20,APR190604,IDW PUBLISHING,Dungeons And Dragons A Darkened Wish #4 (Of 5)(Cover B Tess Fowler Character Sheet Variant),$3.99
01/15/20,APR190605,IDW PUBLISHING,Dungeons And Dragons A Darkened Wish #4 (Of 5)(Cover C Ibrahem Swaid),AR
01/15/20,APR190606,IDW PUBLISHING,Dungeons And Dragons A Darkened Wish #4 (Of 5)(Cover D Tess Fowler Black & White Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV190724,IDW PUBLISHING,From Hell Master Edition #9 (Of 10)(Cover A Eddie Campbell),$7.99
01/15/20,APR190661,IDW PUBLISHING,Gears Of War Hivebusters #4 (Of 5)(Cover A Alan Quah),$3.99
01/15/20,APR190662,IDW PUBLISHING,Gears Of War Hivebusters #4 (Of 5)(Cover B Pierre Droal),AR
01/15/20,NOV190670,IDW PUBLISHING,GLOW Vs The Babyface #3 (Of 4)(Cover A Veronica Fish),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190671,IDW PUBLISHING,GLOW Vs The Babyface #3 (Of 4)(Cover B Nicole Goux),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190672,IDW PUBLISHING,GLOW Vs The Babyface #3 (Of 4)(Cover C Catherine Nodet),AR
01/15/20,JUL190716,IDW PUBLISHING,Marvel Action Avengers #9 (Cover A Jon Sommariva),$3.99
01/15/20,JUL190717,IDW PUBLISHING,Marvel Action Avengers #9 (Cover B Siobhan Keenan),AR
01/15/20,SEP190694,IDW PUBLISHING,My Little Pony Omnibus Volume 5 TP,$24.99
01/15/20,SEP190719,IDW PUBLISHING,Napoleon Dynamite #3 (Of 4)(Cover A Sara Richard),$3.99
01/15/20,SEP190720,IDW PUBLISHING,Napoleon Dynamite #3 (Of 4)(Cover B Photo),$3.99
01/15/20,SEP190721,IDW PUBLISHING,Napoleon Dynamite #3 (Of 4)(Cover C Jorge Monlongo),AR
01/15/20,SEP190665,IDW PUBLISHING,Rising Sun #1 (Of 3)(Cover A Martin Coccolo),$4.99
01/15/20,SEP190666,IDW PUBLISHING,Rising Sun #1 (Of 3)(Cover B Chieh Ying Yu),AR
01/15/20,AUG190784,IDW PUBLISHING,Rom Dire Wraiths #1 (Of 3)(Cover A Luca Pizarri),$4.99
01/15/20,AUG190785,IDW PUBLISHING,Rom Dire Wraiths #1 (Of 3)(Cover B Corin Howell),$4.99
01/15/20,AUG190786,IDW PUBLISHING,Rom Dire Wraiths #1 (Of 3)(Cover C Guy Dorian Sr. & Sal Buscema),AR
01/15/20,NOV190144,IMAGE COMICS,Hit-Girl Season Two #12 (Cover A Declan Shalvey),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190145,IMAGE COMICS,Hit-Girl Season Two #12 (Cover B Declan Shalvey),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190146,IMAGE COMICS,Hit-Girl Season Two #12 (Cover C Eve Mae Roman),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190089,IMAGE COMICS,Lazarus Volume 6 TP,$16.99
01/15/20,NOV190151,IMAGE COMICS,Lucy Claire Redemption #2 (Cover A John Upchurch),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190152,IMAGE COMICS,Lucy Claire Redemption #2 (Cover B John Upchurch),$3.99
01/15/20,SEP190110,IMAGE COMICS,Outpost Zero Volume 3 The Only Living Things TP,$14.99
01/15/20,OCT190056,IMAGE COMICS,Over My Dead Body GN,$16.99
01/15/20,NOV190163,IMAGE COMICS,Pretty Violent #6,$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190168,IMAGE COMICS,SFSX Safe Sex #5,$3.99
01/15/20,OCT190246,IMAGE COMICS,Spawn #304 (Cover A Francesco Mattina),$2.99
01/15/20,OCT190247,IMAGE COMICS,Spawn #304 (Cover B Todd McFarlane),$2.99
01/15/20,OCT190248,IMAGE COMICS,Spawn #304 (Cover C Todd McFarlane Black & White Variant),$2.99
01/15/20,OCT199140,IMAGE COMICS,Undiscovered Country #2 (Giuseppe Camuncoli 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190175,IMAGE COMICS,Undiscovered Country #3 (Cover A Giuseppe Camuncoli),$3.99
01/15/20,OCT198581,IMAGE COMICS,Undiscovered Country #3 (Cover B Greg Capullo),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191781,INSIGHT EDITIONS,Harry Potter Film Vault Volume 5 Creature Companions Plants And Shapeshifters HC,$16.99
01/15/20,NOV191782,INSIGHT EDITIONS,Harry Potter Film Vault Volume 6 Hogwarts Castle HC,$16.99
01/15/20,NOV192167,J-NOVEL CLUB,Animeta Light Novel Volume 2 SC,$14.99
01/15/20,NOV192168,J-NOVEL CLUB,Archdemon's Dilemma How To Love Your Elf Bride Light Novel Volume 3 SC,$14.99
01/15/20,NOV192173,J-NOVEL CLUB,Infinite Dendrogram Light Novel Volume 4 SC,$14.99
01/15/20,NOV192174,J-NOVEL CLUB,Magic In This Other World Is Too Far Behind Light Novel Volume 6 SC,$14.99
01/15/20,NOV192178,KODANSHA COMICS,Hitorijime My Hero Volume 6 GN,$12.99
01/15/20,NOV192179,KODANSHA COMICS,If I Could Reach You Volume 3 GN,$12.99
01/15/20,NOV192186,KODANSHA COMICS,Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches Volume 19 GN,$16.99
01/15/20,NOV191795,LITTLE BROWN BOOK FOR YOUNG READERS,Deep And Dark Blue GN,$12.99
01/15/20,NOV191796,LITTLE BROWN BOOK FOR YOUNG READERS,Deep And Dark Blue HC,$24.99
01/15/20,NOV191797,LITTLE BROWN BOOK FOR YOUNG READERS,Plain Janes GN,$18.99
01/15/20,NOV191798,LITTLE BROWN BOOK FOR YOUNG READERS,Plain Janes HC,$26.99
01/15/20,SEP198623,LO SCARABEO,Morbus Gravis Deluxe Edition HC,$77.99
01/15/20,NOV191808,MAD CAVE STUDIOS,Over The Ropes #2 (Of 5),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191801,MAGNETIC PRESS,Infinity 8 #18,$3.99
01/15/20,OCT191112,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage Immortal Hulk And Other Tales TP,$29.99
01/15/20,OCT191110,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage Lethal Protectors TP,$15.99
01/15/20,OCT191109,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage Miles Morales TP,$15.99
01/15/20,OCT191108,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage Scream TP,$15.99
01/15/20,OCT191120,MARVEL COMICS,Acts Of Evil TP,$34.99
01/15/20,OCT191135,MARVEL COMICS,Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection Volume 25 Maximum Carnage TP,$39.99
01/15/20,NOV190855,MARVEL COMICS,Avengers #29 (Cover A Ed McGuinness),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190856,MARVEL COMICS,Avengers #29 (Cover B Emanuela Lupacchino Marvels X Variant),AR
01/15/20,JUL191093,MARVEL COMICS,Conan Barbarian The Original Marvel Years Omnibus Volume 4 HC (Cover A Frank Cho Book Market Variant),$125.00
01/15/20,JUL191094,MARVEL COMICS,Conan Barbarian The Original Marvel Years Omnibus Volume 4 HC (Cover B Gil Kane Direct Market Variant),$125.00
01/15/20,OCT191122,MARVEL COMICS,Contagion TP,$15.99
01/15/20,OCT191125,MARVEL COMICS,Crazy TP,$19.99
01/15/20,NOV190838,MARVEL COMICS,Incredible Hulk #180 (Facsimile Edition),$3.99
01/15/20,JUL191095,MARVEL COMICS,Incredible Hulk By Peter David Omnibus Volume 1 HC (Cover A Steve Geiger Book Market Variant),$125.00
01/15/20,JUL191096,MARVEL COMICS,Incredible Hulk By Peter David Omnibus Volume 1 HC (Cover B Todd McFarlane Direct Market Variant),$125.00
01/15/20,NOV190753,MARVEL COMICS,Iron Man 2020 #1 (Of 6)(Cover A Pete Woods),$4.99
01/15/20,NOV190754,MARVEL COMICS,Iron Man 2020 #1 (Of 6)(Cover B Simone Bianchi Connecting Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV190755,MARVEL COMICS,Iron Man 2020 #1 (Of 6)(Cover C Superlog Heads Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV190756,MARVEL COMICS,Iron Man 2020 #1 (Of 6)(Cover D Ron Lim),AR
01/15/20,NOV190757,MARVEL COMICS,Iron Man 2020 #1 (Of 6)(Cover E In-Hyuk Lee),AR
01/15/20,NOV190758,MARVEL COMICS,Iron Man 2020 #1 (Of 6)(Cover F Khoi Pham),AR
01/15/20,NOV190759,MARVEL COMICS,Iron Man 2020 #1 (Of 6)(Cover G Nick Roche Party Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV190760,MARVEL COMICS,Iron Man 2020 #1 (Of 6)(Cover H Pete Woods Premiere Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV190761,MARVEL COMICS,Iron Man 2020 #1 (Of 6)(Cover I Herb Trimpe & Barry Windsor-Smith Hidden Gem Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV190762,MARVEL COMICS,Iron Man 2020 #1 (Of 6)(Cover J Christian Ward Marvels X Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV190763,MARVEL COMICS,Iron Man 2020 #1 (Of 6)(Cover K Gear Design Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV190851,MARVEL COMICS,Jessica Jones Blind Spot #1 (Of 6)(Cover A Valerio Giangiordano),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190852,MARVEL COMICS,Jessica Jones Blind Spot #1 (Of 6)(Cover B Martin Simmonds),AR
01/15/20,JUL191091,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Masterworks Daredevil Volume 14 HC (Book Market Edition),$75.00
01/15/20,JUL191092,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Masterworks Daredevil Volume 14 HC (Direct Market Variant Edition Volume 285),$75.00
01/15/20,NOV190779,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Tales Ravencroft #1 (Cover A In-Hyuk Lee),$7.99
01/15/20,NOV190780,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Tales Ravencroft #1 (Cover B In-Hyuk Lee Virgin Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV190881,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel's Black Widow Prelude #1 (Of 2),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190922,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel's Spider-Man The Black Cat Strikes #1 (Of 5)(Cover A Sana Takeda),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190923,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel's Spider-Man The Black Cat Strikes #1 (Of 5)(Cover B J. Scott Campbell),AR
01/15/20,NOV190924,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel's Spider-Man The Black Cat Strikes #1 (Of 5)(Cover C Todd Nauck),AR
01/15/20,NOV190925,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel's Spider-Man The Black Cat Strikes #1 (Of 5)(Cover D Adi Granov Game Variant),AR
01/15/20,OCT191143,MARVEL COMICS,Oz The Complete Collection Volume 1 Wonderful Wizard Marvelous Land TP,$15.99
01/15/20,NOV190764,MARVEL COMICS,Revenge Of The Cosmic Ghost Rider #2 (Of 5)(Cover A Scott Hepburn),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190765,MARVEL COMICS,Revenge Of The Cosmic Ghost Rider #2 (Of 5)(Cover B Logan Lubera),AR
01/15/20,NOV190766,MARVEL COMICS,Revenge Of The Cosmic Ghost Rider #2 (Of 5)(Cover C Superlog),AR
01/15/20,NOV190767,MARVEL COMICS,Revenge Of The Cosmic Ghost Rider #2 (Of 5)(Cover D Ron Lim),AR
01/15/20,NOV190770,MARVEL COMICS,Ruins Of Ravencroft Sabretooth #1 (Cover A Gerardo Sandoval),$4.99
01/15/20,NOV190771,MARVEL COMICS,Ruins Of Ravencroft Sabretooth #1 (Cover B Mico Suayan),AR
01/15/20,NOV190927,MARVEL COMICS,Runaways #29,$3.99
01/15/20,OCT191138,MARVEL COMICS,Savage Sword Of Conan Conan The Gambler TP,$19.99
01/15/20,OCT191127,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars The Original Trilogy The Movie Adaptations TP,$34.99
01/15/20,NOV190782,MARVEL COMICS,True Believers The Criminally Insane Gypsy Moth #1,$1.00
01/15/20,NOV190781,MARVEL COMICS,True Believers The Criminally Insane Mandarin #1,$1.00
01/15/20,NOV190890,MARVEL COMICS,Valkyrie Jane Foster #7 (Cover A Mahmud A. Asrar),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV190891,MARVEL COMICS,Valkyrie Jane Foster #7 (Cover B Kris Anka Marvels X Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV190795,MARVEL COMICS,Venom The End #1 (Cover A Rahzzah),$4.99
01/15/20,NOV190796,MARVEL COMICS,Venom The End #1 (Cover B Adam Warren),AR
01/15/20,NOV191812,MYTHOS COMICS,Vamp #2,$3.99
01/15/20,SEP191900,ONI PRESS,Courtney Crumrin Volume 6 The Final Spell TP,$12.99
01/15/20,SEP191887,ONI PRESS,Fights GN,$19.99
01/15/20,OCT191992,ONI PRESS,Rick And Morty vs Dungeons And Dragons Chapter II Painscape #4 (Cover A Troy Little),$3.99
01/15/20,OCT191993,ONI PRESS,Rick And Morty vs Dungeons And Dragons Chapter II Painscape #4 (Cover B Kendra Wells),$3.99
01/15/20,OCT191994,ONI PRESS,Rick And Morty vs Dungeons And Dragons Chapter II Painscape #4 (Cover C Troy Little & Jim Zub Character Sheet Variant),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191829,OSPREY PUBLISHING,D-Day Storming Fortress Europe GN,$26.00
01/15/20,NOV191840,PRINTERS ROW,Disney Sweet Dreams Mickey HC,$9.99
01/15/20,NOV191845,QUIRK BOOKS,Comic Quests Knights Club The Buried City SC,$9.99
01/15/20,OCT192030,REBELLION / 2000AD,2000 AD Prog #2161,$6.99
01/15/20,OCT192031,REBELLION / 2000AD,2000 AD Prog #2162 (X-Mas Special),$7.99
01/15/20,OCT192032,REBELLION / 2000AD,Judge Dredd Megazine #415,$13.00
01/15/20,SEP191942,REBELLION / 2000AD,Ken Reid's World-Wide Weirdies HC,$24.99
01/15/20,NOV191852,REBELLION / 2000AD,Third World War TP,$24.99
01/15/20,NOV191855,RED 5 COMICS - STONEBOT,Machine Girl #3,$3.95
01/15/20,OCT192040,ROTHIC,Ancient Dreams #9 (Mike Krome 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
01/15/20,OCT192041,ROTHIC,Southern Nightgown #8 (Sabine Rich 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
01/15/20,OCT192404,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Arifureta From Commonplace To World's Strongest Volume 5 GN,$12.99
01/15/20,OCT192410,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Magical Girl Site Volume 11 GN,$12.99
01/15/20,OCT192416,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Sorry For My Familiar Volume 6 GN,$12.99
01/15/20,NOV191873,SILVER SPROCKET,Fanlee And Spatzle Make Something Perfect GN,$12.00
01/15/20,NOV191874,SILVER SPROCKET,Teenage Condition Lizard Daddies (One Shot),$3.00
01/15/20,NOV191875,SKYHORSE,Betty Boop Guide To A Bold And Balanced Life HC,$19.99
01/15/20,NOV191888,STONE ARCH BOOKS,DC The Amazing Adventures Of Batman Bane Drain SC,$5.95
01/15/20,NOV191890,STONE ARCH BOOKS,DC The Amazing Adventures Of Batman Reptile Raid SC,$5.95
01/15/20,NOV191889,STONE ARCH BOOKS,DC The Amazing Adventures Of Batman The Big Freeze SC,$5.95
01/15/20,NOV191891,STONE ARCH BOOKS,DC The Amazing Adventures Of Batman The Terrible Twos SC,$5.95
01/15/20,OCT198615,STRANGER COMICS,Niobe She Is Death #1 (Hyoung Taek Nam 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
01/15/20,OCT192087,STRANGER COMICS,Niobe She Is Death #2 (Cover A Hyoung Taek Nam),$3.99
01/15/20,OCT192088,STRANGER COMICS,Niobe She Is Death #2 (Cover B Jae Lee),$3.99
01/15/20,OCT198616,STRANGER COMICS,Niobe She Is Death #2 (Cover C Jae Lee Virgin Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV192041,SUBLIME,Liquor And Cigarettes Volume 1 GN,$12.99
01/15/20,NOV191919,TITAN COMICS,Life Is Strange #12 (Cover A Claudia Leonardi),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191920,TITAN COMICS,Life Is Strange #12 (Cover B Game Art Variant),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191921,TITAN COMICS,Life Is Strange #12 (Cover C T-Shirt Variant),$3.99
01/15/20,AUG192238,TITAN COMICS,Oscar Martin's Solo The Survivors Of Chaos Volume 1 HC,$29.99
01/15/20,NOV191909,TITAN COMICS,Sherlock A Scandal In Belgravia #2 (Cover A Alice X. Zhang Sherlock Variant),$4.99
01/15/20,NOV191910,TITAN COMICS,Sherlock A Scandal In Belgravia #2 (Cover B Photo),$4.99
01/15/20,NOV191911,TITAN COMICS,Sherlock A Scandal In Belgravia #2 (Cover C Jay),$4.99
01/15/20,NOV191912,TITAN COMICS,Sherlock A Scandal In Belgravia #2 (Cover D Marguerite Sauvage),$4.99
01/15/20,SEP192042,TOHAN CORPORATION,Hobby Japan December 2019,$20.00
01/15/20,AUG192278,TOHAN CORPORATION,Megami November 2019,$20.00
01/15/20,AUG192279,TOHAN CORPORATION,Newtype November 2019,$20.00
01/15/20,SEP192195,TOKYOPOP,Goldfisch Volume 3 GN,$10.99
01/15/20,NOV191958,TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING,Best Of Draw Bundle TP,$39.95
01/15/20,SEP192218,UDON ENTERTAINMENT,Stravaganza Volume 2 TP,$19.99
01/15/20,NOV191971,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Bloodshot #5 (Cover A Declan Shalvey),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191972,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Bloodshot #5 (Cover B Billy Tucci),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191973,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Bloodshot #5 (Cover C Leonardo Colapietro),$3.99
01/15/20,JUL192288,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Bloodshot #5 (Cover D Dave Johnson Pre-Order Edition Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV191974,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Rai #3 (Cover A Raul Allen),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191975,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Rai #3 (Cover B Michael Walsh),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV191976,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Rai #3 (Cover C Adam Pollina),$3.99
01/15/20,SEP192067,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Rai #3 (Cover D Dan Brereton Pre-Order Edition Variant),AR
01/15/20,NOV192219,VERTICAL COMICS,Knights Of Sidonia Master Edition Volume 4 GN,$34.95
01/15/20,NOV192108,VIZ MEDIA,Case Closed Volume 73 GN,$9.99
01/15/20,NOV192095,VIZ MEDIA,Homestuck Epilogues 2-In-1 Novel SC,$34.99
01/15/20,NOV192091,VIZ MEDIA,Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess Volume 6 GN,$9.99
01/15/20,OCT192314,VIZ MEDIA,Ooku The Inner Chambers Volume 16 GN,$12.99
01/15/20,NOV192082,VIZ MEDIA,Persona 5 Volume 1 GN,$9.99
01/15/20,NOV192092,VIZ MEDIA,Pokemon Sun And Moon Volume 6 GN,$4.99
01/15/20,NOV192109,VIZ MEDIA,Radiant Volume 9 GN,$9.99
01/15/20,OCT192313,VIZ MEDIA,Sleepy Princess In The Demon Castle Volume 10 GN,$9.99
01/15/20,NOV192093,VIZ MEDIA,Splatoon Volume 8 GN,$9.99
01/15/20,NOV192094,VIZ MEDIA,Yo-kai Watch Volume 13 GN,$9.99
01/15/20,OCT192309,VIZ MEDIA,Yona Of The Dawn Volume 21 GN,$9.99
01/15/20,NOV192113,YEN ON,Asterisk War Light Novel Volume 12 SC,$14.00
01/15/20,NOV192114,YEN ON,Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody Light Novel Volume 10 SC,$14.00
01/15/20,NOV192118,YEN ON,Strike the Blood Light Novel Volume 14 SC,$14.00
01/15/20,NOV192127,YEN PRESS,Angels Of Death Volume 9 GN,$13.00
01/15/20,NOV192129,YEN PRESS,Certain Magical Index Volume 20 GN,$13.00
01/15/20,NOV192132,YEN PRESS,Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon On The Side Sword Oratoria Volume 10 GN,$13.00
01/15/20,OCT192347,YEN PRESS,Karneval Volume 9 GN,$20.00
01/15/20,SEP192295,YEN PRESS,Reborn As A Polar Bear The Legend How I Became A Forest Guardian Volume 2 GN,$15.00
01/15/20,NOV192140,YEN PRESS,Teasing Master Takagi-san Volume 7 GN,$13.00
01/15/20,NOV192023,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Robyn Hood Vigilante #3 (Cover A Drew Johnson),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV192024,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Robyn Hood Vigilante #3 (Cover B Sheldon Goh),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV192025,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Robyn Hood Vigilante #3 (Cover C Alfredo Reyes),$3.99
01/15/20,NOV192026,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Robyn Hood Vigilante #3 (Cover D Igor Vitorino),$3.99
01/15/20,JUL191512,Cards - AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS,Zorro 100th Anniversary Trading Cards Series 1,AR
01/15/20,NOV192992,Games - LOONEY LABS,Astronomy Fluxx Card Game,AR
01/15/20,AUG198598,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Coraline Beware The Other Mother Board Game,AR
01/15/20,JAN199034,Merchandise,30 Minute Mission Optional Portanova Armor Set (Dark Red Version),AR
01/15/20,MAY199114,Merchandise,Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown X-02S 1/144 Scale Plastic Model Kit,AR
01/15/20,MAY199115,Merchandise,Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown X-02S 1/144 Scale Plastic Model Kit (Model Edition),AR
01/15/20,NOV191001,Merchandise,Amazing Spider-Man #347 Poster,AR
01/15/20,SEP198722,Merchandise,Archie Comics Archie ReAction Figure,AR
01/15/20,SEP198723,Merchandise,Archie Comics Betty ReAction Figure,AR
01/15/20,SEP198724,Merchandise,Archie Comics Jughead ReAction Figure,AR
01/15/20,SEP198725,Merchandise,Archie Comics Reggie ReAction Figure,AR
01/15/20,SEP198726,Merchandise,Archie Comics Veronica ReAction Figure,AR
01/15/20,APR198607,Merchandise,Batman The Animated Series Batman ARTFX+ Statue (Opening Version),AR
01/15/20,JAN199135,Merchandise,Bearbrick 24 Piece Blind Mystery Box Series 38,AR
01/15/20,SEP191293,Merchandise,BOOM! Studios Short Box,AR
01/15/20,DEC188812,Merchandise,Carbotix Getter 1 9 Inch Die-cast Light-Up Figure,AR
01/15/20,MAY199093,Merchandise,Cowboy Bebop Vicious S.H. Figuarts Action Figure,AR
01/15/20,MAR198928,Merchandise,Cthulhu Mythos Great Race Of Yith Resin Statue,AR
01/15/20,MAY190542,Merchandise,Dark Nights Metal The Batman Who Laughs And Robins Minions Deluxe Statue,AR
01/15/20,APR198537,Merchandise,Dark Souls Crystal Lizard 1/6 Scale PVC Light-Up Statue,AR
01/15/20,SEP198851,Merchandise,DC Batman Jokers Wild Batman Entertainment Earth Exclusive POP Vinyl Figure,AR
01/15/20,SEP192443,Merchandise,DC Black Adam Previews Exclusive Neo Flexfit Cap,AR
01/15/20,MAY190547,Merchandise,DC Cover Girls Huntress By Joelle Jones Statue,AR
01/15/20,APR198603,Merchandise,DC Gallery Harley Quinn 1/1 Scale Statue,AR
01/15/20,NOV191002,Merchandise,Doctor Doom #4 Poster,AR
01/15/20,MAY199035,Merchandise,Dragon Ball GT Wrath Of The Dragon Son Goku Figure,AR
01/15/20,MAY199036,Merchandise,Dragon Ball GT Wrath Of The Dragon Super Saiyan Son Goku Figure,AR
01/15/20,MAY199028,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Super Chosenshiretsuden V5 Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Gogeta Figure,AR
01/15/20,MAY199029,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Super Chosenshiretsuden V5 Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegito Figure,AR
01/15/20,MAY198825,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Broly 93 Ichiban Figure,AR
01/15/20,MAY198826,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Broly 94 Ichiban Figure,AR
01/15/20,MAY198828,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Son Gohan 94 Ichiban Figure,AR
01/15/20,MAY198829,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Son Goku 93 Ichiban Figure,AR
01/15/20,MAY199038,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Z Resolution of Soldiers Gotenks Grandista Figure,AR
01/15/20,APR198490,Merchandise,Evangelion Shikinami Asuka Langley Plugsuit Version Ani Statue,AR
01/15/20,AUG198255,Merchandise,FiGPiN My Hero Academia Dabi Pin,AR
01/15/20,AUG198256,Merchandise,FiGPiN My Hero Academia Fumikage Tokoyami Pin,AR
01/15/20,AUG198257,Merchandise,FiGPiN My Hero Academia Himiko Toga Pin,AR
01/15/20,MAY199116,Merchandise,Frame Arms Girl Ourai-Kai White V2 Plastic Model Kit,AR
01/15/20,NOV188683,Merchandise,Grendizer Giga Sofubi Vinyl Figure,AR
01/15/20,NOV190998,Merchandise,Guardians Of The Galaxy #1 By Pepe Larraz Poster,AR
01/15/20,OCT193176,Merchandise,Hellboy B.P.R.D. Logo And Right Hand Of Doom 8 Piece Keychain Assortment,AR
01/15/20,NOV190997,Merchandise,Iron Man 2020 By In-Hyuk Lee Poster,AR
01/15/20,OCT188522,Merchandise,Jean-Michel Basquiat VCD (Black & White Version),AR
01/15/20,MAY199047,Merchandise,Kimetsu No Yaiba V5 Giyu Tomioka Figure,AR
01/15/20,MAY199048,Merchandise,Kimetsu No Yaiba V5 Inosuke Hashibira Figure,AR
01/15/20,JUN198892,Merchandise,Little Battlers Experience 12 Destroyer Z LBX Model Kit,AR
01/15/20,JUN198890,Merchandise,Little Battlers Experience 2 Hyper Function LBX Emperor LBX Model Kit,AR
01/15/20,MAY199049,Merchandise,Love Live Sunshine Rin Hoshizora EXQ Figure,AR
01/15/20,APR198028,Merchandise,Marvel Deadpool Maximum Fine Art Statue,AR
01/15/20,APR198864,Merchandise,Marvel Doctor Strange ARTFX Premier Statue,AR
01/15/20,MAY199094,Merchandise,Mashin Hero Wataru New Ryujinmaru Nxedge Style Action Figure,AR
01/15/20,DEC188886,Merchandise,Mazinkaizer Sofubi Vinyl Figure,AR
01/15/20,FEB199031,Merchandise,Metal Gear Survive Wanderer 1/6 Scale PVC Statue,AR
01/15/20,MAY198694,Merchandise,Mobile Suit Gundam Micro Wars 3 10 Piece Assortment,AR
01/15/20,MAR198550,Merchandise,Muhammad Ali VCD,AR
01/15/20,MAY199050,Merchandise,My Hero Academia Age Of Heroes Red Riot Figure,AR
01/15/20,MAY199051,Merchandise,My Hero Academia Banpresto World Colosseum V3 Shoto Figure,AR
01/15/20,MAY199052,Merchandise,My Hero Academia Banpresto World Colosseum V4 Tomura Figure,AR
01/15/20,NOV192298,Merchandise,My Hero Academia Plus Ultra Black T-Shirt LG,AR
01/15/20,NOV192297,Merchandise,My Hero Academia Plus Ultra Black T-Shirt MED,AR
01/15/20,NOV192296,Merchandise,My Hero Academia Plus Ultra Black T-Shirt SM,AR
01/15/20,NOV192299,Merchandise,My Hero Academia Plus Ultra Black T-Shirt XL,AR
01/15/20,NOV192300,Merchandise,My Hero Academia Plus Ultra Black T-Shirt XXL,AR
01/15/20,APR198808,Merchandise,Naruto Shippuden Kizuna Jiraiya Figuarts Zero Action Figure,AR
01/15/20,MAY199054,Merchandise,One Piece Glitters And Glamour Okiku Figure,AR
01/15/20,MAY199056,Merchandise,One Piece Grandline Men Wano Country V3 Law DXF Figure,AR
01/15/20,JUN198766,Merchandise,One Piece Law Ichiban Figure,AR
01/15/20,JUN198767,Merchandise,One Piece Luffy No Umi Ichiban Figure,AR
01/15/20,NOV192308,Merchandise,One Piece Luffy Skulls Black T-Shirt LG,AR
01/15/20,NOV192307,Merchandise,One Piece Luffy Skulls Black T-Shirt MED,AR
01/15/20,NOV192306,Merchandise,One Piece Luffy Skulls Black T-Shirt SM,AR
01/15/20,NOV192309,Merchandise,One Piece Luffy Skulls Black T-Shirt XL,AR
01/15/20,NOV192310,Merchandise,One Piece Luffy Skulls Black T-Shirt XXL,AR
01/15/20,JUN198768,Merchandise,One Piece Okiku Ichiban Figure,AR
01/15/20,JUN198769,Merchandise,One Piece Onami Ichiban Figure,AR
01/15/20,MAY199096,Merchandise,One Piece Portgas D Ace Command Of 2nd Division Figuarts Zero Action Figure,AR
01/15/20,JUN198770,Merchandise,One Piece Zorojyuro Ichiban Figure,AR
01/15/20,SEP188175,Merchandise,Peanuts 1953 Snoopy VCD,AR
01/15/20,OCT192785,Merchandise,POP Disney Kingdom Hearts III S2 Kairi With Hood Vinyl Figure,AR
01/15/20,SEP198846,Merchandise,Pop Mart Dimoo Midnight Circus 12 Piece Figure Blind Mystery Box,AR
01/15/20,SEP198847,Merchandise,Pop Mart Dimoo World Animals 12 Piece Figure Blind Mystery Box,AR
01/15/20,SEP198848,Merchandise,Pop Mart Duckoo In The Forest 9 Piece Figure Blind Mystery Box,AR
01/15/20,SEP198431,Merchandise,POP NBA Bulls Michael Jordan Red Jersey 10 Inch Figure,AR
01/15/20,AUG198775,Merchandise,POP Pusheen Pusheen With Heart Vinyl Figure,AR
01/15/20,AUG198776,Merchandise,POP Pusheen With Pizza Vinyl Figure,AR
01/15/20,SEP191294,Merchandise,Saban's Go Go Power Rangers Short Box,AR
01/15/20,MAY199098,Merchandise,Sailor Moon Sailor Mars Figuarts Mini Figure,AR
01/15/20,MAY199099,Merchandise,Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury Figuarts Mini Figure,AR
01/15/20,MAY199100,Merchandise,Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Figuarts Mini Figure,AR
01/15/20,NOV191000,Merchandise,Star #1 Poster,AR
01/15/20,JUL198031,Merchandise,Star Trek Series 1 Kuzos 12 Piece Assortment,AR
01/15/20,MAY199102,Merchandise,Star Wars Ashigaru Taisho Captain Phasma Meisho Movie Real Action Figure,AR
01/15/20,JUL198853,Merchandise,Star Wars Sith Trooper ARTFX+ 2 Pack,AR
01/15/20,MAY199057,Merchandise,Super Dragon Ball Heroes 9th Anniversary Super Saiyan 4 Son Goku Xeno Figure,AR
01/15/20,MAY199058,Merchandise,Sword Art Online Alicization Eugeo Figure,AR
01/15/20,MAY199059,Merchandise,Sword Art Online Memory Defrag EXQ Leafa V2 Figure,AR
01/15/20,NOV190999,Merchandise,Thor #1 By Olivier Coipel Poster,AR
01/15/20,APR198523,Merchandise,Tom And Jerry 100% Bearbrick 2 Pack,AR
01/15/20,OCT198182,Merchandise,Toxic Avenger ReAction Figure,AR
01/15/20,JUL198091,Merchandise,Transformers Drift Furai Model Kit,AR
01/15/20,APR198078,Merchandise,Transformers Masterpiece MP46 Beast Wars Blackwidow Action Figure,AR
01/15/20,AUG193147,Merchandise,Transformers Masterpiece MP47 Hound Action Figure,AR
01/15/20,MAY199103,Merchandise,Ultraman Ginga Ultraman Taro S.H. Figuarts Action Figure,AR
01/15/20,APR190333,Merchandise,Umbrella Academy Hazel And Cha Cha Mug,AR
01/15/20,JUN198667,Merchandise,X-Men Legends Wolverine/Jean/Cyclops 6 Inch Action Figure 3 Pack,AR
01/15/20,MAY199104,Merchandise,Yamato 2202 GX-89 Garmillas Space Cruiser Soul Of Chogokin,AR