ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for Wednesday, July 30, 2008.

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PLEASE NOTE- Not all of these titles will actually arrive in all stores.
Let me know if any of the names or numbers are wrong.

Items labeled "Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution" are items
being released this week per sources other than Diamond Distribution.

07/30/08,"A FIRST SALVO","Contract #1 (of 3)",$3.99
07/30/08,"AIRSHIP ENTERTAINMENT","Girl Genius HC Vol 07 Agatha And The Voice Of The Castle",$39.95
07/30/08,"ALTERNA COMICS","Chair GN",$13.95
07/30/08,"AMAZE INK/SLAVE LABOR GRAPHICS","Babysitter GN",$29.95
07/30/08,"AMAZE INK/SLAVE LABOR GRAPHICS","Dream Maiden Megan GN",$8.95
07/30/08,"ANARCHY/HARRIS COMICS","Vampirella Quarterly #5 (Spring 2008)(Limited Noah Salonga Edition)",$19.99
07/30/08,"ANARCHY/HARRIS COMICS","Vampirella Quarterly Superstar Collection Set",$29.99
07/30/08,"ANTARCTIC PRESS","Pirates Vs Ninjas Debate In 08 (One-Shot)",$3.50
07/30/08,"APE ENTERTAINMENT","Femme Noir Dark City Diaries #2 (of 4)(Joe Staton & Alfredo Lopez Jr Cover A)",$3.95
07/30/08,"APE ENTERTAINMENT","Femme Noir Dark City Diaries #2 (of 4)(Matt Haley Cover B)",$3.95
07/30/08,"APE ENTERTAINMENT","Fiction Clemens #3 (of 3)",$5.95
07/30/08,"ARCANA STUDIO","Dead Men Tell No Tales TP (Release not verified by Diamond Distribution)",$14.95
07/30/08,"ARCHIE COMICS","Archie Digest #246",$2.49
07/30/08,"ARCHIE COMICS","Jughead #190",$2.25
07/30/08,"ARCHIE COMICS","Sonic The Hedgehog Archives TP Vol 08",$7.95
07/30/08,"AVATAR PRESS","Narcopolis #4 (of 4)",$3.99
07/30/08,"AVATAR PRESS","Narcopolis #4 (of 4)(Incentive Design Sketch Edition)","AR"
07/30/08,"AVATAR PRESS","Narcopolis #4 (of 4)(Wrap Cover)",$3.99
07/30/08,"AVATAR PRESS","Night Of The Living Dead Annual #1 (Gold Foil Cover)",$5.99
07/30/08,"BLACK LIBRARY","Warhammer 40K Angels Darkness MMPB (New Printing)(Release not verified by Diamond Distribution)",$7.99
07/30/08,"BLACK LIBRARY","Warhammer 40K Horus Heresy Battle Abyss MMPB (Release not verified by Diamond Distribution)",$7.99
07/30/08,"BLACK LIBRARY","Warhammer 40K Planetkill MMPB (Release not verified by Diamond Distribution)",$7.99
07/30/08,"BLACK LIBRARY","Warhammer Curse Of The Necrarch MMPB (Release not verified by Diamond Distribution)",$7.99
07/30/08,"BODEGA DISTRIBUTION","Neverland GN",$7.00
07/30/08,"BOOM! STUDIOS","Fall Of Cthulhu TP Vol 02 Gathering",$14.99
07/30/08,"BOOM! STUDIOS","Zombie Tales #3 (Cover A)",$3.99
07/30/08,"BOOM! STUDIOS","Zombie Tales #3 (Cover B)",$3.99
07/30/08,"BROADSWORD COMICS","Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #51",$2.95
07/30/08,"BROCCOLI INTERNATIONAL","Sola GN Vol 01",$10.99
07/30/08,"BROCCOLI INTERNATIONAL","World Of Disgaea HC Vol 02",$19.99
07/30/08,"CHECKER BOOK PUBLISHING GROUP","Little Nemo In Slumberland HC Vol 02 (Limited Edition)",$49.95
07/30/08,"CHECKER BOOK PUBLISHING GROUP","Path TP Vol 03 Death & Dishonor (resolicited)",$17.95
07/30/08,"CHRONICLE BOOKS","Obsessed With Star Wars HC",$29.95
07/30/08,"COMIC SHOP NEWS INC","Comic Shop News #1102","AR"
07/30/08,"CRITICAL MASS","Age Of Insects Vol 03 Not Human",$5.99
07/30/08,"DABEL BROTHERS PRODUCTIONS LLC","Jim Butchers Dresden Files Welcome To The Jungle #4 (of 4)(Adrian Syaif/Chris McGrath covers)",$3.99
07/30/08,"DARK HORSE","Domo Sculpted Magnet",$7.99
07/30/08,"DARK HORSE","Frazetta Egyptian Queen Statue",$350.00
07/30/08,"DARK HORSE","Journal Tokidoki Kaiten Sushi",$9.99
07/30/08,"DARK HORSE","Judge Dredd Dredd Vs Aliens Statue",$250.00
07/30/08,"DARK HORSE","Judge Dredd Dredd Vs Death Statue",$250.00
07/30/08,"DARK HORSE","Pigeons from Hell #4 (of 4)",$2.99
07/30/08,"DARK HORSE","Robots And Donuts TP",$24.99
07/30/08,"DARK HORSE","Star Wars Rebellion #15 (Vector Part 7 Of 12)",$2.99
07/30/08,"DARK HORSE","Style School TP Vol 02",$16.95
07/30/08,"DARK HORSE","Uncle Creepy Statue",$150.00
07/30/08,"DARK HORSE","Workshop Of Filthy Creation Art Of Johnny Ace & Kali Verra HC",$19.95
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","Ame Comi Cheetah Vinyl Figure",$49.99
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","Ame Comi Wonder Woman Vinyl Figure",$49.99
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","Batman #677 (Batman R.I.P.)(2nd Printing)",$2.99
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","Batman Death Mask #4 (of 4)",$2.99
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","Batman Going Sane TP",$14.99
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","Blue Beetle #29",$2.99
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","Cartoon Network Block Party #47",$2.25
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","Catwoman #81",$2.99
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","DC Special Cyborg #3 (of 5)",$2.99
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","Doom Patrol Archives HC Vol 05",$49.99
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","Green Lantern #33",$2.99
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","Huntress Year One #6 (of 6)",$2.99
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","Jokers Asylum Two Face #1 (One Shot)",$2.99
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","Justice Society Of America Annual #1",$3.99
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","New Dynamix #5 (of 5)",$2.99
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","Northlanders #8",$2.99
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","Reign in Hell #1 (of 8)(Incentive Matthew Clark Variant Cover)(resolicited)",$3.50
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","Reign In Hell #1 (of 8)(Regular Matthew Clark Cover)(resolicited)",$3.50
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","Superman Batman #50 (Incentive Ed McGuinness Variant Cover)",$3.99
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","Superman Batman #50 (Regular Ethan Van Sciver Cover)",$3.99
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","Teen Titans #61",$2.99
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","Trinity #9",$2.99
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","Un-Men #12 ",$2.99
07/30/08,"DC COMICS","Wildcats #1 (Left Side Zealot & Right Side Grifter covers)(Worlds End Tie-In)",$2.99
07/30/08,"DEL REY MANGA","Air Gear GN Vol 09",$10.95
07/30/08,"DEL REY MANGA","Kujibiki Unbalance GN Vol 01",$10.95
07/30/08,"DEL REY MANGA","Me And The Devil Blues GN Vol 01 Unreal Life Robert Johnson",$19.95
07/30/08,"DEL REY MANGA","Parasyte GN Vol 04 (of 8)",$12.95
07/30/08,"DEL REY MANGA","Shiki Tsukai GN Vol 03",$10.95
07/30/08,"DEL REY MANGA","Toto GN Vol 02",$10.95
07/30/08,"DEL REY MANGA","Wallflower GN Vol 16",$10.95
07/30/08,"DESPERADO PUBLISHING","Deadworld Frozen Over #3 (of 4)",$3.99
07/30/08,"DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC","Chopper Zombie GN",$18.99
07/30/08,"DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC","Dragonlance Legends Time Of The Twins #1 (of 3)(Moyano Cover A)",$5.50
07/30/08,"DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC","Dragonlance Legends Time Of The Twins #1 (of 3)(Walpole Cover B)",$9.50
07/30/08,"DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC","Forgotten Realms TP Vol 07 The Legacy",$18.99
07/30/08,"DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC","Halloween Nightdance TP Vol 01",$18.99
07/30/08,"DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC","Sabbath All Your Sins Reborn TP Vol 01 The Collected Pogrom",$18.99
07/30/08,"DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING INC","Serpo GN",$14.99
07/30/08,"DIAMOND","Game Trade Magazine #102","AR"
07/30/08,"DIAMOND","Previews Vol XVIII #8 ","AR"
07/30/08,"DIGITAL MANGA PUBLISHING","Feverish GN",$12.95
07/30/08,"DIGITAL MANGA PUBLISHING","Immoral Darkness Novel",$8.95
07/30/08,"DIGITAL MANGA PUBLISHING","Knights GN Vol 01 (of 2)",$9.95
07/30/08,"DIGITAL MANGA PUBLISHING","Pathos GN Vol 01 (of 2)",$12.95
07/30/08,"DIGITAL MANGA PUBLISHING","Steal Moon GN Vol 01 (of 2)",$12.95
07/30/08,"DIGITAL WEBBING","Team 14 (One Shot)(Altiner Cover A)",$3.99
07/30/08,"DIGITAL WEBBING","Team 14 (One Shot)(Basaldua Cover B)",$3.99
07/30/08,"DIGITAL WEBBING","Visions Of Bloodrayne (Limited Edition)(Release not verified by Diamond Distribution)",$12.99
07/30/08,"DMF COMICS","Bear Stories GN Vol 01",$9.99
07/30/08,"DRAWN AND QUARTERLY","White Rapids GN",$27.95
07/30/08,"DYNAMIC FORCES","Matt Wagner Grendel 25th Anniversary Statue (Dynamic Forces MP Edition)",$169.99
07/30/08,"DYNAMIC FORCES","Matt Wagner Grendel 25th Anniversary Statue (Dynamic Forces)",$149.99
07/30/08,"DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","Man With No Name #3",$3.50
07/30/08,"DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","New Battlestar Galactica Season Zero #11 (Jackson Herbert/photo covers)",$2.99
07/30/08,"DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","Project Superpowers #5 (of 7)(Incentive Alex Ross Variant Cover)",$2.99
07/30/08,"DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","Project Superpowers #5 (of 7)(Regular Alex Ross Cover)",$2.99
07/30/08,"DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","Red Sonja #35 (Adrian Foil Cover)","AR"
07/30/08,"EVIL TWIN COMICS","Comic Book Comics #2",$3.95
07/30/08,"EXHIBIT A PRESS","Supernatural Law #45",$3.50
07/30/08,"FUSION PUBLISHING","Geek Monthly Vol 2 #8",$5.99
07/30/08,"GAMES WORKSHOP","White Dwarf #343",$6.00
07/30/08,"GIRASOL COLLECTABLES","Girasol Pulp Doubles The Spider Vol 08",$14.95
07/30/08,"GRAPHIC AUDIO","DC Comics Batman The Stone King Audio CD",$19.99
07/30/08,"GRAPHIC AUDIO","DC Comics JLA Exterminators Audio CD",$19.99
07/30/08,"HARPER COLLINS","Colorscape Around The World Guide To Color SC",$19.95
07/30/08,"HARPER COLLINS","Warren Ellis Crooked Little Vein MMPB",$13.95
07/30/08,"HIGH SPEED PRODUCTIONS","Juxtapoz Vol 15 #8 (Aug 2008)",$4.99
07/30/08,"IDW PUBLISHING","Ghost Whisperer #5 (Brian Miller/Jennifer Love Hewitt Photo Covers)",$3.99
07/30/08,"IDW PUBLISHING","Journey TP Vol 01",$19.99
07/30/08,"IDW PUBLISHING","Locke & Key #6",$3.99
07/30/08,"IDW PUBLISHING","Mummy Movie Prequel Rise & Fall Of Xangos Ax #4",$3.99
07/30/08,"IDW PUBLISHING","Star Trek Mirror Images #2 (Joe Corroney/Mirror Kirk Variant Covers)",$3.99
07/30/08,"IDW PUBLISHING","Star Trek Year Four Enterprise Experiment #4",$3.99
07/30/08,"IMAGE COMICS","Aloha Elvis Action Figure","AR"
07/30/08,"IMAGE COMICS","Darkness #3 (NYCC Exclusive Variant)",$10.00
07/30/08,"IMAGE COMICS","Dynamo 5 #15",$3.50
07/30/08,"IMAGE COMICS","Elephantmen TP Vol 01 Wounded Animals",$16.99
07/30/08,"IMAGE COMICS","Frank Frazettas Creatures #1 (Frank Frazetta/Peter Bergting covers)",$3.99
07/30/08,"IMAGE COMICS","Frank Frazettas Creatures #1 (Incentive Nat Jones Sketch Variant Cover)",$3.99
07/30/08,"IMAGE COMICS","McFarlane NFL Legends Series 4 Action Figure Assortment","AR"
07/30/08,"IMAGE COMICS","Pilot Season The Core #1",$3.99
07/30/08,"IMAGE COMICS","Popgun GN Vol 02",$29.99
07/30/08,"IMPACT BOOKS","Vanishing Point Perspective For Comics SC (Release not verified by Diamond Distribution)",$19.99
07/30/08,"IRON CIRCUS COMICS","Templar Arizona GN Vol 02 Mob Goes Wild",$17.00
07/30/08,"KENZER AND COMPANY","Knights Of The Dinner Table #141",$4.99
07/30/08,"KRAUSE PUBLICATIONS","Bold Visions Digital Painting Bible SC",$19.99
07/30/08,"KRAUSE PUBLICATIONS","Scrye #124 (Oct 2008)",$5.99
07/30/08,"LAST GASP","Art Of Herge Inventor Of Tintin HC Vol 01 (of 3)",$39.95
07/30/08,"LAST GASP","Tokyo Zombie SC",$9.95
07/30/08,"LITTLE ROCKET PUBLICATIONS","Wild Stars TP Vol 01 Book of Circles",$17.95
07/30/08,"LITTLE ROCKET PUBLICATIONS","Wild Stars Vol 03 #1-7 Set",$14.95
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Amazing Spider-Man Extra",$3.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Black Panther #39 (Secret Invasion Tie-In)",$2.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Captain Britain and MI 13 #1 (3rd Printing Bryan Hitch Sketch Variant Cover)",$2.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Captain Marvel Premiere HC Secret Invasion",$19.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Dark Tower Treachery Promo Postcards","AR"
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Essential Fantastic Four TP Vol 7",$16.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Fantastic Four True Story #1 (of 4)",$2.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Guardians Of The Galaxy Must Have",$3.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Haunt Of Horror Lovecraft #2 (of 3)",$3.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Hulk #4 (2nd Printing Ed Mcguinness Wraparound Variant Cover)",$2.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Marvel Masterworks Defenders HC Vol 01 (Regular Dust Jacket)",$54.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Marvel Masterworks Defenders HC Vol 01 (Variant Dust Jacket Edition 100)",$54.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Marvel Previews #60 (August 2008)","AR"
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Marvel Spotlight Uncanny X-Men 500 Issues",$2.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Ms Marvel #29 (Secret Invasion Tie-In)",$2.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","newuniversal 1959",$3.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Nova TP Vol 02 Knowhere",$16.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Order TP Vol 02 California Dreaming",$12.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Secret Invasion Fantastic Four #3 (of 3)",$2.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Secret Invasion Who Do You Trust (2nd Printing Jimenez Variant Cover)",$3.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Silver Surfer TP Requiem",$14.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Skaar Son Of Hulk #2",$2.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Skrulls Vs Power Pack #1 (of 4)",$2.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Spider-Man With Great Power #5 (of 5)",$3.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Thor #10",$2.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Thor By J Michael Straczynski TP Vol 01",$14.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","True Believers #1 (of 5)",$2.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Ultimate Spider-Man #124",$2.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Wolverine #67 (Incentive Steve McNiven Sketch Cover)",$2.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Wolverine #67 (Regular Steve McNiven Cover)",$2.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Wolverine Origins #27",$2.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","X-Men First Class Vol 2 #14",$2.99
07/30/08,"MARVEL COMICS","X-Men Odd Men Out",$3.99
07/30/08,"MOONSTONE","Clash TP",$16.95
07/30/08,"MOONSTONE","Kolchak The Night Stalker Sound Of Fear TP",$13.95
07/30/08,"PAIZO PUBLISHING","Michael Moorcocks Masters Of Pit SC",$12.99
07/30/08,"PAPERCUTZ","Tales From The Crypt #7",$3.95
07/30/08,"POCKET BOOKS","30 Days Of Night Eternal Damnation MMPB",$7.99
07/30/08,"POCKET BOOKS","Star Trek Myriad Universes SC Infinitys Prism",$16.00
07/30/08,"POCKET BOOKS","Star Trek The Next Generation Greater Than The Sum MMPB",$7.99
07/30/08,"RADICAL PUBLISHING","Caliber #1 (of 5)(2nd Printing Artgerm Cover A)",$2.99
07/30/08,"RADICAL PUBLISHING","Caliber #1 (of 5)(2nd Printing Artgerm Cover B)",$2.99
07/30/08,"RADICAL PUBLISHING","Caliber #1 (of 5)(2nd Printing Wilkins Cover C)",$2.99
07/30/08,"RADICAL PUBLISHING","Caliber #4 (of 5)(Rambaud Cover B)",$2.99
07/30/08,"RADICAL PUBLISHING","Caliber #4 (of 5)(Royo Cover A)",$2.99
07/30/08,"RADICAL PUBLISHING","Hercules #1 (of 5)(2nd Printing Admira Sunny Cover B)",$2.99
07/30/08,"RADICAL PUBLISHING","Hercules #1 (of 5)(2nd Printing Steranko Cover A)",$2.99
07/30/08,"RADICAL PUBLISHING","Hercules #4 (of 5)(Mong Cover B)",$2.99
07/30/08,"RADICAL PUBLISHING","Hercules #4 (of 5)(Sejic Cover A)",$2.99
07/30/08,"RANDOM HOUSE","Elric TP Vol 02 To Rescue Tanelorn",$15.00
07/30/08,"RANDOM HOUSE","Zaregoto Novel Book 01 Kubikiri Cycle",$9.95
07/30/08,"RHINE ENT","Girls And Corpses Magazine Vol 2 (Summer 2008)",$8.95
07/30/08,"RUNNING PRESS","Completely Mad Don Martin HC",$150.00
07/30/08,"STUDIO 407","Hybrid #1 (of 4)(Release not verified by Diamond Distribution)",$2.75
07/30/08,"SUNDAY PRESS BOOKS","Little Nemo In Slumberland HC Many More Splendid",$125.00
07/30/08,"TALCMEDIA PRESS","Dreadnought Invasion Six #4 (of 4)",$3.95
07/30/08,"TASCHEN AMERICA","Mens Adventure Magazines HC (25th Anniversary Edition)",$14.99
07/30/08,"TOKYOPOP","Hotel Africa GN Vol 02 (of 4)",$12.99
07/30/08,"TOKYOPOP","Jade Of Bango GN Vol 01 (of 7)",$12.99
07/30/08,"TOMART PUBLICATIONS","Tomarts Action Figure Digest #167",$5.95
07/30/08,"UNIVERSE","Art Of The Dark Knight With Complete Script HC",$35.00
07/30/08,"VANGUARD PRODUCTIONS","Excess Art of Michael Golden and How He Does It SC (New Printing)",$24.95
07/30/08,"VIPER COMICS","Dummys Guide To Danger Lost At Sea #4 (of 4)",$3.25
07/30/08,"VIRGIN COMICS LLC","Mumbai Macguffin (One Shot)",$5.99
07/30/08,"VIRGIN COMICS LLC","Sadhu Wheel Of Destiny #3 (of 5)",$2.99
07/30/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Picture Letters From Commander In Chief (Release not verified by Diamond Distribution)",$12.99
07/30/08,"W.W. NORTON","Will Eisners Comics & Sequential Art SC (Revised Edition)",$22.95
07/30/08,"W.W. NORTON","Will Eisners Graphic Storytelling SC (Revised Edition)",$22.95
07/30/08,"WIZARD ENTERTAINMENT","Wizard Magazine #203 (Broken Trinity Marc Silvestri Cover)",$5.99
07/30/08,"WIZARD ENTERTAINMENT","Wizard Magazine #203 (Marvel Knights 10th Anniversary Quesada & Palmiotti Cover)",$5.99
07/30/08,"WIZARD ENTERTAINMENT","Wizard Magazine #203 (Wolverine Movie Cover)",$5.99
07/30/08,"ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT","1001 Arabian Nights Adventures Of Sinbad #2 (Al Rio/E-Bas/Sean Shaw Covers)",$2.99
07/30/08,"ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT","Beyond Wonderland #1 (of 6)",$2.99
07/30/08,"ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT","Grimm Fairy Tales #29",$2.99
07/30/08,"ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT","Grimm Fairy Tales Oversized HC",$39.99
07/30/08,"Calendars","Dark Knight 2009 Wall Calendar",$13.99
07/30/08,"Calendars","Dark Knight Oversized 2009 Wall Calendar",$15.99
07/30/08,"Calendars","Dragons By Ciruelo 2009 16 Month Wall Calendar",$13.99
07/30/08,"Calendars","Heroes 2009 Wall Calendar",$13.99
07/30/08,"Calendars","Heroes Special Ed 2009 Wall Calendar",$15.99
07/30/08,"Calendars","Incredible Hulk 16 Month 2009 Wall Calendar",$13.99
07/30/08,"Calendars","Indiana Jones & Crystal Skull 16 Month 2009 Wall Calendar",$13.99
07/30/08,"Calendars","Indiana Jones Saga 16 Month 2009 Wall Calendar",$13.99
07/30/08,"Calendars","Marvel Heroes 2009 Wall Calendar",$13.99
07/30/08,"Calendars","Marvel Heroes Special Ed 2009 Wall Calendar",$17.99
07/30/08,"Calendars","Robert Jordans Wheel Of Time 2009 Wall Calendar",$14.95
07/30/08,"Calendars","South Park 2009 Wall Calendar",$13.99
07/30/08,"Calendars","Transformers 2009 Wall Calendar",$13.99
07/30/08,"Calendars","World Of Warcraft 2009 16 Month Wall Calendar",$14.99
07/30/08,"Calendars","World Of Warcraft Year Of Fear 2009 Boxed Calendar",$13.99
07/30/08,"Cards - GRAPHIC COMMUNICATIONS GROUP","Lest We Forget D-day Series Trading Card Box","AR"
07/30/08,"Cards - INKWORKS","X Files I Want To Believe Coll Album","AR"
07/30/08,"Cards - INKWORKS","X Files I Want To Believe Press Sheet","AR"
07/30/08,"Cards - INKWORKS","X Files I Want To Believe Trading Card Box","AR"
07/30/08,"Cards - PRESS PASS INC","Press Pass 2008 Legends Football T/C Box","AR"
07/30/08,"Cards - TOPPS","Star Wars Clone Wars Movie Trading Card Box","AR"
07/30/08,"Cards - TOPPS","Topps 2008 Allen & Ginter MLB Trading Card Box","AR"
07/30/08,"Cards - TOPPS","Topps 2008 Hobby MLB Factory Trading Card Set","AR"
07/30/08,"Cards - TRI-STAR PRODUCTIONS","Worlds Greatest Card Chase - MLB Ed Trading Card Box","AR"
07/30/08,"Cards - UPPER DECK ENTERTAINMENT","Upper Deck 2007 08 the Cup NHL T/C Box","AR"
07/30/08,"Games - ALLIANCE GAMES DISTRIBUTORS","Shadows Over Camelot Merlins Company","AR"
07/30/08,"Games - FANTASY FLIGHT PUBLISHING INC","Garibaldi The Escape Board Game",$49.95
07/30/08,"Games - FANTASY FLIGHT PUBLISHING INC","Warhammer RPG Old World Armoury",$29.99
07/30/08,"Games - FANTASY FLIGHT PUBLISHING INC","Warhammer RPG Tome Of Salvation SC",$39.99
07/30/08,"Games - HERO GAMES","PS 238 RPG",$31.99
07/30/08,"Games - PAIZO PUBLISHING LLC","Pathfinder RPG #11 Curse Crimson Throne Skeletons Scarwall",$19.99
07/30/08,"Games - TOY VAULT INC","Princess Bride Storming Castle Card Game",$24.99
07/30/08,"Games - WIZARDS OF THE COAST","Axis & Allies Naval Cmg Task Force Booster Pack",$14.99
07/30/08,"Games - WIZARDS OF THE COAST","Mtg TCG Eventide Booster","AR"
07/30/08,"Games - WIZARDS OF THE COAST","Mtg TCG Eventide Fat Pack",$34.99
07/30/08,"Games - WIZARDS OF THE COAST","Mtg TCG Eventide Theme Deck","AR"
07/30/08,"Games - WIZKIDS","Star Wars TCG Clone Wars 12 Ct Mega Pocketmodel","AR"
07/30/08,"Games - WIZKIDS","Star Wars TCG Clone Wars 24 Ct Game Pack","AR"
07/30/08,"Games - WIZKIDS","Star Wars TCG Clone Wars 36ct Pdq Game Pack","AR"
07/30/08,"Games - WIZKIDS","Star Wars TCG Clone Wars Starter Deck Carton","AR"
07/30/08,"T-Shirts","Death Note Death Staff Blk T-Shirt LG",$17.99
07/30/08,"T-Shirts","Death Note Death Staff Blk T-Shirt MED",$17.99
07/30/08,"T-Shirts","Death Note Death Staff Blk T-Shirt XL",$17.99
07/30/08,"T-Shirts","Death Note Death Staff Blk T-Shirt XXL",$20.49
07/30/08,"T-Shirts","I Voted For Ninjas T-Shirt L","AR"
07/30/08,"T-Shirts","I Voted For Ninjas T-Shirt XL","AR"
07/30/08,"T-Shirts","I Voted For Ninjas T-Shirt XXL","AR"
07/30/08,"T-Shirts","I Voted For Pirates T-Shirt L","AR"
07/30/08,"T-Shirts","I Voted For Pirates T-Shirt XL","AR"
07/30/08,"T-Shirts","I Voted For Pirates T-Shirt XXL","AR"
07/30/08,"T-Shirts","Leek Girl Anime Blk T-Shirt LG",$16.49
07/30/08,"T-Shirts","Leek Girl Anime Blk T-Shirt MED",$16.49
07/30/08,"T-Shirts","Leek Girl Anime Blk T-Shirt XL",$16.49
07/30/08,"Videos","Amazing 300 Classic Cartoon Coll DVD Box Set","AR"
07/30/08,"Videos","Blood Plus DVD Vol 02","AR"
07/30/08,"Videos","Chilling Classics 50 Movie DVD Box Set","AR"
07/30/08,"Videos","Evil Dead 1 & 2 Bks of the Dead Ltd Ed DVD Set","AR"
07/30/08,"Videos","Final Fantasy Unltd Comp Coll DVD Box Set","AR"
07/30/08,"Videos","Full Metal Panic Comp Coll DVD Box Set","AR"
07/30/08,"Videos","Halloween DVD 25th Aniv Ed","AR"
07/30/08,"Videos","Halloween DVD Blu Ray","AR"
07/30/08,"Videos","Horror Collection 250 Movie DVD Box Set","AR"
07/30/08,"Videos","Hulk Movie Dbl Pk","AR"
07/30/08,"Videos","Kodocha Season 2 DVD Box Set 02","AR"
07/30/08,"Videos","Legend Of Crystania Comp Coll DVD Bx Set","AR"
07/30/08,"Videos","Maburaho Comp Coll DVD Bx Set","AR"
07/30/08,"Videos","Martial Arts 50 Movie DVD Box Set","AR"
07/30/08,"Videos","Mythical Det Loki Ragnarok Comp Coll DVD Bx Set","AR"
07/30/08,"Videos","Nana The Movie DVD #2","AR"
07/30/08,"Videos","Naruto Movie #1 Ninja Clash DVD Dlx Ed","AR"
07/30/08,"Videos","Ninja Resurrection DVD","AR"
07/30/08,"Videos","Noir Comp Coll DVD Bx Set","AR"
07/30/08,"Videos","Papuwa Comp Coll DVD Bx Set","AR"
07/30/08,"Videos","Pokemon Season 9 DVD Box Set Part 01 Battle Frontier","AR"
07/30/08,"Videos","Ranma 1/2 Slim DVD Set Season 07 Ranma Forever","AR"
07/30/08,"Videos","Robot Chicken Star Wars DVD","AR"
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Batman 30-in Pennant",$7.99
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Beat Blades Haruka Narika Pvc Statue",$49.99
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Cthulhu Shot Glass",$6.99
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2 Hitomi Statue",$72.99
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Devil May Cry 4 Dante Ver 2 Artfx Statue",$79.99
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Disney Traditions Halloween Tinker Bell",$29.00
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Disney Traditions Mickey As Skeleton Figurine",$35.00
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Disney Traditions Mickey Head Pumpkin Figurine",$30.00
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Emily Strange Ninja Patchwork Plush",$25.00
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Gallery Of Light Beauty And The Beast Miniature",$80.00
07/30/08,"Merchandise","GI Joe 25th Anniversary Action Figure Assortment 200807","AR"
07/30/08,"Merchandise","GI Joe Entertainment Battle Pack Assortment 200801","AR"
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Girls Next Door Ltd Ed 3 Pk Bobbleheads",$49.99
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Godzilla Gabara Plush",$34.99
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Gremlins Gizmo Mini Plush 12 Pc Disp","AR"
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Grendizer 12-in Full Action Figure",$90.00
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Gundam Deathscythe Hcm Pro AF",$32.99
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Halo 3 Covenant Badge Belt Buckle",$12.99
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Halo 3 Master Chief Ver 2 Artfx Statue",$99.99
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Hellboy 2 The Golden Army Back Pack",$24.99
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Hellboy 2 The Golden Army Messenger Bag",$22.99
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Hellboy Action Figure",$14.95
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Hellboy Action Figure Variant Wearing BPRD Shirt",$14.95
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Hellboy Head Cloisonne Pin",$6.95
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Hellboy Magnet Set",$6.95
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Iron Man Mark 2 Bobble Head","AR"
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Kubrick Bearbrick Series 16 Asst","AR"
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Labyrinth Jareth And Hoggle Boxed Set","AR"
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Lenox Little Mermaid Ariel Figurine",$95.00
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Lenox Little Mermaid Ariels Dream Figurine",$195.00
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Lenox Little Mermaid King Triton Figurine",$145.00
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Lenox Little Mermaid Moonlight Kiss Figurine",$145.00
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Little Busters Natsume Rin Pvc Statue",$49.99
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Mgs Weapon Unit Mw-08 Assortment","AR"
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Mgs Weapon Unit Mw-09 Assortment","AR"
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Mgs Weapon Unit Mw-10 Assortment","AR"
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Mr T Camo Bobble Head",$11.99
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Nadesico Black Serena Model Kit",$79.99
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Pokemon Basic Figure Multipack D&p Series 8 Assortment","AR"
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Pokemon Basic Figure Multipack D&p Series 9 Assortment","AR"
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Pooh & Friends Eeyore As Piglet Figurine",$30.00
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Pooh & Friends Piglet As Eeyore Figurine",$30.00
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Pooh & Friends Pooh As Tigger Figurine",$30.00
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Pooh & Friends Tigger As Pooh Figurine",$30.00
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Reservoir Dogs In Your Pocket",$9.99
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Scooby-doo & Witch Doctor Pvc Set (resolicited)",$24.99
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Spider-Man Animated Wall Clock",$29.99
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Superman 30-in Pennant",$7.99
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Star Wars Spirit Of Obi-wan Kenobi Bobble Head","AR"
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Star Wars Stormtrooper Super Deformed Plush",$11.99
07/30/08,"Merchandise","The Dark Knight Coll Sticker Album","AR"
07/30/08,"Merchandise","The Dark Knight Coll Stickers & Figurine Box","AR"
07/30/08,"Merchandise","WDCC Hunchback Quasimodo Figurine",$165.00
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Weird-ohs Digger Plastic Model",$9.99
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Weird-ohs Killer Mcbash Plastic Model",$9.99
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Zombie Survival Guide Deck",$13.95
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Zombie Survival Mini Note Pads 3 Pack",$6.95
07/30/08,"Merchandise","Zombie Survival Notes Mini Journal",$8.00

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