ComicList: DC Comics New Releases for Wednesday, February 13, 2019, by Charles LePage.

Batman The Caped Crusader Volume 2 TP, $29.99
Batman Who Laughs #3 (Of 6)(Cover A Jock), $4.99
Batman Who Laughs #3 (Of 6)(Cover B Ricardo Federici), AR
DC The New Frontier TP (Black Label Edition)(not verified by Diamond), $34.99
Detective Comics #994 (Doug Mahnke 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Detective Comics #995 (Doug Mahnke 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Detective Comics #996 (Doug Mahnke 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Detective Comics #998 (Cover A Doug Mahnke & Jaime Mendoza), $3.99
Detective Comics #998 (Cover B Gary Frank), AR
Electric Warriors #4 (Of 6), $3.99
Flash #64 (Cover A Chris Burnham), $3.99
Flash #64 (Cover B Tom Raney), AR
Flash #64 (Cover C Blank Variant), AR
Goddess Mode #3, $3.99
Hawkman #9 (Cover A Bryan Hitch), $3.99
Hawkman #9 (Cover B Shane Davis), AR
House Of Whispers #6, $3.99
Justice League Dark #8 (Cover A Alvaro Eduardo Martinez Bueno & Raul Fernandez), $3.99
Justice League Dark #8 (Cover B Kelley Jones), AR
Mister Miracle TP, $24.99
Neil Gaimans And Charles Vess' Stardust TP (New Edition), $19.99
Red Hood Outlaw #31 (Cover A Pete Woods), $3.99
Red Hood Outlaw #31 (Cover B Matteo Scalera), AR
Scooby Apocalypse #34 (Cover A Patrick Olliffe & Tom Palmer), $3.99
Scooby Apocalypse #34 (Cover B Dan Mora), AR
Suicide Squad Hell To Pay TP, $14.99
Supergirl #27 (Cover A Yanick Paquette), $3.99
Supergirl #27 (Cover B Emanuela Lupacchino), AR
Superman #8 (Cover A Ivan Reis & Joe Prado), $3.99
Superman #8 (Cover B Rob Liefeld), AR
Titans #34 (Cover A Mico Suayan), $3.99
Titans #34 (Cover B Tyler Kirkham), AR
Titans Volume 5 The Spark TP, $19.99
Torso TP (New Edition), $24.99
Wonder Twins #1 (Of 6)(Cover A Stephen Byrne), $3.99
Wonder Twins #1 (Of 6)(Cover B Dustin Nguyen), AR
Wonder Woman #64 (Cover A Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson), $3.99
Wonder Woman #64 (Cover B Stanley Artgerm Lau), AR
Wonder Woman By Phil Jiminez Omnibus HC, $75.00

Action Comics #1000 (Amazine Array Of Comics Bundle), AR
Action Comics #1000 (Curt Swan Variant Cover)(Dan Jurgens Signed Edition), AR
Action Comics #1000 (Decades Spanning Variant Cover Set)(Dan Jurgens Silver Signature Edition), AR
Freedom Fighters #1 (Of 12)(Robert Venditti Gold Signature Edition), AR
Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #1 (Robert Venditti Signed Edition), AR
Justice League Aquaman Drowned Earth #1 (CGC Graded), AR

DC Comics Batman Universe Bust Collection #21 (Batwoman), $24.95

Captain Marvel And The Art Of Nostalgia HC, $30.00

Batman Logo Embossed Dolomite Mug, AR
Batman Ninja Harley Quinn Nendoroid Action Figure (Sengoku Version), AR
DC Batman Bat Signal Kitchen Timer, AR
DC Batman Bat Symbol Apron, AR
DC Big Figs Batman Rebirth 19 Inch Action Figure, AR
DC Designer Series Nightwing And Batgirl By Ryan Sook Statue, $250.00
DC Gallery Metal Wonder Woman PVC Figure, AR
DC Heroes Catwoman 5.6 Ounce Scented Candle Tin, AR
DC Heroes Poison Ivy 5.6 Ounce Scented Candle Tin, AR
DC Heroes Wonder Woman 5.6 Ounce Scented Candle Tin, AR
One-12 Collective DC Justice League Movie Tactical Batman Action Figure, AR

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