ComicList: Image Comics New Releases for Wednesday, February 12, 2020, by Charles LePage.

20XX #3, $3.99
Ascender #9, $3.99
Clock #2 (Of 4), $3.99
Moonshine #16, $3.99
Postal Deliverance #7, $3.99
Rat Queens Volume 7 The Once And Future King TP (not verified by Diamond), $16.99
Reaver Volume 1 Hell's Half-Dozen TP (not verified by Diamond), $16.99
SFSX Safe Sex #6, $3.99
Sonata #8 (Cover A Brian Haberlin & Geirrod Van Dyke), $3.99
Sonata #8 (Cover B Brian Haberlin & Geirrod Van Dyke), $3.99
Space Bandits TP (not verified by Diamond), $16.99
Tartarus #1 (Cover A Jack T. Cole), $5.99
Tartarus #1 (Cover B Johnnie Christmas), $5.99

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