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The Order #1 FIRST LOOK

June 27th, 2007 6:47pm by ComicList Email

After the devastating events of Civil War, a new super hero team has been formed by Tony Stark (a.k.a. Iron Man) in accordance with his Fifty-State Initiative. Rising superstar writer Matt Fraction and acclaimed artist Barry Kitson introduce THE ORDER; the premier team of Director Stark’s post-war agenda.

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Captain America #28 FIRST LOOK

June 27th, 2007 6:45pm by ComicList Email

The Winter Soldier wants Tony Stark dead and not even the world’s most impenetrable military fortress will stop him! In Captain America #28, the latest chapter in the Eisner-nominated series from Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting & Mike Perkins, Bucky Barnes continues his quest to assault the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier…but he’s not the only one! Sin and her Serpent Squad are gunning for Crossbones, who’s imprisoned on Tony Stark’s new mobile base. Meanwhile, The Falcon and Sharon Carter want to keep Cap’s former sidekick from making a mistake he’ll regret. So what does this all mean? Action, intrigue and thrills like only this critically acclaimed creative team can deliver!

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Avengers The Initiative #4 and Ghost Rider #13 FIRST LOOK

June 27th, 2007 1:44pm by ComicList Email

After crushing Black Bolt of the Inhumans and Iron Man (even in his “invincible” Hulkbuster armor) in World War Hulk #1, the Green King is ready to take out his pent-up anger on the next line of Earth defense—the Avengers and Ghost Rider!

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Red Sonja #26 FIRST LOOK

June 27th, 2007 1:40pm by ComicList Email

June 27, 2007, Runnemede, NJ - DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT released images and information today concerning RED SONJA #26, which is scheduled for an August release, and the Red Sonja Volume III: Rise of Kulan Gath trade paperback as part of the continued commemoration of the 35th Anniversary of Red Sonja's first appearance in comics!

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Army of Darkness From the Ashes #1 FIRST LOOK

June 27th, 2007 5:50am by ComicList Email

June 26, 2007, Runnemede, NJ - DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT today announced that their chainsaw wielding hero of multiple realities, Ashley J. Williams, is returning from the cross-over of all cross-overs!!!!! - the world of Marvel Zombies - and will be starring in a new Dynamite series, Army of Darkness: From the Ashes! The new AOD series will be written by AOD veteran, James Kuhoric with art by Fernando Blanco and will debut with an amazing painted cover by Arthur Suydam! Scheduled for an August release, Army of Darkness: From the Ashes picks up directly after Ash's afterlife journey to the Marvel Universe, where he "faced" the Marvel Zombies. Also, AOD fans should ask their retailer about the special "Silver Foil" edition of Army of Darkness: From the Ashes #1, featuring the art of Arthur Suydam!

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Mystic Arcana Black Knight FIRST LOOK

June 26th, 2007 5:11pm by ComicList Email

Mystic Arcana: Black Knight continues the all-new stories of mystic arts in the Marvel Universe. When the Old Magics of Camelot are threatened, Merlin must call upon Sir Percy of Scandia, the Black Knight, to confront the Mordred the Evil and return the magic to its former power. Legendary writer Roy Thomas and fan-favorite artist Tom Grummett bring you this all-new medieval tale featuring Marvel’s sword-wielding hero.

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Avengers Classic #2 FIRST LOOK

June 26th, 2007 5:06pm by ComicList Email

Marvel is pleased to announce that Avengers Classic #1, the debut issue of the series that collects the Avengers’ earliest tales, has sold out at Diamond (though copies may be available at the retail level). Featuring all-new stories by Dwayne McDuffie and Stan Lee, not to mention a re-mastered Avengers #1, Avengers Classic #1 doesn’t just reprint stories—it brings them to you like never before! Going back to Marvel’s film archive, Avengers Classic features rescans from original stats and film, cleaned up to restore it as closely as possible to the original art, and remasters the coloring restoring it to match the original using modern coloring techniques. The end result is an updated, sharper issue of Avengers than you’ve ever seen before that captures the spirit and power of Jack Kirby’s groundbreaking art.

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Giant Sized Marvel Adventures Avengers #1 FIRST LOOK

June 26th, 2007 5:55am by ComicList Email

In July two teams of titans collide in Giant-Size Marvel Adventures - The Avengers #1. Acclaimed scribe Jeff Parker and fan-favorite penciler Leonard Kirk (of Agents Of Atlas fame) take the Avengers back to the 1950’s for a team-up with the Agents of Atlas! To protect the present, the Avengers and Agents of Atlas must battle Kang the conqueror in the past.

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