ComicList: DC Comics New Releases for Wednesday, July 11, 2018, by Charles LePage.

Batman Death And The Maidens TP (New Edition), $19.99
Blue Beetle Volume 3 Road To Nowhere TP, $16.99
Detective Comics #984 (Cover A Eddy Barrows & Eber Ferreira), $2.99
Detective Comics #984 (Cover B Mark Brooks), AR
Eternity Girl #5 (Of 6), $3.99
Ex Machina The Complete Series Omnibus HC, $150.00
Flash #50 (Cover A Howard Porter), $3.99
Flash #50 (Cover B Francesco Mattina), AR
Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #48 (Cover A Doug Mahnke), $2.99
Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #48 (Cover B Tyler Kirkham), AR
Hawkman #2 (Cover A Bryan Hitch), $3.99
Hawkman #2 (Cover B Stejpan Sejic), AR
Immortal Men #4, $2.99
Justice League Of America The Silver Age Volume 4 TP, $24.99
Orion By Walter Simonson Volume 1 TP, $29.99
Plastic Man #2 (Of 6), $3.99
Ragman TP, $16.99
Red Hood And The Outlaws #24 (Cover A Trevor Hairsine), $3.99
Red Hood And The Outlaws #24 (Cover B Guillem March), AR
Scooby Apocalypse #27 (Cover A Kelsey Shannon), $3.99
Scooby Apocalypse #27 (Cover B Jonboy Meyers), AR
Sideways #6, $2.99
Suicide Squad #44 (Cover A Guillem March), $3.99
Suicide Squad #44 (Cover B Francesco Mattina), AR
Superboy And The Legion Of Super-Heroes Volume 2 HC, $49.99
Superman #1 (Cover A Ivan Reis & Joe Prado), $3.99
Superman #1 (Cover B Adam Hughes), AR
Superman #1 (Cover C David Mack), AR
Superman #1 (Cover D Blank Variant), AR
Superman #1 (Cover E Ivan Reis & Joe Prado Black & White Variant), AR
Superman Blue Volume 1 TP, $24.99
Titans #23 (Cover A Brandon Peterson), $3.99
Titans #23 (Cover B Stjepan Sejic), AR
Titans #23 (Cover C Brandon Peterson), AR
Wildstorm Michael Cray #9, $3.99
Wonder Woman #50 (Cover A Jesus Merino), $3.99
Wonder Woman #50 (Cover B Jenny Frison), AR
Wonder Woman The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Volume 2 HC, $34.99

Action Comics #1000 (Ken Haeser Variant Cover)(Ken Haeser Signed Edition), AR

Batman Profile Metallic Canvas Art, AR
DC Batman Suit-Up Lanyard, AR
DC Comics Batman Vinimate, AR
DC Comics Batwoman Vinimate, AR
DC Comics Bombshells Wonder Woman Deluxe Statue, AR
DC Comics Catwoman Vinimate, AR
DC Comics Kingdom Come 5 Pack Short Comic Storage Box, AR
DC Comics Rebirth Deathstroke Previews Exclusive Statue, AR
DC Gallery Two-Face Coin Prop, AR
DC Harley Quinn Liquid Reactive Color Changing Umbrella, AR
Flash Profile Metallic Canvas Art, AR
Harley Quinn Profile Metallic Canvas Art, AR
JLA Movie Gallery Aquaman PVC Figure, AR
JLA Movie Gallery Batman PVC Figure, AR
Joker Profile Metallic Canvas Art, AR
Supergirl TV DEO Staff T-Shirt SM, AR
Superman Domed Metal Badge Carbon Fiber Wallet, AR
Wonder Woman Profile Metallic Canvas Art, AR

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