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Items with release dates not verified by Diamond Distribution are individually noted.

01/08/20,SEP192051,215 INK,Complete Immortal Volume 1 TP,$14.99
01/08/20,OCT191596,A WAVE BLUE WORLD,Mezo Premier Edition Volume 1 The Rise Of Tzalekuhl TP,$16.99
01/08/20,OCT191495,AFTERSHOCK COMICS,Dark Red #9,$3.99
01/08/20,SEP191401,AFTERSHOCK COMICS,Knights Temporal #5,$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191373,AFTERSHOCK COMICS,You Are Obsolete #5,$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191381,AHOY COMICS,Dragonfly And Dragonflyman #3 (Of 5),$3.99
01/08/20,AUG191603,ANTARCTIC PRESS,B.A.D.A.S.S. #1 (Fist Full Of Dollars 5-Pack),$15.00
01/08/20,OCT191579,ANTARCTIC PRESS,Dog Eaters #4 (Of 6),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT191580,ANTARCTIC PRESS,Dog Eaters #4 (Of 6)(Fist Full Of Dollars Pack),$15.00
01/08/20,OCT191582,ANTARCTIC PRESS,Scratcher #4 (Of 4),$3.99
01/08/20,SEP191483,ANTARCTIC PRESS,Strong Box The Big Bad Book Of Boon #6 (Of 8),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT191589,ANTARCTIC PRESS,V-Card #1 (Of 4),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT191590,ANTARCTIC PRESS,V-Card #1 (Of 4)(Fist Full Of Dollars Pack),$15.00
01/08/20,NOV191484,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,Archie 1955 #4 (Of 5)(Cover A Peter Krause),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191485,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,Archie 1955 #4 (Of 5)(Cover B Laura Allred),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191486,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,Archie 1955 #4 (Of 5)(Cover C Jamal Igle),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191491,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,Archie's Big Book Volume 7 Musical Genius TP,$19.99
01/08/20,NOV191494,ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS,B & V Friends Jumbo Comics Digest #277,$7.99
01/08/20,NOV191500,ASPEN COMICS,Black Cat #2 (Michael Turner Variant Cover A),$19.99
01/08/20,NOV191501,ASPEN COMICS,Black Cat #2 (Michael Turner Variant Covers A/B Set),$49.99
01/08/20,NOV191502,ASPEN COMICS,Immortal Hulk #20 (Dale Keown Variant Cover A),$24.99
01/08/20,NOV191503,ASPEN COMICS,Immortal Hulk #20 (Dale Keown Variant Covers A/B Set),$59.99
01/08/20,NOV191242,BOOM! STUDIOS,Buffy The Vampire Slayer #11 (Cover A Marc Aspinall),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191243,BOOM! STUDIOS,Buffy The Vampire Slayer #11 (Cover B Kevin Wada Spotlight Variant),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191244,BOOM! STUDIOS,Buffy The Vampire Slayer #11 (Cover C Steve Morris Hellmouth Connecting Variant),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191245,BOOM! STUDIOS,Buffy The Vampire Slayer #11 (Cover D Ryan Inzana),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191246,BOOM! STUDIOS,Buffy The Vampire Slayer #11 (Cover E Morgan Beem),AR
01/08/20,OCT198626,BOOM! STUDIOS,Buffy The Vampire Slayer #11 (Cover F Miguel Mercado Kendra Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV191233,BOOM! STUDIOS,Firefly The Outlaw Ma Reynolds #1 (Cover A Ethan Young),$7.99
01/08/20,NOV191234,BOOM! STUDIOS,Firefly The Outlaw Ma Reynolds #1 (Cover B Michael Walsh),$7.99
01/08/20,NOV191235,BOOM! STUDIOS,Firefly The Outlaw Ma Reynolds #1 (Cover C Michael Walsh Black & White Variant),AR
01/08/20,SEP191297,BOOM! STUDIOS,Gunnerkrigg Court Volume 6 TP,$16.99
01/08/20,NOV191294,BOOM! STUDIOS,Magicians #3 (Of 5)(Cover A Qistina Khalidah),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191295,BOOM! STUDIOS,Magicians #3 (Of 5)(Cover B Alexa Sharpe),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191247,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2 (Cover A Dan Mora),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191248,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2 (Cover B Goni Montes Leonardo Yellow Helmet Variant),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191249,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2 (Cover C Goni Montes Raphael Yellow Helmet Variant),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191250,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2 (Cover D Goni Montes Michaelangelo Yellow Helmet Variant),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191251,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2 (Cover E Goni Montes Donatello Yellow Helmet Variant),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191252,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2 (Cover F Goni Montes),AR
01/08/20,OCT198900,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2 (Cover G Humberto Ramos),AR
01/08/20,OCT198902,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2 (Cover H Humberto Ramos Black & White Variant),AR
01/08/20,,BOOM! STUDIOS,Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2 (Cover I Goni Montes One Per Store Variant),AR
01/08/20,OCT198408,BOOM! STUDIOS,Red Mother #1 (Reiko Murakami 2nd Printing Variant Cover)(not verified by Diamond),$3.99
01/08/20,SEP191305,BOOM! STUDIOS,Rocko's Modern Afterlife Volume 1 TP,$14.99
01/08/20,NOV191268,BOOM! STUDIOS,Ronin Island #9 (Cover A Giannis Milonogiannis),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191269,BOOM! STUDIOS,Ronin Island #9 (Cover B Ethan Young),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191265,BOOM! STUDIOS,Strange Skies Over East Berlin #4 (Cover A Evan Cagle),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT198903,BOOM! STUDIOS,Strange Skies Over East Berlin #4 (Cover B Matias Bergara),AR
01/08/20,SEP191652,BROADSWORD COMICS,Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #119 (Cosplayer Photo Variant Cover),$19.99
01/08/20,OCT198940,CLOVER PRESS,Deadpool #1 (Kevin Eastman Variant Cover),$20.00
01/08/20,OCT198941,CLOVER PRESS,Deadpool #1 (Kevin Eastman Variant Cover)(Kevin Eastman Signed Edition),$40.00
01/08/20,OCT191783,COFFIN COMICS,Lady Death Nightmare Symphony #2 (Of 2)(Cover A Mike Krome),$4.99
01/08/20,OCT191784,COFFIN COMICS,Lady Death Nightmare Symphony #2 (Of 2)(Cover B Maria Sanapo Spellblaster Variant),$4.99
01/08/20,OCT191785,COFFIN COMICS,Lady Death Nightmare Symphony #2 (Of 2)(Cover C Mike Deodato Jr.),$25.00
01/08/20,OCT191786,COFFIN COMICS,Lady Death Nightmare Symphony #2 (Of 2)(Cover D Jenevieve Broomall Naughty Variant),$40.00
01/08/20,OCT191787,COFFIN COMICS,Lady Death Nightmare Symphony #2 (Of 2)(Cover E Dawn McTeigue),AR
01/08/20,OCT191799,COMIC SHOP NEWS,Comic Shop News #1699,AR
01/08/20,NOV190247,DARK HORSE COMICS,Butcher Of Paris #2 (Of 5),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190249,DARK HORSE COMICS,Criminal Macabre The Big Bleed Out #2 (Of 4),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190223,DARK HORSE COMICS,Elfquest Stargazer's Hunt #2 (Of 6),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190239,DARK HORSE COMICS,Kill Whitey Donovan #2 (Of 5)(Cover A Jason Pearson),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190240,DARK HORSE COMICS,Kill Whitey Donovan #2 (Of 5)(Cover B Natalie Barahona),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190176,DARK HORSE COMICS,Stranger Things Into The Fire #1 (Of 4)(Cover A Viktor Kalvachev),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190177,DARK HORSE COMICS,Stranger Things Into The Fire #1 (Of 4)(Cover B Kyle Lambert),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190178,DARK HORSE COMICS,Stranger Things Into The Fire #1 (Of 4)(Cover C Jeremy Wilson),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT190486,DC COMICS,Aquaman Giant #2,$4.99
01/08/20,NOV190411,DC COMICS,Batman #86 (Cover A Tony S. Daniel),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190412,DC COMICS,Batman #86 (Cover B Francesco Mattina Card Stock Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV190437,DC COMICS,Batman And The Outsiders #9 (Cover A Tyler Kirkham),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190438,DC COMICS,Batman And The Outsiders #9 (Cover B Chris Burnham),AR
01/08/20,OCT190629,DC COMICS,Batman Arkham Black Mask TP,$19.99
01/08/20,OCT190635,DC COMICS,Batman By Neal Adams Volume 3 TP,$24.99
01/08/20,NOV190442,DC COMICS,Catwoman #19 (Cover A Joelle Jones),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190443,DC COMICS,Catwoman #19 (Cover B Ian McDonald Card Stock Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV190415,DC COMICS,Daphne Byrne #1 (Of 6)(Cover A Gerald Jablonski),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190416,DC COMICS,Daphne Byrne #1 (Of 6)(Cover B Yasmin Putri Card Stock Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV190517,DC COMICS,Dollar Comics The Brave And The Bold #197,$1.00
01/08/20,NOV190502,DC COMICS,Dollhouse Family #3 (Of 6)(Cover A Jessica Dalva),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190503,DC COMICS,Dollhouse Family #3 (Of 6)(Cover B Jay Anacleto),AR
01/08/20,OCT190657,DC COMICS,Dreaming Volume 2 Empty Shells TP,$16.99
01/08/20,NOV190454,DC COMICS,gen:LOCK #3 (Of 7),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190455,DC COMICS,Gotham City Monsters #5 (Of 6),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190458,DC COMICS,Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy #5 (Of 6)(Cover A Mikel Janin),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190459,DC COMICS,Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy #5 (Of 6)(Cover B Joshua Middleton Harley Quinn Card Stock Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV190460,DC COMICS,Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy #5 (Of 6)(Cover C Joshua Middleton Poison Ivy Card Stock Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV190461,DC COMICS,Hawkman #20 (Cover A Pat Olliffe & Tom Palmer),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190462,DC COMICS,Hawkman #20 (Cover B Paolo Pantalena),AR
01/08/20,NOV190507,DC COMICS,House Of Whispers #17,$3.99
01/08/20,OCT190676,DC COMICS,Injustice Gods Among Us Year Five The Complete Collection TP,$34.99
01/08/20,NOV190486,DC COMICS,Supergirl #38 (Cover A Mike Perkins),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190487,DC COMICS,Supergirl #38 (Cover B Derrick Chew Card Stock Variant),AR
01/08/20,SEP190602,DC COMICS,Swamp Thing The Bronze Age Volume 2 TP,$39.99
01/08/20,NOV190515,DC COMICS,Young Justice #12 (Cover A John Timms),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190516,DC COMICS,Young Justice #12 (Cover B Nick Bradshaw Card Stock Variant),AR
01/08/20,OCT191816,DEVIL'S DUE COMICS,Boogily Heads #3 (Of 4)(Cover A Laura Pendl),$4.50
01/08/20,OCT191817,DEVIL'S DUE COMICS,Boogily Heads #3 (Of 4)(Cover B Gus Fink),$4.50
01/08/20,OCT198429,DEVIL'S DUE COMICS,Talk Bernie To Me The Bernie Sandes Special And AOC Surprise (One Shot)(Josh Blaylock 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$5.99
01/08/20,OCT191818,DISNEY EDITIONS,One Day At Disney Meet The People Who Make The Magic Across The Globe HC,$50.00
01/08/20,SEP191218,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Boys Omnibus Volume 1 TP (Darick Robertson Signed Edition),$29.99
01/08/20,SEP191219,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Boys Omnibus Volume 2 TP (Darick Robertson Signed Edition),$29.99
01/08/20,OCT191316,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Boys Omnibus Volume 3 TP (Cover B Photo)(Garth Ennis Signed Edition),$29.99
01/08/20,SEP191220,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Boys Omnibus Volume 3 TP (Darick Robertson Signed Edition),$29.99
01/08/20,APR191044,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Elvira Mistress Of The Dark #11 (Cover A Tim Seeley),$3.99
01/08/20,APR191045,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Elvira Mistress Of The Dark #11 (Cover B Craig Cermak),$3.99
01/08/20,APR191046,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Elvira Mistress Of The Dark #11 (Cover C John Royle),$3.99
01/08/20,APR191047,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Elvira Mistress Of The Dark #11 (Cover D Photo),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT199101,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Elvira Mistress Of The Dark #11 (Cover E Roberto Castro Bonus Variant),AR
01/08/20,APR191048,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Elvira Mistress Of The Dark #11 (Cover F Craig Cermak Virgin Variant),AR
01/08/20,OCT199102,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Elvira Mistress Of The Dark #11 (Cover G Roberto Castro Black & White Variant),AR
01/08/20,OCT199103,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Elvira Mistress Of The Dark #11 (Cover H Roberto Castro Virgin Variant),AR
01/08/20,APR191049,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Elvira Mistress Of The Dark #11 (Cover I John Royle Black & White Variant),AR
01/08/20,OCT199104,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Elvira Mistress Of The Dark #11 (Cover J Roberto Castro Black & White Virgin Variant),AR
01/08/20,APR191050,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Elvira Mistress Of The Dark #11 (Cover K Tim Seeley Virgin Variant),AR
01/08/20,JUL191290,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Peter Cannon Thunderbolt Oversized HC,$29.99
01/08/20,AUG191323,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Queen Sonja Omnibus Volume 1 TP,$39.99
01/08/20,NOV191135,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #12 (Cover A Amanda Conner),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191136,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #12 (Cover B Joseph Michael Linsner),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191137,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #12 (Cover C Khoi Pham),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191138,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #12 (Cover D Mirko Colak),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191139,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #12 (Cover E Casabella Cosplay Variant),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT199113,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #12 (Cover F Roberto Castro Bonus Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV191140,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #12 (Cover G Andrew Pepoy Seduction Variant),AR
01/08/20,OCT199114,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #12 (Cover H Roberto Castro Virgin Variant),AR
01/08/20,OCT199115,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #12 (Cover I Casabella Cosplay Virgin Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV191141,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #12 (Cover J Amanda Conner Black & White Variant),AR
01/08/20,OCT199116,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #12 (Cover K Amanda Conner Tint Dressed Variant),AR
01/08/20,OCT199117,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #12 (Cover L Joseph Michael Linsner Tint Dressed Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV191142,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #12 (Cover M Joseph Michael Linsner Black & White Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV191143,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #12 (Cover N Khoi Pham Virgin Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV191144,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Sonja #12 (Cover O Andrew Pepoy Seduction Black & White Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV191207,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #4 (Cover A Lucio Parillo),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191208,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #4 (Cover B Ben Oliver),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191209,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #4 (Cover C Stephen Segovia),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191210,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #4 (Cover D Ali Chappel Cosplay Variant),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT199107,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #4 (Cover E Roberto Castro Bonus Variant),AR
01/08/20,OCT199108,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #4 (Cover F Ben Oliver Virgin Tint Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV191211,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #4 (Cover G Stephen Segovia Virgin Variant),AR
01/08/20,OCT199109,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #4 (Cover H Lucio Parillo Black & White Variant),AR
01/08/20,OCT199110,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #4 (Cover I Stephen Segovia Black & White Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV191212,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #4 (Cover J Ali Chappel Cosplay Virgin Variant),AR
01/08/20,OCT199111,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #4 (Cover K Ben Oliver Black & White Virgin Variant),AR
01/08/20,OCT199112,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #4 (Cover L Lucio Parillo Black & White Virgin Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV191213,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #4 (Cover M Ben Oliver Black & White Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV191214,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #4 (Cover N Ben Oliver Tint Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV191215,DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT,Vengeance Of Vampirella #4 (Cover O Adam Hughes Icon Variant),AR
01/08/20,OCT192571,EAGLEMOSS PUBLICATIONS,Alien Predator Figurine Ship Collection Magazine #3 (Drop Ship),$75.00
01/08/20,OCT192572,EAGLEMOSS PUBLICATIONS,Alien Predator Figurine Ship Collection Magazine #4 (Narcissus),$79.95
01/08/20,NOV192361,EAGLEMOSS PUBLICATIONS,Batman Decades Figurine Collection Magazine #3 (1960s Batman #3),$24.99
01/08/20,NOV192362,EAGLEMOSS PUBLICATIONS,Batman Decades Figurine Collection Magazine #4 (1970s Batman #4),$24.99
01/08/20,NOV192360,EAGLEMOSS PUBLICATIONS,Battlestar Galactica Ships Collection Magazine #13 (Colonial One),$60.00
01/08/20,JUN182340,EAGLEMOSS PUBLICATIONS,Battlestar Galactica Ships Collection Magazine #3 (Galactica 2004),$60.00
01/08/20,NOV192363,EAGLEMOSS PUBLICATIONS,Doctor Who Figurine Collection Companion Set #6 (The Second Doctor And Jamie McCrimmon),$34.95
01/08/20,SEP192534,EAGLEMOSS PUBLICATIONS,Harry Potter Wizarding World Figurine Collection Magazine (Jacob Kowalski),$19.95
01/08/20,AUG192761,EAGLEMOSS PUBLICATIONS,Harry Potter Wizarding World Figurine Collection Magazine (Sirius Black),$19.95
01/08/20,MAR192471,EAGLEMOSS PUBLICATIONS,Star Trek Discovery The Official Starships Figurine Collection Magazine #12 (U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701),$55.00
01/08/20,AUG192771,EAGLEMOSS PUBLICATIONS,Star Trek The Official Starships Figurine Collection Magazine #160 (Sarajevo),$24.95
01/08/20,SEP192527,EAGLEMOSS PUBLICATIONS,Star Trek The Official Starships Figurine Collection Magazine #162 (SS Lakul),$24.95
01/08/20,SEP192528,EAGLEMOSS PUBLICATIONS,Star Trek The Official Starships Figurine Collection Magazine #163 (Orion Interceptor),$24.95
01/08/20,SEP192526,EAGLEMOSS PUBLICATIONS,Star Trek The Official Starships Figurine Collection Magazine Special #19 (Sona Ship),$45.00
01/08/20,SEP191760,FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS,Complete Crepax Volume 5 American Stories HC,$85.00
01/08/20,NOV191734,FIRST SECOND,Go With The Flow GN,$14.99
01/08/20,NOV191735,FIRST SECOND,Go With The Flow HC,$21.99
01/08/20,SEP191809,FLOATING WORLD COMICS,All Time Comics Zerosis Deathscape #6 (Of 6),$4.99
01/08/20,OCT192237,GHOST SHIP,To Love Ru Darkness Volume 14 GN,$12.99
01/08/20,NOV191744,GOLDEN BOOKS,Black Widow Little Golden Book HC,$4.99
01/08/20,NOV191747,GOLDEN BOOKS,Cinderella Little Golden Book HC,$4.99
01/08/20,NOV191748,GOLDEN BOOKS,Lady And The Tramp Little Golden Book,$4.99
01/08/20,NOV191749,GOLDEN BOOKS,Mulan Little Golden Book,$4.99
01/08/20,NOV191751,GOLIATH,Dirty Girls Having Fun HC,$44.99
01/08/20,NOV191757,GRAPHIC UNIVERSE,Albert Einstein And The Theory Of Relativity GN,$8.99
01/08/20,NOV191758,GRAPHIC UNIVERSE,Charles Darwin And The Theory Of Evolution GN,$8.99
01/08/20,NOV191752,GRAPHIC UNIVERSE,Dead Max Comix Volume 1 The Deadening GN,$8.99
01/08/20,NOV191753,GRAPHIC UNIVERSE,Garfield's Guide To Digital Citizenship A Garfield Guide To Online Etiquette Be Kind Online GN,$8.99
01/08/20,NOV191754,GRAPHIC UNIVERSE,Garfield's Guide To Digital Citizenship A Garfield Guide To Online Friends Not The Same As Real Friends GN,$8.99
01/08/20,NOV191755,GRAPHIC UNIVERSE,Garfield's Guide To Digital Citizenship A Garfield Guide To Posting Online Pause Before You Post GN,$8.99
01/08/20,NOV191756,GRAPHIC UNIVERSE,Garfield's Guide To Digital Citizenship A Garfield Guide To Safe Downloading Downloading Disaster GN,$8.99
01/08/20,NOV191759,GRAPHIC UNIVERSE,Isaac Newton And The Laws Of Motion GN,$8.99
01/08/20,NOV191760,GRAPHIC UNIVERSE,Marie Curie And Radioactivity GN,$8.99
01/08/20,OCT191926,GRAPHIX,Dog Man Volume 1 HC (With Dust Jacket),$24.99
01/08/20,OCT191927,GRAPHIX,Dog Man Volume 2 Unleashed HC (With Dust Jacket),$24.99
01/08/20,OCT191928,GRAPHIX,Dog Man Volume 3 A Tale Of Two Kitties HC (With Dust Jacket),$24.99
01/08/20,OCT191933,GRAPHIX,Dog Man Volume 8 Fetch-22 HC (With Dust Jacket),$24.99
01/08/20,NOV191763,GREENWILLOW BOOKS,Knights Vs Monsters Illustrated Novel SC,$7.99
01/08/20,NOV191767,HARPER COLLINS PUBLISHERS,FGTeeV Presents Into The Game GN,$19.99
01/08/20,AUG191994,HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE,Heavy Metal #296 (Cover A Tristan Eaton),$9.99
01/08/20,AUG191995,HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE,Heavy Metal #296 (Cover B Deih),$9.99
01/08/20,AUG191996,HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE,Heavy Metal #296 (Cover C Shepard Fairey),$9.99
01/08/20,AUG191997,HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE,Heavy Metal #296 (Cover D Brantley Hebru),$9.99
01/08/20,DEC181904,HERMES PRESS,Nuke 'Em Classic Cold War Comics Celebrating The End Of The World HC,$54.99
01/08/20,NOV191771,HOLIDAY HOUSE,Noodleheads Find Something Fishy GN,$6.99
01/08/20,NOV191775,HUMANOIDS,Ignited #6,$3.99
01/08/20,SEP190739,IDW PUBLISHING,British Ice GN,$14.99
01/08/20,NOV190664,IDW PUBLISHING,Dying Is Easy #2 (Of 5)(Cover A Martin Simmonds),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190665,IDW PUBLISHING,Dying Is Easy #2 (Of 5)(Cover B Gabriel Rodriguez),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190666,IDW PUBLISHING,Dying Is Easy #2 (Of 5)(Cover C Gabriel Rodriguez Black & White Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV190667,IDW PUBLISHING,Dying Is Easy #2 (Of 5)(Cover D Martin Simmonds Character Design Wraparound Variant),AR
01/08/20,AUG190765,IDW PUBLISHING,G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #269 (Cover A Robert Atkins),$3.99
01/08/20,AUG190766,IDW PUBLISHING,G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #269 (Cover B Jamie Sullivan),$3.99
01/08/20,AUG190767,IDW PUBLISHING,G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #269 (Cover C John Royle & Jagdish Kumar),AR
01/08/20,MAY190661,IDW PUBLISHING,League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume 4 The Tempest HC,$29.99
01/08/20,OCT190748,IDW PUBLISHING,My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #85 (Cover A Casey W. Coller),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT190749,IDW PUBLISHING,My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #85 (Cover B Sara Richard),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT190750,IDW PUBLISHING,My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #85 (Cover C Christina-Antoinette Neofotistou Pixel Art Variant),AR
01/08/20,OCT190724,IDW PUBLISHING,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #101 (Cover A Sophie Campbell),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT190725,IDW PUBLISHING,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #101 (Cover B Kevin Eastman),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT190726,IDW PUBLISHING,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #101 (Cover C Dustin Weaver),AR
01/08/20,OCT190737,IDW PUBLISHING,Uncle Scrooge #52 (Cover A Marco Mazzarello),$4.99
01/08/20,OCT190738,IDW PUBLISHING,Uncle Scrooge #52 (Cover B Giorgio Cavazzano),AR
01/08/20,NOV190127,IMAGE COMICS,20XX #2,$3.99
01/08/20,OCT190186,IMAGE COMICS,Ascender #8,$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190129,IMAGE COMICS,Battlepug #5 (Cover A Mike Norton & Allen Passalaqua),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190130,IMAGE COMICS,Battlepug #5 (Cover B Gene Ha),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190031,IMAGE COMICS,Clock #1,$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190140,IMAGE COMICS,Gideon Falls #20 (Cover A Andrea Sorrentino),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190141,IMAGE COMICS,Gideon Falls #20 (Cover B Gabriel Ba),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT198928,IMAGE COMICS,Killadelphia #1 (Jason Shawn Alexander 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190156,IMAGE COMICS,Moonshine #15,$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190157,IMAGE COMICS,Oblivion Song By Kirkman And De Felici #23,$3.99
01/08/20,OCT190237,IMAGE COMICS,Postal Deliverance #6,$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190162,IMAGE COMICS,Pretty Deadly The Rat #5 (Of 5),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190169,IMAGE COMICS,Sonata #7 (Cover A Brian Haberlin & Geirrod Van Dyke),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190170,IMAGE COMICS,Sonata #7 (Cover B Brian Haberlin & Geirrod Van Dyke),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190174,IMAGE COMICS,Trees Three Fates #5 (Of 5),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT190071,IMAGE COMICS,Unearth Volume 1 TP,$14.99
01/08/20,MAY190115,IMAGE COMICS,Witchblade #17,$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191780,INSIGHT COMICS,Bowie Stardust Rayguns And Moonage Daydreams HC,$39.99
01/08/20,SEP191848,INSIGHT EDITIONS,Star Wars Collecting A Galaxy The Art Of Sideshow HC,$75.00
01/08/20,NOV192169,J-NOVEL CLUB,Ascendance Of A Bookworm Light Novel Part 1 Volume 3 SC,$14.99
01/08/20,NOV192172,J-NOVEL CLUB,If It's For My Daughter I'd Even Defeat A Demon Lord Light Novel Volume 6 SC,$14.99
01/08/20,NOV192175,J-NOVEL CLUB,Marginal Operation Volume 1 GN,$14.99
01/08/20,NOV192176,KODANSHA COMICS,Drifting Dragons Volume 2 GN,$12.99
01/08/20,NOV192177,KODANSHA COMICS,Grand Blue Dreaming Volume 9 GN,$12.99
01/08/20,NOV192185,KODANSHA COMICS,Tales Of Berseria Volume 2 GN,$12.99
01/08/20,NOV191792,KOYAMA PRESS,Consantly SC,$10.00
01/08/20,NOV191803,LAST GASP,Junko Mizuno's Pure Trance HC,$24.95
01/08/20,NOV191809,MAD CAVE STUDIOS,RV9 #3 (Of 5),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT191107,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage TP,$29.99
01/08/20,OCT191111,MARVEL COMICS,Absolute Carnage Vs Deadpool TP,$15.99
01/08/20,NOV190937,MARVEL COMICS,Aero #7,$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190917,MARVEL COMICS,Amazing Mary Jane #4 (Cover A Humberto Ramos),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190918,MARVEL COMICS,Amazing Mary Jane #4 (Cover B Rian Gonzales),AR
01/08/20,NOV190913,MARVEL COMICS,Amazing Spider-Man #37 (Cover A Ryan Ottley),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190914,MARVEL COMICS,Amazing Spider-Man #37 (Cover B Giuseppe Camuncoli Marvels X Variant),AR
01/08/20,OCT191115,MARVEL COMICS,Amazing Spider-Man By Nick Spencer Volume 6 TP,$17.99
01/08/20,NOV190907,MARVEL COMICS,Black Cat #8 (Cover A J. Scott Campbell),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190908,MARVEL COMICS,Black Cat #8 (Cover B Jay Anacleto Marvels X Variant),AR
01/08/20,SEP190983,MARVEL COMICS,Black Panther Volume 8 Intergalactic Empire Of Wakanda Part 3 TP,$17.99
01/08/20,OCT191139,MARVEL COMICS,Black Widow Welcome To The Game TP,$34.99
01/08/20,OCT198566,MARVEL COMICS,Captain Marvel #12 (Andrea Sorrentino 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT191117,MARVEL COMICS,Captain Marvel Volume 2 Falling Star TP,$17.99
01/08/20,NOV190929,MARVEL COMICS,Conan Serpent War #3 (Of 4)(Cover A Carlos Pacheco),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190930,MARVEL COMICS,Conan Serpent War #3 (Of 4)(Cover B Giuseppe Camuncoli Connecting Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV190931,MARVEL COMICS,Conan Serpent War #3 (Of 4)(Cover C Kim Jacinto),AR
01/08/20,NOV190932,MARVEL COMICS,Conan Serpent War #3 (Of 4)(Cover D Marcos Martin),AR
01/08/20,JUL191088,MARVEL COMICS,Daredevil By Brian Michael Bendis And Alex Maleev Omnibus Volume 1 HC (New Printing),$100.00
01/08/20,OCT190965,MARVEL COMICS,Deadpool #2 (Cover A Chris Bachalo),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT190966,MARVEL COMICS,Deadpool #2 (Cover B Mirka Andolfo),AR
01/08/20,OCT191124,MARVEL COMICS,Doctor Strange By Mark Waid Volume 4 The Choice TP,$15.99
01/08/20,OCT198567,MARVEL COMICS,Excalibur #2 (Mahmud A. Asrar 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190826,MARVEL COMICS,Excalibur #5 (Cover A Mahmud A. Asrar),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190827,MARVEL COMICS,Excalibur #5 (Cover B Will Sliney Marvels X Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV190828,MARVEL COMICS,Excalibur #5 (Cover C Philip Tan Dark Phoenix Saga 40th Anniversary Variant),AR
01/08/20,OCT198148,MARVEL COMICS,Fallen Angels #1 (Giuseppe Camuncoli 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$4.99
01/08/20,OCT198884,MARVEL COMICS,Fallen Angels #2 (Giuseppe Camuncoli 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190832,MARVEL COMICS,Fallen Angels #5 (Cover A Ashley Witter),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190833,MARVEL COMICS,Fallen Angels #5 (Cover B Scott Williams Dark Phoenix Saga 40th Anniversary Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV190882,MARVEL COMICS,Ghost Rider #4 (Cover A Aaron Kuder),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190883,MARVEL COMICS,Ghost Rider #4 (Cover B Aaron Kuder Design Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV190909,MARVEL COMICS,Ghost-Spider #6,$3.99
01/08/20,OCT198150,MARVEL COMICS,Immortal Hulk #26 (Alex Ross 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT198565,MARVEL COMICS,Immortal Hulk #27 (Alex Ross 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190865,MARVEL COMICS,Immortal Hulk #29 (Cover A Alex Ross),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190866,MARVEL COMICS,Immortal Hulk #29 (Cover B Nick Bradshaw Marvels X Variant),AR
01/08/20,OCT198140,MARVEL COMICS,Incoming #1 (Kim Jacinto 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$9.99
01/08/20,OCT191119,MARVEL COMICS,Loki TP,$17.99
01/08/20,NOV190926,MARVEL COMICS,Magnificent Ms. Marvel #11,$3.99
01/08/20,OCT198568,MARVEL COMICS,Marauders #2 (Russell Dauterman 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT191103,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel Monograph The Art Of Declan Shalvey TP,$19.99
01/08/20,NOV190919,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel's Avengers Thor #1 (Cover A Stonehouse),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190920,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel's Avengers Thor #1 (Cover B Ron Lim),AR
01/08/20,NOV190921,MARVEL COMICS,Marvel's Avengers Thor #1 (Cover C Woo Chul Lee),AR
01/08/20,NOV190806,MARVEL COMICS,Marvels X #1 (Of 6)(Cover A Alex Ross),$4.99
01/08/20,NOV190807,MARVEL COMICS,Marvels X #1 (Of 6)(Cover B Alex Ross Virgin Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV190808,MARVEL COMICS,Marvels X #1 (Of 6)(Cover C Greg Horn),AR
01/08/20,NOV190809,MARVEL COMICS,Marvels X #1 (Of 6)(Cover D Steve Ditko Hidden Gem Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV190810,MARVEL COMICS,Marvels X #1 (Of 6)(Cover E Well-Bee),AR
01/08/20,NOV190811,MARVEL COMICS,Marvels X #1 (Of 6)(Cover F John Paul Leon Party Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV190793,MARVEL COMICS,Miles Morales The End #1 (Cover A Rahzzah),$4.99
01/08/20,NOV190794,MARVEL COMICS,Miles Morales The End #1 (Cover B Damion Scott),AR
01/08/20,OCT198569,MARVEL COMICS,Morbius #1 (Marcelo Ferreira 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190892,MARVEL COMICS,Morbius #3 (Cover A Skan),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190893,MARVEL COMICS,Morbius #3 (Cover B Juan Jose Ryp Connecting Variant),AR
01/08/20,JUL191098,MARVEL COMICS,New Avengers Breakout Marvel Select HC,$24.99
01/08/20,OCT198885,MARVEL COMICS,New Mutants #2 (Rod Reis 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190815,MARVEL COMICS,New Mutants #5 (Cover A Rod Reis),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190816,MARVEL COMICS,New Mutants #5 (Cover B Juan Jose Ryp Dark Phoenix Saga 40th Anniversary Variant),AR
01/08/20,OCT198149,MARVEL COMICS,Powers Of X #6 (Of 6)(R.B. Silva 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$5.99
01/08/20,NOV190768,MARVEL COMICS,Ruins Of Ravencroft Carnage #1 (Cover A Gerardo Sandoval),$4.99
01/08/20,NOV190769,MARVEL COMICS,Ruins Of Ravencroft Carnage #1 (Cover B Ariel Olivetti),AR
01/08/20,NOV190873,MARVEL COMICS,Savage Avengers #9,$3.99
01/08/20,OCT198886,MARVEL COMICS,Scream Curse Of Carnage #1 (Chris Mooneyham 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$4.99
01/08/20,NOV190799,MARVEL COMICS,Star #1 (Of 5)(Cover A Carmen Nunez Carnero),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190800,MARVEL COMICS,Star #1 (Of 5)(Cover B J. Scott Campbell),AR
01/08/20,NOV190801,MARVEL COMICS,Star #1 (Of 5)(Cover C J. Scott Campbell Virgin Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV190802,MARVEL COMICS,Star #1 (Of 5)(Cover D Valentina Remenar),AR
01/08/20,NOV190803,MARVEL COMICS,Star #1 (Of 5)(Cover E Jee-Hyung Lee),AR
01/08/20,NOV190804,MARVEL COMICS,Star #1 (Of 5)(Cover F Pepe Larraz),AR
01/08/20,NOV190941,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars The Rise Of Kylo Ren #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Clayton Crain),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190942,MARVEL COMICS,Star Wars The Rise Of Kylo Ren #2 (Of 4)(Cover B Jodie Muir),AR
01/08/20,NOV190877,MARVEL COMICS,Strikeforce #5,$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190894,MARVEL COMICS,Symbiote Spider-Man Alien Reality #2 (Of 5)(Cover A Greg Land),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190895,MARVEL COMICS,Symbiote Spider-Man Alien Reality #2 (Of 5)(Cover B Ron Lim),AR
01/08/20,NOV190896,MARVEL COMICS,Symbiote Spider-Man Alien Reality #2 (Of 5)(Cover C Alex Saviuk),AR
01/08/20,NOV190897,MARVEL COMICS,Symbiote Spider-Man Alien Reality #2 (Of 5)(Cover D Mark Bagley),AR
01/08/20,NOV190777,MARVEL COMICS,True Believers The Criminally Insane Bushman #1,$1.00
01/08/20,NOV190778,MARVEL COMICS,True Believers The Criminally Insane Masters Of Evil #1,$1.00
01/08/20,NOV190903,MARVEL COMICS,Venom #22 (Cover A Mark Bagley),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190904,MARVEL COMICS,Venom #22 (Cover B John Tyler Christopher Marvels X Variant),AR
01/08/20,OCT198887,MARVEL COMICS,X-Force #2 (TBD 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190821,MARVEL COMICS,X-Force #5 (Cover A Dustin Weaver),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190822,MARVEL COMICS,X-Force #5 (Cover B Greg Land Marvels X Variant),AR
01/08/20,NOV190823,MARVEL COMICS,X-Force #5 (Cover C Russell Dauterman Dark Phoenix Saga 40th Anniversary Variant),AR
01/08/20,OCT198250,MARVEL COMICS,X-Men #2 (Leinil Francis Yu 2nd Printing Variant Cover),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV190928,MARVEL COMICS,Yondu #4 (Of 5),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT191978,MORROW GIFT,I Can't Wait The Cancel This A Planner For People Who Don't Like People HC,$14.99
01/08/20,SEP191877,NBM,Who Killed Kenny GN,$9.99
01/08/20,OCT192398,ONE PEACE BOOKS,Hinamatsuri Volume 6 GN,$11.95
01/08/20,SEP191899,ONI PRESS,Bad Machinery Pocket Edition Volume 9 The Case Of The Missing Piece GN,$12.99
01/08/20,JUN191861,PAPERCUTZ,Geeky F@b 5 Volume 1 It's Not Rocket Science GN,$7.99
01/08/20,JUN191859,PAPERCUTZ,Geeky F@b 5 Volume 3 Doggone Catastrophe GN,$7.99
01/08/20,JUN191860,PAPERCUTZ,Geeky F@b 5 Volume 3 Doggone Catastrophe HC,$12.99
01/08/20,JUN191870,PAPERCUTZ,Loud House 3-In-1 Edition Volume 2 GN,$14.99
01/08/20,JUN191866,PAPERCUTZ,Loud House Volume 7 The Struggle Is Real GN,$7.99
01/08/20,JUN191867,PAPERCUTZ,Loud House Volume 7 The Struggle Is Real HC,$12.99
01/08/20,NOV192191,PIE INTERNATIONAL,B The Beginning Artworks SC,$45.00
01/08/20,NOV191846,RANDOM HOUSE BOOKS FOR YOUNG READERS,Minecraft Woodsword Chronicles Chapterbook Volume 4 Ghast In The Machine HC,$9.99
01/08/20,NOV191847,RANDOM HOUSE BOOKS FOR YOUNG READERS,Oh The Places You'll Go HC (Lenticular Variant Edition),$19.99
01/08/20,SEP191947,RED 5 COMICS,Dark Age #5,$3.95
01/08/20,NOV191869,SCOUT COMICS,White Ash #1 (Cover A Conor Hughes),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191870,SCOUT COMICS,White Ash #1 (Cover B Pinti),AR
01/08/20,SEP191963,SCREEM,Screem #38 (Newsstand Edition),$9.95
01/08/20,SEP191964,SCREEM,Screem #38 (Previews Exclusive Edition),$9.95
01/08/20,OCT192409,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Himouto Umari-chan Volume 8 GN,$12.99
01/08/20,OCT192418,SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT,Uzaki-chan Wants To Hang Out Volume 2 GN,$13.99
01/08/20,JUL192206,STORM KING PRODUCTIONS,John Carpenter's Tales Of Science Fiction Surviving Nuclear Attack #5,$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191896,STORM KING PRODUCTIONS,Storm Kids Monica Bleue A Werewolf Story #2 (Of 5),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT192266,SUBLIME,Candy Color Paradox Volume 4 GN,$12.99
01/08/20,OCT192265,SUBLIME,Seven Days Monday - Sunday Complete GN,$16.99
01/08/20,JUL192243,TITAN COMICS,Disney Frozen 2 The Official Movie Special HC,$19.99
01/08/20,NOV191902,TITAN COMICS,Doctor Who The Thirteenth Doctor Season Two #1 (Cover A Paulina Ganucheau),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191903,TITAN COMICS,Doctor Who The Thirteenth Doctor Season Two #1 (Cover B Photo),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191904,TITAN COMICS,Doctor Who The Thirteenth Doctor Season Two #1 (Cover C Andrew Pepoy),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191905,TITAN COMICS,Doctor Who The Thirteenth Doctor Season Two #1 (Cover D Alice X. Zhang),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191906,TITAN COMICS,Doctor Who The Thirteenth Doctor Season Two #1 (Cover E Sarah Graley),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191907,TITAN COMICS,Doctor Who The Thirteenth Doctor Season Two #1 (Cover F Blank Variant),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT192136,TITAN COMICS,Marvel Studios Avengers A Complete Guide To The Movies HC,$26.99
01/08/20,NOV191925,TITAN COMICS,Rivers Of London The Fey And The Furious #3 (Cover A Rian Hughes),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191922,TITAN COMICS,Robotech Remix #4 (Cover A Elmer Damaso),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191923,TITAN COMICS,Robotech Remix #4 (Cover B Daniele Nicuolo),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191924,TITAN COMICS,Robotech Remix #4 (Cover C Rico Renzi),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT192134,TITAN COMICS,Star Wars Insider #194 (Newstand Edition),$9.99
01/08/20,OCT192135,TITAN COMICS,Star Wars Insider #194 (Previews Exclusive Edition),$9.99
01/08/20,OCT192131,TITAN COMICS,Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker The Official Movie Special HC,$19.99
01/08/20,OCT192132,TITAN COMICS,Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker The Official Movie Special Magazine (Newstand Edition),$12.99
01/08/20,OCT192133,TITAN COMICS,Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker The Official Movie Special Magazine (Previews Exclusive Edition),$12.99
01/08/20,NOV191913,TITAN COMICS,Tank Girl Full Colour Classics #3.1 (1993-1994)(Cover A Jamie Hewlett),$6.99
01/08/20,NOV191914,TITAN COMICS,Tank Girl Full Colour Classics #3.1 (1993-1994)(Cover B Jamie Hewlett),$6.99
01/08/20,NOV191915,TITAN COMICS,Tank Girl Full Colour Classics #3.1 (1993-1994)(Cover C Jamie Hewlett),$6.99
01/08/20,OCT192271,TOKYOPOP,Don't Call Me Dirty Volume 1 GN,$12.99
01/08/20,OCT192273,TOKYOPOP,Konohana Kitan Volume 7 GN,$12.99
01/08/20,OCT192268,TOKYOPOP,Nightmare Before Christmas Zero's Journey #15,$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191952,TUNDRA BOOKS,Narwhal And Jelly Volume 4 Narwhal's Otter Friend GN,$7.99
01/08/20,OCT192157,TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING,Back Issue #118,$9.95
01/08/20,JUN191992,TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING,Jack Kirby's Dingbat Love TP,$43.95
01/08/20,OCT192165,UNIVERSITY PRESS OF MISSISSIPPI,Comics Of Alison Bechdel From The Outside In SC,$30.00
01/08/20,OCT192166,UNIVERSITY PRESS OF MISSISSIPPI,Supervillain Reader SC,$30.00
01/08/20,NOV191977,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Psi-Lords #8 (Cover A Kano),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191978,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Psi-Lords #8 (Cover B Zu Orzu),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV191979,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Psi-Lords #8 (Cover C Stacey Lee),$3.99
01/08/20,APR192037,VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT,Psi-Lords #8 (Cover D Scott Forbes Pre-Order Edition Variant),AR
01/08/20,OCT192191,VAULT COMICS,Plot #4,$3.99
01/08/20,OCT192197,VAULT COMICS,Relics Of Youth #4,$3.99
01/08/20,NOV192217,VERTICAL COMICS,Bakemonogatari Volume 2 GN,$12.95
01/08/20,OCT192428,VERTICAL COMICS,Seraph Of The End Guren Ichinose Resurrection At Nineteen Novel SC,$13.95
01/08/20,OCT192427,VERTICAL COMICS,What Did You Eat Yesterday Volume 14 GN,$12.95
01/08/20,OCT192310,VIZ MEDIA,20th Century Boys The Perfect Edition Volume 6 TP,$19.99
01/08/20,NOV192101,VIZ MEDIA,Anonymous Noise Volume 18 GN,$9.99
01/08/20,OCT192306,VIZ MEDIA,Ao Haru Ride Volume 8 GN,$9.99
01/08/20,NOV192083,VIZ MEDIA,Black Clover Volume 19 GN,$9.99
01/08/20,NOV192103,VIZ MEDIA,Daytime Shooting Star Volume 4 GN,$9.99
01/08/20,NOV192084,VIZ MEDIA,Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Volume 10 GN,$9.99
01/08/20,NOV192085,VIZ MEDIA,Dr. Stone Volume 9 GN,$9.99
01/08/20,OCT192292,VIZ MEDIA,Dragon Ball Super Volume 7 GN,$9.99
01/08/20,OCT192295,VIZ MEDIA,Food Wars Shokugeki no Soma Volume 33 GN,$9.99
01/08/20,OCT192312,VIZ MEDIA,Golden Kamuy Volume 13 GN,$12.99
01/08/20,NOV192104,VIZ MEDIA,Haikyu Volume 36 GN,$9.99
01/08/20,NOV192102,VIZ MEDIA,Incurable Case Of Love Volume 2 GN,$9.99
01/08/20,OCT192294,VIZ MEDIA,Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 1 GN,$9.99
01/08/20,NOV192106,VIZ MEDIA,Kaguya-sama Love Is War Volume 12 GN,$9.99
01/08/20,OCT192297,VIZ MEDIA,Komi Can't Communicate Volume 4 GN,$9.99
01/08/20,OCT192290,VIZ MEDIA,My Hero Academia Volume 22 GN,$9.99
01/08/20,OCT192289,VIZ MEDIA,No Longer Human HC,$34.99
01/08/20,OCT192315,VIZ MEDIA,One Piece 3-In-1 Edition Volume 30 TP,$14.99
01/08/20,OCT192291,VIZ MEDIA,One-Punch Man Volume 18 GN,$9.99
01/08/20,OCT192298,VIZ MEDIA,Platinum End Volume 10 GN,$9.99
01/08/20,NOV192086,VIZ MEDIA,Promised Neverland Volume 13 GN,$9.99
01/08/20,OCT192307,VIZ MEDIA,QQ Queen's Quality Volume 8 GN,$9.99
01/08/20,NOV192100,VIZ MEDIA,Snow White With The Red Hair Volume 5 GN,$9.99
01/08/20,OCT192308,VIZ MEDIA,Takane And Hana Volume 12 GN,$9.99
01/08/20,OCT192311,VIZ MEDIA,Terra Formars Volume 22 GN,$12.99
01/08/20,OCT192293,VIZ MEDIA,Tokyo Ghoul:re Volume 14 GN,$12.99
01/08/20,OCT192296,VIZ MEDIA,We Never Learn Volume 7 GN,$9.99
01/08/20,OCT192330,YEN ON,Sword Art Online Light Novel Volume 18 Alicization Lasting SC,$14.00
01/08/20,OCT192339,YEN PRESS,Chio's School Road Volume 7 GN,$13.00
01/08/20,OCT192341,YEN PRESS,Do You Love Your And Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks Volume 2 GN,$13.00
01/08/20,OCT192358,YEN PRESS,Yowamushi Pedal Volume 13 GN,$24.00
01/08/20,NOV192019,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Mystere #5 (Of 5)(Cover A Geebo Vigonte),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV192020,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Mystere #5 (Of 5)(Cover B Riveiro),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV192021,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Mystere #5 (Of 5)(Cover C Nelly Jimenez),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV192022,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Mystere #5 (Of 5)(Cover D Martin Coccolo),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV192012,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Agent Island Of Dr. Moreau #1 (Of 5 (Cover D Harvey Tolibao),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV192009,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Agent Island Of Dr. Moreau #1 (Of 5)(Cover A Igor Vitorino),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV192010,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Agent Island Of Dr. Moreau #1 (Of 5)(Cover B Josh Burns),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV192011,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Agent Island Of Dr. Moreau #1 (Of 5)(Cover C Keith Garvey),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV192013,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Agent Island Of Dr. Moreau #1 (Of 5)(Cover E Leonardo Colapietro),$3.99
01/08/20,NOV192014,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Red Agent Island Of Dr. Moreau #1 (Of 5)(Cover F Blank Variant),$10.00
01/08/20,OCT192222,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Unbound #3 (Of 5)(Cover A Martin Coccolo),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT192223,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Unbound #3 (Of 5)(Cover B Leonardo Colapietro),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT192224,ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT,Unbound #3 (Of 5)(Cover C John Royle),$3.99
01/08/20,OCT192489,Cards - GRAPHITTI DESIGNS,Weirdo Trading Cards,AR
01/08/20,JUN198349,Cards - TOPPS COMPANY,Bowman 2019 Best Baseball Trading Card Master Box,AR
01/08/20,JUL198028,Cards - TOPPS COMPANY,Topps 2019 Star Wars Episode 9 Trading Card Box,AR
01/08/20,SEP198542,Games - CRYPTOZOIC ENTERTAINMENT,Rick And Morty The Morty Zone Dice Game,AR
01/08/20,SEP198033,Games - DEVIR AMERICAS,Paris La Cite De La Lumiere Board Game,AR
01/08/20,AUG193378,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Icons Realm Volo And Mordenkainen Booster Brick,AR
01/08/20,AUG193379,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Icons Realm Volo And Mordenkainens Foes Premium Set,AR
01/08/20,SEP198089,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Dungeons And Dragons Nolzurs Marvelous Mini Falling Star,AR
01/08/20,JUN198832,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Transformers Deep Cuts Unpainted Mini Bumblebee,AR
01/08/20,JUN198833,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Transformers Deep Cuts Unpainted Mini Megatron,AR
01/08/20,JUN198834,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Transformers Deep Cuts Unpainted Mini Optimus Prime,AR
01/08/20,JUN198835,Games - NECA/WIZKIDS,Transformers Deep Cuts Unpainted Mini Starscream,AR
01/08/20,JAN199035,Merchandise,30 Minute Mission Optional Portanova Armor Set (Gray Version),AR
01/08/20,NOV188662,Merchandise,A3 Infinity War EAA-070 Iron Man Mk50 Previews Exclusive Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,OCT198246,Merchandise,Aggretsuko PVC Figural Coin Bank,AR
01/08/20,FEB162512,Merchandise,Aliens Pulse Rifle Brown Bess Replica,AR
01/08/20,FEB162513,Merchandise,Aliens Pulse Rifle Brown Bess Replica (Weathered Version),AR
01/08/20,AUG192718,Merchandise,Avatar The Last Airbender Figure Assortment,AR
01/08/20,MAR198380,Merchandise,Avengers Endgame EAA-081 Ronin Previews Exclusive Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAR198381,Merchandise,Avengers Endgame EAA-082 Black Widow Previews Exclusive Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY198505,Merchandise,Avengers Infinity War Winter Soldier Nendoroid Action Figure (Deluxe Version),AR
01/08/20,OCT192476,Merchandise,Batman Hush III T-Shirt LG,AR
01/08/20,OCT192475,Merchandise,Batman Hush III T-Shirt MED,AR
01/08/20,OCT192474,Merchandise,Batman Hush III T-Shirt SM,AR
01/08/20,OCT192477,Merchandise,Batman Hush III T-Shirt XL,AR
01/08/20,OCT192478,Merchandise,Batman Hush III T-Shirt XXL,AR
01/08/20,OCT192431,Merchandise,Batman Inside Joke T-Shirt LG,AR
01/08/20,OCT192430,Merchandise,Batman Inside Joke T-Shirt MED,AR
01/08/20,OCT192429,Merchandise,Batman Inside Joke T-Shirt SM,AR
01/08/20,OCT192432,Merchandise,Batman Inside Joke T-Shirt XL,AR
01/08/20,OCT192433,Merchandise,Batman Inside Joke T-Shirt XXL,AR
01/08/20,OCT192436,Merchandise,Batman Lips Symbol T-Shirt LG,AR
01/08/20,OCT192435,Merchandise,Batman Lips Symbol T-Shirt MED,AR
01/08/20,OCT192434,Merchandise,Batman Lips Symbol T-Shirt SM,AR
01/08/20,OCT192437,Merchandise,Batman Lips Symbol T-Shirt XL,AR
01/08/20,OCT192438,Merchandise,Batman Lips Symbol T-Shirt XXL,AR
01/08/20,MAY190541,Merchandise,Batman Vs Deathstroke Battle Statue,AR
01/08/20,NOV188501,Merchandise,Black Lagoon Revy 1/4 Scale PVC Figure (Bunny Version),AR
01/08/20,FEB198161,Merchandise,Cells At Work Platelet 1/7 Scale Deformed PVC Figure,AR
01/08/20,NOV192884,Merchandise,Courage The Cowardly Dog Distressed Courage Patch,AR
01/08/20,MAY190539,Merchandise,DC Bombshells Death Statue,AR
01/08/20,OCT193145,Merchandise,DC Chibi Batman Pin,AR
01/08/20,OCT193147,Merchandise,DC Chibi Harley Quinn Pin,AR
01/08/20,OCT193149,Merchandise,DC Chibi Superman Pin,AR
01/08/20,OCT193150,Merchandise,DC Chibi Wonder Woman Pin,AR
01/08/20,NOV192909,Merchandise,DC Heroes Batman Playing Cards,AR
01/08/20,JUN198923,Merchandise,DC Joker And Harley Mini-Scalers Cable Covers 2 Pack,AR
01/08/20,JAN198611,Merchandise,Destiny Titan Calus Selected Shader 1/6 Scale Figure,AR
01/08/20,JAN198612,Merchandise,Destiny Titan Golden Trace Shader 1/6 Scale Figure,AR
01/08/20,APR198141,Merchandise,Disney Aladdin MC-010 Princess Jasmine Previews Exclusive Statue,AR
01/08/20,MAY198889,Merchandise,Disney DS-028 Chip N Dale Treehouse D-Stage Previews Exclusive 6 Inch Statue,AR
01/08/20,MAY198890,Merchandise,Disney DS-029 Donald Ducks Boat D-Stage Series Previews Exclusive 6 Inch Statue,AR
01/08/20,APR198749,Merchandise,Disney The Lion King MC-012 Little Simba Previews Exclusive Statue,AR
01/08/20,MAY198959,Merchandise,Dr Slump Obotchaman Figure Rise Mechanics Model Kit,AR
01/08/20,MAY198126,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Bulma Adventure Begins S.H.Figuarts Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,SEP198852,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Great Ape Goku Entertainment Earth Exclusive 6 Inch POP Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY198827,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Broly Full Power Ichiban Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY198822,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Gogeta Ichiban Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY198823,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Son Goku Ichiban Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY198824,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta Ichiban Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198876,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Z Frieza Figure-Rise Standard Model Kit (New Package Version),AR
01/08/20,JUN198877,Merchandise,Dragon Ball Z Son Goku Figure-Rise Standard Model Kit (New Package Version),AR
01/08/20,SEP198853,Merchandise,Dune Classic Feyd-Rautha 2019 Entertainment Earth Convention Exclusive POP Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUL199160,Merchandise,Endgame Iron Man Nano Gauntlet PVC Figural Coin Bank,AR
01/08/20,DEC188068,Merchandise,Fantastic Beasts Crimes Of Grindewald ARTFX+ Statue,AR
01/08/20,APR198821,Merchandise,Fate Grand Order Archer Gilgamesh 1/7 Scale PVC Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY188225,Merchandise,Fate Grand Order Lancer Altria Pendragon 1/8 Scale PVC Figure,AR
01/08/20,APR198813,Merchandise,Fate Grand Order Saber Altria Pendragon Nendoroid Action Figure (Shinjuku),AR
01/08/20,APR198814,Merchandise,Fate Grand Saber Alt Pendragon Nendoroid Action Figure (Shinjuku With Noir),AR
01/08/20,JUL199099,Merchandise,FGTeeV Mystery Squishy Figure 24 Piece Blind Mystery Box,AR
01/08/20,SEP198854,Merchandise,FiGPiN Dragon Ball Z Master Roshi Entertainment Earth Exclusive Enamel Pin,AR
01/08/20,AUG198258,Merchandise,FiGPiN My Hero Academia Mirio Togata Pin,AR
01/08/20,AUG198261,Merchandise,FiGPiN My Hero Academia Toshinori Yagi Pin,AR
01/08/20,JUL199140,Merchandise,Figures Of Fandom Borderlands 3 Amara PVC Statue,AR
01/08/20,JUL199141,Merchandise,Figures Of Fandom Borderlands 3 FL4K PVC Statue,AR
01/08/20,JUL199142,Merchandise,Figures Of Fandom Borderlands 3 Moze PVC Statue,AR
01/08/20,JUL199143,Merchandise,Figures Of Fandom Borderlands 3 Zane PVC Statue,AR
01/08/20,MAY198222,Merchandise,Final Fantasy Bring Arts Sephiroth Another Form Variant Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY198740,Merchandise,Final Fantasy VII Tifa Lockhart Plush Action Doll,AR
01/08/20,OCT192481,Merchandise,Flash Mod Symbol T-Shirt LG,AR
01/08/20,OCT192480,Merchandise,Flash Mod Symbol T-Shirt MED,AR
01/08/20,OCT192479,Merchandise,Flash Mod Symbol T-Shirt SM,AR
01/08/20,OCT192482,Merchandise,Flash Mod Symbol T-Shirt XL,AR
01/08/20,OCT192483,Merchandise,Flash Mod Symbol T-Shirt XXL,AR
01/08/20,OCT198590,Merchandise,Fortnite 7 Inch Scale Frostwing Glider Pack,AR
01/08/20,NOV188717,Merchandise,Friday The 13th Corpse Pamela Lady Of The Lake 8 Inch Retro Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY190298,Merchandise,Game Of Thrones Jon Snow Premium Figure,AR
01/08/20,APR198816,Merchandise,Girls Frontline 416 Nendoroid Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY198127,Merchandise,Godzilla 2019 Mothra And Rodan S.H. Monsterarts Action Figure Set,AR
01/08/20,NOV192936,Merchandise,Golden Girls 4 Piece Lapel Pin Set,AR
01/08/20,MAY198274,Merchandise,Grand Jester Studios DC Batman 1/6 Scale Statue,AR
01/08/20,MAY198276,Merchandise,Grand Jester Studios DC Wonder Woman 1/6 Scale Statue,AR
01/08/20,NOV192885,Merchandise,Grimmadventures Of Billy And Mandy Angry Grim Patch,AR
01/08/20,JUL198648,Merchandise,Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone 1/6 Scale X-Mas Accessory Pack (Boy Version),AR
01/08/20,JUL198649,Merchandise,Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone 1/6 Scale X-Mas Accessory Pack (Girl Version),AR
01/08/20,JUL198650,Merchandise,Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone Harry Potter 1/6 Scale Action Figure (Child X-Mas Version),AR
01/08/20,JUL198651,Merchandise,Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone Hermione Granger 1/6 Scale Action Figure (Child X-Mas Version),AR
01/08/20,JUL198652,Merchandise,Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone Ron Weasley 1/6 Scale Action Figure (Child X-Mas Version),AR
01/08/20,OCT193168,Merchandise,Harry Potter Charm Magnet Hermione,AR
01/08/20,OCT193169,Merchandise,Harry Potter Charm Magnet Ron,AR
01/08/20,SEP192515,Merchandise,Harry Potter Hungarian Horntail Deluxe Figure,AR
01/08/20,AUG188765,Merchandise,Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2018 1/7 Scale PVC Figure,AR
01/08/20,FEB198418,Merchandise,Heavy Metal Nelson B-17 Zombie Bomber 5 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,FEB198419,Merchandise,Heavy Metal Taarna 5 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,DEC189064,Merchandise,Honor Of Kings Guan Yu 6 Inch Figure,AR
01/08/20,DEC189065,Merchandise,Honor Of Kings Liu Bei 6 Inch Figure,AR
01/08/20,DEC189066,Merchandise,Honor Of Kings Zhang Fei 6 Inch Figure,AR
01/08/20,DEC189067,Merchandise,Honor Of Kings Zhao Yun 6 Inch Figure,AR
01/08/20,DEC189068,Merchandise,Honor Of Kings Zhu Ge Liang 6 Inch Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAR198702,Merchandise,It 2017 Pennywise 18 Inch Rotocast Plush Doll,AR
01/08/20,MAR198706,Merchandise,Jet Effect Clear Blue Figure-Rise Effect,AR
01/08/20,MAR198707,Merchandise,Jet Effect Clear Yellow Figure-Rise Effect,AR
01/08/20,NOV192894,Merchandise,JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Gold Abbacchio Pin,AR
01/08/20,NOV192895,Merchandise,JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Gold Diavolo Pin,AR
01/08/20,NOV192896,Merchandise,JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Gold Doppio Pin,AR
01/08/20,NOV192899,Merchandise,JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Gold Narancia Pin,AR
01/08/20,NOV192900,Merchandise,JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Gold Okuyasu Pin,AR
01/08/20,NOV192902,Merchandise,JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Gold Rohan Pin,AR
01/08/20,NOV192903,Merchandise,JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Gold Trish Una Pin,AR
01/08/20,MAR198717,Merchandise,Kong Skull Island Kong Vs Octopus Deform Real Vinyl Statue,AR
01/08/20,MAY198508,Merchandise,Kurokos Basketball Seijuro Akashi Nendoroid Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUL199130,Merchandise,Legacy Of Beast Iron Maiden Fear Of The Dark PVC Statue,AR
01/08/20,JUL199131,Merchandise,Legacy Of Beast Iron Maiden Somewhere In Time PVC Statue,AR
01/08/20,NOV192922,Merchandise,Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess Faux Leather Handbag,AR
01/08/20,MAY198891,Merchandise,Lilo And Stitch DS-030 Stitch Surf D-Stage Series Previews Exclusive 6 Inch Statue,AR
01/08/20,JUN198891,Merchandise,Little Battlers Experience 11 Fenrir LBX Model Kit,AR
01/08/20,APR198251,Merchandise,Living Dead Dolls Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Doll,AR
01/08/20,MAR198998,Merchandise,Lord Of The Rings Balrog Defo Real Soft Vinyl Statue (Deluxe Version),AR
01/08/20,JUL199075,Merchandise,Madballs Horrorballs Foam Series Pennywise,AR
01/08/20,SEP192445,Merchandise,Marvel Absolute Carnage Previews Exclusive Flexfit Cap,AR
01/08/20,JUN192351,Merchandise,Marvel Captain Marvel Poster T-Shirt XL,AR
01/08/20,APR198859,Merchandise,Marvel Comics Captain Marvel DS-019 D-Stage Previews Exclusive 6 Inch Statue,AR
01/08/20,APR198860,Merchandise,Marvel Comics Doctor Strange DS-020 D-Stage Previews Exclusive 6 Inch Statue,AR
01/08/20,SEP192446,Merchandise,Marvel Comics Logo 80th Anniversary Previews Exclusive Flexfit Cap,AR
01/08/20,APR198263,Merchandise,Marvel Drawmaster Captain America Stencil Kit,AR
01/08/20,APR198264,Merchandise,Marvel Drawmaster Spider-Man Stencil Kit,AR
01/08/20,JUL192668,Merchandise,Marvel Gallery Avengers Endgame War Machine PVC Figure,AR
01/08/20,APR192535,Merchandise,Marvel Gallery Captain Marvel Movie Starforce PVC Figure,AR
01/08/20,APR198109,Merchandise,Masami Chie Original Illus Asaka Kuga 1/6 Scale PVC Figure (Color Variant),AR
01/08/20,JAN199261,Merchandise,Masami Chie Original Illustration Asaka Kuga 1/6 Scale PVC Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAR198417,Merchandise,Masters Of The Universe 5.5 Inch Vintage Wave 4 He-Man Action Figure (Japanese Box Version),AR
01/08/20,MAR198418,Merchandise,Masters Of The Universe 5.5 Inch Vintage Wave 4 Skeletor Action Figure (Japanese Box Version),AR
01/08/20,JUN198740,Merchandise,Mego Horror Wave 5 Face Of The Screaming Werewolf 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198741,Merchandise,Mego Horror Wave 5 Frankenstein Gid 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198742,Merchandise,Mego Horror Wave 5 Freddy Krueger 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198743,Merchandise,Mego Horror Wave 5 Invisible Man 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198812,Merchandise,Mego Horror Wave 6 Dracula Purple Cape Gid 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198813,Merchandise,Mego Horror Wave 6 Frankenstein Bare Chest 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198814,Merchandise,Mego Horror Wave 6 Nosferatu Glow In The Dark 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198815,Merchandise,Mego Horror Wave 6 Werewolf Flocked 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198854,Merchandise,Mego Horror Wave 7 Egyptian Mummies 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198856,Merchandise,Mego Horror Wave 7 It 1990 Pennywise 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198744,Merchandise,Mego Legends Wave 5 Bruce Lee 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198745,Merchandise,Mego Legends Wave 5 Elvis Aloha Jumpsuit 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198746,Merchandise,Mego Legends Wave 5 Jimi Hendrix Miami Pop 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198816,Merchandise,Mego Legends Wave 6 Elvis Jailhouse Rock 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198817,Merchandise,Mego Legends Wave 6 Jimi Hendrix Woodstock Flocked 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198818,Merchandise,Mego Legends Wave 6 Wizard Of Oz Dorothy 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198819,Merchandise,Mego Legends Wave 6 Wizard Of Oz Wicked Witch 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198857,Merchandise,Mego Movies Wave 7 Lord Of The Rings Aragorn 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198858,Merchandise,Mego Movies Wave 7 Lord Of The Rings Legolas 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198859,Merchandise,Mego Movies Wave 7 Rocky Rocky Balboa 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198748,Merchandise,Mego Music Wave 7 KISS Love Gun Catman 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198749,Merchandise,Mego Music Wave 7 KISS Love Gun Spaceman 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198750,Merchandise,Mego Pop Culture Wave 5 Impractical Jokers Brian 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198751,Merchandise,Mego Pop Culture Wave 5 Impractical Jokers Joe 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198752,Merchandise,Mego Pop Culture Wave 5 Impractical Jokers Murr 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198753,Merchandise,Mego Pop Culture Wave 5 Impractical Jokers Sal 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198754,Merchandise,Mego Sci-Fi Wave 5 Star Trek Kirk Dress Uniform 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198755,Merchandise,Mego Sci-Fi Wave 5 Star Trek Romulan Commander 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198756,Merchandise,Mego Sci-Fi Wave 5 Star Trek Spock Dress Uniform 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198757,Merchandise,Mego Sci-Fi Wave 5 Star Trek Uhura 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198820,Merchandise,Mego Sci-Fi Wave 6 Star Trek Gorn Glow In The Dark 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198821,Merchandise,Mego Sci-Fi Wave 6 Star Trek Kirk Trouble With Tribbles 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198822,Merchandise,Mego Sci-Fi Wave 6 Star Trek Spock Trouble With Tribbles 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198860,Merchandise,Mego Sci-Fi Wave 7 Star Trek 2 Movie Admiral Kirk 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198861,Merchandise,Mego Sci-Fi Wave 7 Star Trek 2 Movie Captain Spock 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198862,Merchandise,Mego Sci-Fi Wave 7 Star Trek 2 Movie Khan 8 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,APR198857,Merchandise,Mezco Designer Series Bride Of Chucky Tiffany 6 Inch Figure,AR
01/08/20,APR198562,Merchandise,Mezco Designer Series It 2017 Pennywise 6 Inch Deluxe Stylized Roto Figure,AR
01/08/20,AUG198192,Merchandise,Mini Epics Lord Of The Rings Merry Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,AUG198194,Merchandise,Mini Epics Lord Of The Rings Pippin Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY198834,Merchandise,Monster Hunter Monster Chibi Plush Toy Nergigante,AR
01/08/20,MAY198835,Merchandise,Monster Hunter Monster Chibi Plush Toy Velkhana,AR
01/08/20,JUN198764,Merchandise,Mothra Vs Godzilla Godzilla 1964 12 Inch Long Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,NOV192294,Merchandise,My Hero Academia All Might Cosplay Headband,AR
01/08/20,NOV192295,Merchandise,My Hero Academia All Might Suit Up Beanie,AR
01/08/20,NOV192904,Merchandise,My Hero Academia UA Crossbody Bag,AR
01/08/20,JUN198172,Merchandise,Mystery Minis Fantastic Four 12 Piece Blind Mystery Box,AR
01/08/20,APR198077,Merchandise,Nendoroid More Dress Up Bunny 6 Piece Blind Mystery Box,AR
01/08/20,JUN198672,Merchandise,Nendoroid More Dress Up Gothic Lolita 4 Piece Blind Mystery Box,AR
01/08/20,JUN198673,Merchandise,Nendoroid More Dress Up Lolita 4 Piece Blind Mystery Box,AR
01/08/20,MAY198991,Merchandise,Neon Genesis Evangelion EVA-02 Production Model Metal Build Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAR198376,Merchandise,Nightmare On Elm Street Freddy Burst A Box,AR
01/08/20,NOV192957,Merchandise,Nintendo Super Mario Cartridge Shaped Fleece Throw,AR
01/08/20,NOV192958,Merchandise,Nintendo System Controller Shaped Fleece Pocket Throw,AR
01/08/20,JAN198626,Merchandise,Nosferatu 1/2 Scale Bust,AR
01/08/20,MAR198377,Merchandise,One-12 Collective DC Aquaman Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,SEP188716,Merchandise,One-12 Collective Nightmare On Elm Street Freddy Krueger Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,OCT198247,Merchandise,One-Punch Man 3D Foam Bag Clip 24 Piece Blind Mystery Box,AR
01/08/20,MAY198852,Merchandise,One-Punch Man Garo Nendoroid Action Figure (Super Movable Version),AR
01/08/20,MAY199144,Merchandise,Overwatch Ashe Nendoroid Action Figure (Classic Skin Version),AR
01/08/20,SEP198471,Merchandise,Pee Wee's Playhouse Captain Carl ReAction Figure,AR
01/08/20,SEP198475,Merchandise,Pee Wee's Playhouse Pee Wee ReAction Figure,AR
01/08/20,SEP198476,Merchandise,Pee Wee's Playhouse Randy And Billy Baloney ReAction Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY198545,Merchandise,POP College University Of Georgia Hairy Dawg Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY198547,Merchandise,POP College University Of Wisconsin Bucky Badger Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198200,Merchandise,POP Deluxe Game Of Thrones Hodor Holding The Door Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY198555,Merchandise,POP Games PUBG Hawaiian Shirt Guy Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY198556,Merchandise,POP Games PUBG Lone Wolf Survivor Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY198559,Merchandise,POP Heroes Notre Dame Leprechaun Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198236,Merchandise,POP Marvel Fantastic Four Doctor Doom Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198237,Merchandise,POP Marvel Fantastic Four Galactus Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198238,Merchandise,POP Marvel Fantastic Four Herbie Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198239,Merchandise,POP Marvel Fantastic Four Human Torch Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198240,Merchandise,POP Marvel Fantastic Four Invisible Girl Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198241,Merchandise,POP Marvel Fantastic Four Mister Fantastic Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198242,Merchandise,POP Marvel Fantastic Four Mole Man Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198243,Merchandise,POP Marvel Fantastic Four Silver Surfer Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198244,Merchandise,POP Marvel Fantastic Four Super Skrull Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198245,Merchandise,POP Marvel Fantastic Four Thing Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198246,Merchandise,POP Movies Dune Classic Feyd With Battle Outfit Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198247,Merchandise,POP Movies Dune Classic Paul Atreides Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUL198753,Merchandise,POP Movies John Wick John In Black Suit With Dog Buddy Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUL198761,Merchandise,POP NBA Bucks Giannis Antetokounmpo Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUL198762,Merchandise,POP NBA Celtics Kemba Walker Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUL198763,Merchandise,POP NBA Clippers Kawhi Leonard Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUL198764,Merchandise,POP NBA Lakers Anthony Davis Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUL198765,Merchandise,POP NBA Lakers Lebron James Home Jersey Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUL198766,Merchandise,POP NBA Nets Kevin Durant Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUL198767,Merchandise,POP NBA Nets Kyrie Irving Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUL198768,Merchandise,POP NBA Rockets Russell Westbrook Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY198580,Merchandise,POP PEZ Dumbo,AR
01/08/20,MAY198581,Merchandise,POP PEZ Dumbo Clown,AR
01/08/20,MAY198586,Merchandise,POP PEZ Hercules Baby Pegasus,AR
01/08/20,JUN198265,Merchandise,POP Rocks Def Leppard Vivian Campbell Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUL198795,Merchandise,POP Star Wars E9 Kor Axe Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUL198794,Merchandise,POP Star Wars E9 Kor Blade Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUL198790,Merchandise,POP Star Wars E9 Kor Blaster Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUL198793,Merchandise,POP Star Wars E9 Kor Cannon Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUL198791,Merchandise,POP Star Wars E9 Kor Club Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUL198792,Merchandise,POP Star Wars E9 Kor Scythe Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUL198796,Merchandise,POP Star Wars E9 Kylo Ren Glow 10 Inch Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY189578,Merchandise,POP Team Epic Pipimi Soft Vinyl Figure (Jumbo Version),AR
01/08/20,MAY189579,Merchandise,POP Team Epic Popuko Soft Vinyl Figure (Jumbo Version),AR
01/08/20,JUN198281,Merchandise,POP TV Black Mirror Doll With Evil Chase Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198282,Merchandise,POP TV Black Mirror Kelly Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198283,Merchandise,POP TV Black Mirror Nanette Cole Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198284,Merchandise,POP TV Black Mirror Robert Daly Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198285,Merchandise,POP TV Black Mirror Yorkie Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUL198629,Merchandise,POP TV Stranger Things Alexei Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUL198630,Merchandise,POP TV Stranger Things Robin Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY198617,Merchandise,POP TV Umbrella Academy Ben Hargreeves Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY198619,Merchandise,POP TV Umbrella Academy Diego Hargreeves Vinyl Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY198830,Merchandise,Re:ZERO Starting Life In Another World Emilia Ichiban Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY198831,Merchandise,Re:ZERO Starting Life In Another World Rem Ichiban Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAR198632,Merchandise,Rising Of The Shield Hero Raphtalia 1/7 Scale PVC Figure,AR
01/08/20,APR198304,Merchandise,Saekano Boring Girlfriend Eriri Spencer Sawamura Nendoroid Action Figure (Kimono Version),AR
01/08/20,MAY198832,Merchandise,Saekano Boring Girlfriend Megumi Kato Ichiban Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198893,Merchandise,Sangoku Soketsuden 26 Dian Wei Master Gundam SD Model Kit,AR
01/08/20,JUN198894,Merchandise,Sangoku Soketsuden 27 Xu Huang Gundam Deathscythe SD Model Kit,AR
01/08/20,JUN198895,Merchandise,Sangoku Soketsuden 28 Bug And Bu Dui Bing SD Model Kit,AR
01/08/20,SEP198357,Merchandise,Spider-Man Legends 6 Inch Action Figure Assortment 202001,AR
01/08/20,NOV192887,Merchandise,SpongeBob Squarepants Fishnet Stockings Patrick Patch,AR
01/08/20,SEP198961,Merchandise,SpongeBob Squarepants Piggyback Patrick Limited Pin,AR
01/08/20,NOV192888,Merchandise,SpongeBob Squarepants Savage Patrick Patch,AR
01/08/20,NOV192889,Merchandise,SpongeBob Squarepants Spongemock Patch,AR
01/08/20,MAY199119,Merchandise,Star Trek Master Series Captain Kirk Reissue 1/6 Scale Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY199120,Merchandise,Star Trek Master Series Mr Spock Reissue 1/6 Scale Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,NOV192962,Merchandise,Star Wars Episode 4 Playing Cards,AR
01/08/20,NOV192963,Merchandise,Star Wars Episode 5 Playing Cards,AR
01/08/20,SEP198979,Merchandise,Star Wars R2-D2 1/12 Scale Model Kit (Hologram Version),AR
01/08/20,JUN198920,Merchandise,Star Wars Series1 3D Foam Bag Clip 24 Piece Blind Mystery Box,AR
01/08/20,MAY198845,Merchandise,Storm Collectibles Gears Of War Kait Diaz 1/12 Scale Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,SEP198078,Merchandise,Storm Collectibles Mortal Kombat Sektor 1/12 Scale Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,OCT192451,Merchandise,Superman Core Symbol T-Shirt LG,AR
01/08/20,OCT192450,Merchandise,Superman Core Symbol T-Shirt MED,AR
01/08/20,OCT192449,Merchandise,Superman Core Symbol T-Shirt SM,AR
01/08/20,OCT192452,Merchandise,Superman Core Symbol T-Shirt XL,AR
01/08/20,OCT192453,Merchandise,Superman Core Symbol T-Shirt XXL,AR
01/08/20,OCT192459,Merchandise,Superman Red Son Symbol Hoodie SM,AR
01/08/20,APR198781,Merchandise,T2 Art Girls Maid Style Swimsuit Emiri Kuriyama 1/6 Scale PVC Figure,AR
01/08/20,APR198824,Merchandise,T2 Art Girls Maid Style Swimsuit Emiri Kuriyama 1/6 Scale PVC Limited Figure,AR
01/08/20,SEP198478,Merchandise,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo ReAction Figure,AR
01/08/20,NOV192890,Merchandise,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Nightwatch Raphael Patch,AR
01/08/20,SEP198479,Merchandise,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael ReAction Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY198202,Merchandise,Terminator Dark Fate Sarah Connor Ultimate 7 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY198203,Merchandise,Terminator Dark Fate T-800 Ultimate 7 Inch Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,FEB198109,Merchandise,That Time I Got Reincarnated Rimuru 1/7 Scale Deformed PVC Figure,AR
01/08/20,JAN199189,Merchandise,They Live Aliens 8 Inch Retro Action Figure 2 Pack,AR
01/08/20,SEP198570,Merchandise,They Live Female Ghoul ReAction Figure,AR
01/08/20,SEP198571,Merchandise,They Live Male Ghoul ReAction Figure,AR
01/08/20,OCT193170,Merchandise,Toon Tumblers Harry Potter Quidditch Gryffindor Glass,AR
01/08/20,OCT193171,Merchandise,Toon Tumblers Harry Potter Quidditch Hufflepuff Glass,AR
01/08/20,OCT193172,Merchandise,Toon Tumblers Harry Potter Quidditch Ravenclaw Glass,AR
01/08/20,OCT193173,Merchandise,Toon Tumblers Harry Potter Quidditch Slytherin Glass,AR
01/08/20,MAY198243,Merchandise,Touken Ranbu Online Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki Nendoroid Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY198660,Merchandise,Toy Story Alien Previews Exclusive Large Vinyl Piggy Bank,AR
01/08/20,DEC188142,Merchandise,Toy Story DAH-015 Dynamic 8-Ction Heroes Buzz Lightyear Previews Exclusive Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,DEC188143,Merchandise,Toy Story DAH-016 Dynamic 8-Ction Heroes Woody Previews Exclusive Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAY198892,Merchandise,Toy Story MC-011 Hamm Previews Exclusive Statue,AR
01/08/20,SEP198532,Merchandise,Transformers Bumblebee ReAction Figure,AR
01/08/20,SEP198533,Merchandise,Transformers Jazz ReAction Figure,AR
01/08/20,SEP198534,Merchandise,Transformers Megatron ReAction Figure,AR
01/08/20,SEP198535,Merchandise,Transformers Optimus Prime ReAction Figure,AR
01/08/20,SEP198536,Merchandise,Transformers Soundwave ReAction Figure,AR
01/08/20,SEP198537,Merchandise,Transformers Starscream ReAction Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN198830,Merchandise,Trick R Treat Body Knocker,AR
01/08/20,MAR198218,Merchandise,Underworld Evolution Selene 1/6 Scale Collectible Action Figure,AR
01/08/20,MAR198219,Merchandise,Underworld Evolution Selene 1/6 Scale Extra Head And White Coat,AR
01/08/20,OCT198025,Merchandise,Universal Monsters Wave 2 Bride Of Frankenstein ReAction Figure,AR
01/08/20,OCT198026,Merchandise,Universal Monsters Wave 2 Dracula ReAction Figure,AR
01/08/20,OCT198027,Merchandise,Universal Monsters Wave 2 Frankenstein ReAction Figure,AR
01/08/20,OCT198028,Merchandise,Universal Monsters Wave 2 Invisible Man ReAction Figure,AR
01/08/20,OCT198029,Merchandise,Universal Monsters Wave 2 Phantom Of The Opera ReAction Figure,AR
01/08/20,OCT198030,Merchandise,Universal Monsters Wave 2 Revenge Of The Creature ReAction Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUL190436,Merchandise,Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Regis Vampire Deluxe Figure,AR
01/08/20,JUN190389,Merchandise,Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Yennefer Figure Series 2,AR
01/08/20,AUG182704,Merchandise,Wonder Woman Lynda Carter Maquette,AR
01/08/20,FEB192472,Merchandise,Wonder Woman Princess Of Themyscira Statue,AR

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